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That picture could mean a lot of things, but I definitely didn't get "Venom" from it at all. Even after reading the hypothesis it strikes me as a kind of baseless speculation. And as some have pointed out, it looks more like a morgue locker than anything else. Obviously we'll see, but...I don't expect it to come out being in any way related.

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@Dark_Guyver: He's already shown up as a coming attraction in Red Hood and the Outlaws, ostensibly having agreed to take them out.

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@AllStarSuperman said:

@V_Scarlotte_Rose: @akbogert: romance is OK like between Clark and Lois pre flash point. But when its like starfire its not that she slept with three guys its that she and Roy had sex when Jason and her kinda had something. And that roys insane to piss Jason off. I like arsenal and I like redhood but I don't want to see any of there sex life.

Well to be fair, Jason and Starfire had very little going on. She clearly just saw it as a way of fulfilling needs, and Roy even basically went so far to ask Jason how he felt about it (not that, from Starfire's perspective, it was up to Jason; she's not his to make decisions about). Jason moved on pretty quickly, actually found another girl (if she wasn't introduced by the time you stopped reading, then she was in the next issue). Meanwhile we see he's had at least a couple other relationships in the past. I'm not saying the guy's a tool (though, I mean, there may an argument there), but he's far more promiscuous than Starfire at this point. As Kori has come to understand (and by that I guess I mean re-remember, because there's that weird and inexplicable amnesia she's got going on right now) how humans view relationships and intimacy, she has definitely adjusted, and like I said she and Roy are basically an item now.

In my book, I'm not more or less interested in the sex life of these characters than any other; thankfully, as I said, I never got a sense that that was even really a big deal past maybe the first or second issue; it's certainly not a major plot point or anything. Anyhow, I appreciate your position regardless. I'd suggest maybe reading something other than this book, with characters more likely to abide by more modest conventions, but seeing as you're not reading it anyway I guess that's moot :)

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Bump for great justice boredom.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose said:

@akbogert:To not want any sex to be in any comics is a little silly, even if you personally don't want to read it.

Sex happens, so naturally it'll be mentioned sometimes.


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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Yeah. I'm not going to try to say "there must be sex, and lots of it, and between every romantic couple." And there are plenty of reasons to leave it entirely off-panel. But not always. I just think it's a bit excessive to say one doesn't want sex in comics, that's all.

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@Squares: Dr. Manhattan seemed ambivalent to sex at best...

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Oh sure, it could happen. I just think the notion of not wanting any sex in comics sort of limits the capacity of the medium to reflect any kind of realism in its characters. I appreciate not wanting to read it, or especially not wanting it to be done tactlessly or exploitatively. But intimacy in and of itself really does have a place.

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@Squares: Fair enough. I thought maybe it was a bit too specific, but...your thread, your call :)

@AllStarSuperman: I think a bunch of gloriously athletic, intelligent, good-looking, and well-liked people who are never intimate...that would be weird.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Well then, I suppose that establishes two things: digital comics are a smarter financial move for international comic readers, and yeah, you in the U.K. are being overcharged for comic books.