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@Decoy Elite said:

Not the biggest fan of fan service for fan services sake myself. I understand that it can help sales, and I'll tolerate it as long as it's not too distracting. And yes I know the irony of this statement when I'm using this AV.

Hahaha. Decoy, go ahead and post that in the thread OP links to. The real irony of your post is that this thread was begun because people in the original thread weren't talking about fanservice/art, but feminism. You've managed to post in the feminism thread about fanservice/art.

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Guys, please start an off-topic thread about Feminist/Rights Nomenclature (there, use that as a title). I really don't want to see this thread closed, because I think it raises some interesting points -- about artistic portrayal of women. That was the topic, and it'd suck for it to be shut down because of a tangent. (cc and maybe )

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@bsmith1190: Did you seriously dig up a three-month old thread for the sole purpose of trolling?

Anyhow, I'm a fan of Laura + Foley (I refuse to ever use the word "ship"), so I don't think I'll ever be too upset about the breakup, but it did seem a little bit sudden given what the two had just gone through. My issue with Liu's run had more to do with how bipolar it was, between interesting, Laura-building stuff and random, almost silly stuff. I preferred Kyle/Yost's run (hey, what can I say, I like when creators write their creations) but in Liu's defense, Laura's "HOW COULD THEY?!" bit during the Daken sideplot is one of my favorite moments for her, ever.

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I've been saying for at least a week that there was more than one tray and I will admit I felt quite vindicated seeing two on one page. The idea of him just carrying around a single tray and showing it off to everyone separately -- particularly when he intended to bring them all together for the "feast" -- has never made sense to me, but it's been the prevailing view nonetheless. Shame we have to wait two weeks for the reveal though.

I already told you what I thought of Titans, so I'll just add that I really don't like Raven's costume (and there's a thread about it that goes back several months, in which almost everyone agreed that it was stupid). I don't know much of anything about her, though, nor do I plan to be reading the series, so I guess it doesn't matter much to me, but I thought it was all a little hokey.

I may pick up some War Zone as a trade to get a feel for Punisher and Rucka. It sounds like Rucka was a great talent for Marvel to have and I'm happy he chose to get out of such a crappy situation when he did.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

@Joygirl said:

@John Valentine: The scan I showed of her spitting up the construct was pre-blood dip. So yeah. All of her best feats were in Emerald Warriors.

They don't look like constructs but they kinda have to be, even if I have seen them remain when she is unconscious. So either they are the best construct ever, regrown in a randomly different style by the ring, or DC fails hard at wing anatomy and has no idea what they want.

probably this

Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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I'd certainly call this issue better than the last one...I'm about to look back over it and decide what I thought of it overall.

But I have loved Lobdell on RHatO, and I don't really know what you mean by "Starfire is mentally deficient." She's an alien with amnesia, so she's inquisitive, but when it comes to the things she remembers she comes across as the vast intellectual superior of the group. Roy's wisdom is mostly in the realm of tech, but otherwise she's the smarter of the pair. I don't know...like I said, I really have liked him on Hood. I get (based on that last issue) why people aren't fans of his typical Titans stuff, but to say the guy sucks (which you haven't, but many have) is in my mind completely unfair.

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Pretty clever song, but the production value is definitely the highlight here. Thanks for sharing!

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@Timandm: Well, actually, there's already at least one petition (courtesy of ), so by all means sign away. My own angle was more of a solidarity don't-buy-this-book call, but as a recent comment convinced me that cancellation wouldn't be enough to save the characters, I have taken to writing a letter. I will post it here once I figure out where such letters are sent (Axel Alonso? Joe Q? Probably not the actual Arena team...), so that anyone who wants to can also send it (after, of course, modifying it to fit their own commitment). I am quite serious about dropping Marvel for life if they kill off Laura, but I don't expect everyone else to make that kind of call. Still, it's how I feel, so it's what I'm going to tell them. The crux of my argument is that I will happily buy books with these characters in them in place of the book I'm not buying now.

I recognize that anything not creator-controlled runs the risk of stupid things like this. I'd swear off DC too, but I joined them post-New 52 and so I don't have any past with them to be pissed off about (but I know that there's a lot of that going on there too). I sort of envy people who don't get emotionally involved in fiction. I can't do it. I guess some of the jading comes over the course of so many events like the ones you just outlined (terrible, by the way). But for me to read, I have to care, and if I'm going to get hurt from caring then it's in my own best interest not to read. Bar none, if I had not gotten into comics, I would be a happier person right now than I am, without the anger and depression this franchise is generating for me.

Anyway, like I said, I'll post that letter soon enough. I'll be happy for anyone who gives me more than a "shut up, baby" response to it; should you feel compelled to send your own copy, that'd be awesome.

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@Timandm said:

One other thing I should have mentioned before - to my knowledge, NO ONE has ever ACTUALLY died in one of Arcade's Murder World games.... EVER... Which is odd considering how often he's popped up with a new Murder World. Even when it "appeared" that someone had died in his games, you find out at the end of the issue, or arc that it never REALLY happened... So, I honestly think that, even though it appears that some of them have died, I don't think they really have... I like Mettle... When he died I think my reaction was, "huh..." But I knew then, he'd be back... and that's assuming that he really did die... But I doubt any of them are really going to die....

HOWEVER, you'll be happy to hear that I did not and will not purchase any of this series...Someone I know is buying it and I just read theirs... I don't want to purchase it because I think it's going to be one of those things like "Age of X" that really makes no difference whatsoever....I do think this whole series will be much adieu about nothing...

Also, I want to be clear on this; I don't think they should die either. I agree with you on that. But DC and Marvel somehow think it's interesting when the characters die... If death meant anything in the comic book universe (if it was ever permanent) then yes, I'd feel bad for the character that died. I might even feel sad for them. The way I felt sad when Borimir died in the L.O.T.R... or when Sturm died in Dragon Lance, or when Rue died in The Hunger Games... but in all of those novels, those characters died and stayed dead, so it meant something. It had an impact... But if I knew they were all just going to come back all the time... pfffft...

okay.. actually... There is ONE character in A.A. that, if she dies, I'll be a little ticked off... Cammi... I've liked her since the days that she hung out with Drax... But even if she dies...She'll be back...EVERYONE comes back eventually... Except Uncle Ben.

Well, Hopeless has been outrageously candid about stakes being real and a lot of actual death happening in the book. It's almost the only driving point of the series, honestly -- most people I know who are currently enjoying it have intimated that the book would be a lot less interesting to them if it turned out to be a simulation. They want real death to happen to these characters or they'll feel like they wasted their time. Now obviously the author's not going to show his hands up front and say "don't worry guys this is all fake," but at the same time everything about the way he and Marvel have pitched this suggests that they're making Arcade a force to be reckoned with and they're proving it by really killing characters.

At this point, I'm overtly trying to take the book down on behalf of all fans who have characters they care about. I don't know squat about Cammi, so she would make my list if I made a list of "who would I be okay with Marvel killing off?" But I don't like that way of thinking, and I think some solidarity between people would do us all a lot of good. Because if we save all characters, we save our favorites as well. But if we all just stick to defending our favorites, then we'll likely save no one at all. Obviously there's a great chance we'll still save no one. But I'm still going to stick with the one that has the greater potential. At the end of the day, if Nico, Chase, and Laura survive I will probably get over Arena, just because they're the ones I've bothered to get to know. But if they die -- and especially if Laura dies -- then I've promised myself (and, in the letter I'm sending to marvel, I promise them) to quit Marvel altogether. I don't care if they bring her back in a year, or five. I don't want to support a company that is so nonchalant with the emotions of its readers.


@Timandm said:

I get what you're saying about being on the "fringe." At least, I think I do. You're saying that these characters aren't popular enough to die and be brought back. That's what you're saying, yes?

Yes, that is what I'm saying. I suppose, though, given what I just said, the likelihood of them possibly coming back doesn't really matter.