Creative Types

Writers & Artists whose work I've liked. This list isn't even remotely meant to be exhaustive or structured. It was composed primarily by me flipping through books I have, saying "yeah, I liked this style" or "that was a good story arc" and then looking them up here. This is mostly so I can go back and see what other work they've done I might like.

EDIT: Okay, it's kind of structured, but I may convert it to unordered at some point. I also need to evaluate the list and add people to it, but that will have to wait a while.

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Very nice compilation. For all my noise about Lobdell -- he deserves to be there although where is Bendis, hmm?

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@lykopis: Oh, this list has not been touched for months. I'd gotten used to no one noticing them.

Guess that changed a little bit in the last couple days.

To give you an idea: this list was compiled and hasn't been updated since before I started reading any NOW titles.

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Things sure have changed. And then changed some more. ;P

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@lykopis: True. Maybe if I hold off long enough I'll come full circle and hate everyone who isn't on this list :P