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I hope it lives up to the first, I'm not sure it will or can.

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This book would make a lot more sense if they didn't say it's 616.

This is a show that has actually denied the existence of magic, and in which mutants are not known to exist by people who live a stone's throw from Westchester in the 21st century. The show itself has so deeply made clear the line between Marvel-owned cinematic properties and those owned by Fox and Sony that the idea that those characters could possibly be 616 characters is patently absurd.

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I've never really personally experienced Land's art, just heard it's the worst thing in existence (and/or that he traces porn as a reference). Combining that with Hopeless would suggest I wouldn't touch this book with a ten foot pole, but I actually might.

I'm a bit concerned that among all the prior Jessica stuff Hopeless has named as having read to prepare for this, the most recent stuff (Avengers Assemble) hasn't come up -- especially since that's the book that made me like her, and her personality there would be one I'd actually enjoy reading -- but given the grim nature of the Spider-Verse story I guess it might be okay. I still think he should have looked at how Jess & Anya worked together if he's meant to be writing a story about Jess and a newbie with spider powers in over their heads. But then maybe he did and just hasn't mentioned it.

It's tiresome for every interview with Hopeless -- for every book he writes -- to always say "I can't comment because we'll have to see who survives." I guess that's as much editorial's fault as anything else but it's still rather annoying. Especially when most of the characters in the book are ones with decent fan-bases. I'm going to follow Spider-Verse but it may well be the event that causes me to drop half my current Marvel pull, if Slott hasn't just been teasing people about the death toll.

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Tooth & Claw, Southern Cross, & Injection look like they'll be going on my pull for the long haul.

...though waiting nearly a year for some of these sucks :)

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Of particular note is the two-page spread of Matt in a closet listening for any scrap of information about his mission

So good.

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I will likely not read any of them, but it's nice to see Tom Taylor working on something this big.

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Side note: why does everyone keep saying this issue made Jean evil or vengeful or whatever?

She made it pretty clear that she did what she did because it was necessary to make sure Scott would abandon this world -- to prevent a terrible future. Sure, she benefitted from it, but this wasn't just a "ha, screw you Emma" move like so many people seem to have thought it was.

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I thought this was the strongest of the anniversary issues. Not necessarily strong, but better than FF and WAY better than Spider-Man. I'm only getting them for the connecting covers, which on a side note tells me I've well and truly lost any sense of reason where comic books are concerned.