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This (and the Dark Knight bit) is the first fan fiction I've ever read. Quite enjoyed it; an excellent origin story, given the era and such. As a fan of Marvel 1602 I'm quite on-board with the concept.

By the way, if you're ever interested in an editor, I'd be happy to offer my services (I noticed minor tense things, primarily). Regardless, loving the story so far!

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Well, I'm currently reading 3 Bat books and 0 Avengers books, so...

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@CerealKiller: Well, you'd think, but apparently all comic women's boobs are magical, hurt-proof, and generate their own gravity.

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Oh, I'm sure it's terrible, but this is hardly the worst thing I've seen in comics. I guarantee you nothing in this book could offend me more than the few pages I read of The Boys.

That said, maybe it's not so bad -- just seeing this cover was good for a hearty laugh.

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@wessaari: True, but I've appreciated Snyder's writing quite a bit and I don't think a good writer would definitively kill Joker right now. He may write it as a likely death, but there should be a feasible way for Joker to have survived, for the express reason that he will need to come back some day. I don't think he needs his face back, though. For one thing, he always covers it with makeup anyway, and for another, there's a lot of great potential with harlequin masks in the future. He could pull a Deadpool and be hideous, but be known for the mask he wears instead of what lies beneath.

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Alrighty. I tried this out with my followers (that is, I didn't attach it to a board) and I liked how it went, so I'm going to open it up to everyone by tossing this out on the murky waters of the Off-Topic board. What say y'all to a bit of a "getting to know one another" deal? I've linked to my personal blog, and my profile image and avatar are both, well, actually me (this is subject to change), so at the very least you know I'm a guy, and that I write way too much. You also know I hate Avengers Arena, I guess, and that I really, really like X-23. I don't know what else you may or may have picked up on without going so far as to read my "About Me," and even then, probably not a lot.

Point is, is there anything you'd like to know about me?

No? Cool.

Yes? Not so fast there, kiddos. This isn't going to be an "ask me" thread. I'll answer, sure, but here's the kicker: whatever question you ask, you must also answer about yourself. Because the real reason for this is that I want to get to know you better, but I'm just veiling that in narcissism. Don't tell anyone.

Or you could just tell me about yourself, if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyhow, I'll start, and hopefully you'll follow along so I don't look like an idiot (pretty please?). You could start by answering these questions below, even though I'm giving my answers out for free. Some folks aren't so brave as all that, but I like to know with whom I'm speaking. And most of the people I follow haven't posted (seriously) in the IRL photo thread, so...

What's your actual name? Adam Keith Bogert.

What's your name here all about? It's...it's my first two initials and my last name. A. K. Bogert. Nothing spectacular, but it works.

Do you exist elsewhere on the Internet? I've been known to tweet, tumble, read, and play, among things. I have a Facebook but I don't add people unless we actually know each other. That doesn't mean "IRL," per se, but it does mean we've had a few really meaningful conversations and I don't hate you.

What are you most excited about right now? I'll be starting graduate studies at The Ohio State University in August...where I'll be paid to study video games.

What are you least excited about right now? Having to wait six months until August. Also, Avengers Arena.

What's are you most afraid of? No one will respond to this. Just kidding. But when asked in Kingdom Hearts, I answered "Being indecisive," and that pretty much holds true all these years later.

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@CerealKiller said:

no one complains that a norse god, a huge green scientist, an archer, a robot man, a russian spy, a super solider from the fifties all coming together to fight other gods and aliens is unrealistic, but OH SHIT that chick is fighting crime in heeled boots. HOW CAN THE INDUSTRY EXPECT US TO BELIEVE THIS?!

This reminds me of whenever I point out an implausibility or inconsistency in a horror movie and my father says "that's the part you find unbelievable?" Doesn't actually illegitimize OP's point, but it definitely made me laugh.

The men are pretty idealised too. the difference is a guy in thigh high boots isnt considered sexy to most women. men are presented as the fantasy of what girls find attractive and the women are presented as what guys find attractive.

This was addressed in some other posts (and in one pretty good comic strip someone's done). It'd be more accurate to say that men are presented as men's opinion of the fantasy of what girls find attractive and/or as men's fantasy of what they want to be to attract these kinds of women. When you have very few women working in the industry, it's a little naive to believe that things happening in that industry are representative of or for the benefit of women; their voice has been virtually nonexistent in comics over the years. That doesn't mean women can't find these male characters attractive, anymore than those of us guys who have said we're, uh, into other things than big boobs have been unable to find the female characters attractive, but it does suggest a need for a more well-rounded cast all around. Until there are more women actually writing and drawing comics, however, the bias is likely to remain.

@Finnin said:

even "non-meta" (or post-human or what ever you want to call them) heroes tend to have both physial and mental cappabilites to trump wold cappacitis in several disciplines

Well, to be fair, I don't think the "ability" to have huge boobs and fight effectively is really a boon that any heroine should really need. I guess the costume issue isn't how revealing it is, just that it's impractical. A woman who can have her chest swinging about and/or being punched/kicked, and she just rolls with it like she didn't feel anything, is kind of akin to a character whose skin isn't bulletproof just sort of ignoring being shot over and over again. It's just stupid. It goes well beyond the suspension of disbelief comics are already expecting. Based on your categories, I think armor stands the greatest chance of being reasonable (that new WW armor image that some artist made, for example -- new, effective, not bad at all). An outfit that consists primarily of minimal support (either under or on the side of the boobs) pretty much as to be made of metal (or some alien alloy). The chest-bearing fabric costumes that don't even contain the breast? Just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction there.

Again, the scale of body parts and the extent to which they're revealed is less the problem than the need for support and/or protection. That goes for men, too (particularly the protection part). Heroes who aren't bulletproof should probably not wear outfits that don't protect the majority of their body, yet for some reason full-body protection is a rarity in comics. But for women, for whom just running for any length of time without some sort of bra/sports bra would prove painful, the idea of just always wearing this no-support, leave-nothing-to-imagination either outfit is a bit too fantastic.

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I'm slightly less monochrome in real life.

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@MightyMODOK: Well yeah but Peter's actually, you know, there, so that countdown makes sense.

I don't think they can kill anyone major here, and that includes the Joker. Unless DC plans to retcon the whole of the New 52, this is Batman as Batman will be for decades to come, and removing his signature villain this early just wouldn't make any sense.

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@lykopis: Haha. I still haven't decided whether it makes me angrier because it's all so terrible, or makes things a little better because at least I'm not the only fan being screwed over by NOW. Misery loves company and all, right? Gah. It really is sad.