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Also off-topic but how can it be that in 2014 artists still don't get her eye color right? She has green eyes and not blue ones.

Routine, cross-book failure of any editorial team (Avengers or X-Men) to catch and correct that simply speaks to me of the general disregard Marvel folks have for her. It's not that artists can't -- it's that absolutely no one in the line of production, even after over a year of complaining from fans, has cared to remind them to do so.

And if they don't care enough to handle something that simple, is it any wonder that nothing else about her character is being treated properly either?

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Of course, one of my major problems with Dennis Hopeless' writing is that I can't tell if he realizes the implications of what he's doing or not.


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All new Ultimates is nothing more than crap.

Expected more.

It's one thing more than crap: good covers. Otherwise yeah, I am severely disappointed, especially given how great the (roughly) same team was under Bendis before (and even during) Cataclysm.

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This book is such a joy. It's basically like getting his Deviant Art profile writ large once a month, with more room to grow.

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@the_stegman: Awwwww, stop it. You'll make Greg blush.

Lol, I can't help it, I've agreed with his reviews more than any other, no offense to the other lovely CV staff.

Ditto. I don't think I've ever vehemently disagreed with any of his reviews, even the ones I did disagree with somewhat.

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...hmm I still wonder if I should start to read this comic

I've been wondering if I should read this comic every month since it came out. And I've been reading it since it came out.

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Love the new layout. I check this every week to double-check what I'm going to my LCS for, so thanks for always posting it!

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That The Wake cover isn't going to be winning any awards, but I'm pretty darn excited to see what's inside.

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I'm a bit concerned that among all the prior Jessica stuff Hopeless has named as having read to prepare for this, the most recent stuff (Avengers Assemble) hasn't come up -- especially since that's the book that made me like her, and her personality there would be one I'd actually enjoy reading...

Yes, that scares me too. That was the Jessica I grew to love, as well as Bendis' New Avengers run, I hope that she won't be grim all the time, considering she's been a bubble of joy and biting sarcasm in in Marvel NOW.

Yeah, it definitely seems like it'd be a step backwards to more or less ignore the Marvel NOW approach to her, since that's undoubtedly the version many readers looking to read a new Spider-Woman book will be most familiar with (assuming the NOW initiative has actually accomplished its goal of bringing in newer readers).

It wouldn't, of course, be the first time that fans of a character read a Hopeless book and found recent history ignored and the character they loved unrecognizable, but then, hopefully that won't be the case.

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@leokearon: I recognize the latter point. I'm just saying that these characters would be very different had they lived in the 616 -- nearly unrecognizable from the people they are in the show. It's just a radically different place to live in. Think, they lived through the attack by the Chitauri; it's a major formative moment for so many of these characters, learning about aliens and superheroes and whatnot. That's an event that didn't happen in 616, and it's an event that would have played out far differently in a world with X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man.

So your point that it's inspired, not an adaptation, is kind of another way of phrasing why I think it's ridiculous: a comic version of the show would make plenty of sense; trying to integrate these characters into the 616 universe without radically changing who they are, not so much.