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Such athletic. Very claws. So amaze.

I wanted to hate that panel but I couldn't help myself from laughing.

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In all honesty, I don't care much for the character Elektra at all (guess ninjas just aren't really my thing? though I do prefer them to pirates), but the writing and art of this book are so good that I still look forward to it more than most books with characters I love.

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@teerack: Was it? I guess I just thought he'd suddenly suited up or something. Problem with one-eyed old dudes...

...or maybe I'm just a particularly careless reader :/

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Did I misinterpret the last page then? I thought that Fury holding both eyes implied that he had been the killer... or have I simply forgotten where the second eye (not the one they got off The Orb) came from?

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So based on the description here, this "one-shot" directly follows and directly leads into B&R... making it not really a one-shot at all. Why not just release this as an annual?

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I don't care how bad that new Ultimates book is; that Cloak & Dagger cover is beautiful.

Also glad to see Laura popping up in a few things this month.

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I have pretty much no interest in this event -- Logan isn't really even in anything I'm reading -- but any excuse to feature X-23 will get my attention (unless Hopeless is writing it). Doubt I'll buy the whole mini, but I will definitely pick up her spotlight issue. Hope they actually read up on the relationship between the two of them.

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I picked this issue up mostly as a way of giving back (albeit so little) for how fun his Deviant Art page is. But I'll be adding it to my pull because of how much I ended up enjoying it. This was surprisingly very fun.

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I pity Brian Wood. There is almost no conceivable way he can live up to what Ellis has been accomplishing here (and the art team will have a heck of a job as well).

I picked this book up from the first issue knowing nothing whatsoever of Moon Knight and he has rapidly become one of my favorite people in the Marvel U.

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@w0nd said:

@gudvin said:

And guess who turnes up in the next issue? Peter freakin Parker. *yawn*

First arc is just fine on the basis of its shock value, but I wonder what Bendis'll come with after killing off that Parker. Whole Miles Morales' career as Spider-Man was an uninspiring waste of both Marquez and Pichelli's talent (at least for me).

is that confirmed to even be "peter"

No. Not only is it not confirmed, but the absurdity of it being Peter is all Miles has really talked about, and he has several times basically told himself "it's gotta be a clone or something." If it turns out to really be Peter and Osborn, Miles is going to want an explanation just as badly as any reader.