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@Squares: Fair enough. I thought maybe it was a bit too specific, but...your thread, your call :)

@AllStarSuperman: I think a bunch of gloriously athletic, intelligent, good-looking, and well-liked people who are never intimate...that would be weird.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Well then, I suppose that establishes two things: digital comics are a smarter financial move for international comic readers, and yeah, you in the U.K. are being overcharged for comic books.

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@AllStarSuperman: I think it's erroneous to believe that sex is antithetical to good storytelling. I also didn't feel like it was really a focus anyway. *shrug*

At this point I think the Starfire conversation is derailing the overall direction of the thread though....

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@AllStarSuperman: Well, I don't think Nightwing should be factored into this for two reasons, the first being that this is New 52 continuity and we have no idea what the full extent of their relationship was due to Kori's amnesia and the second being that they were very close at the time, and it wasn't as if she was sleeping with him and others on the side. Had that been the case it would have been wrong insomuch as it would have hurt Nightwing.

As for Jason and Roy, yes, she slept with both of them, though to be fair she pretty much just used Jason and ever since she started with Roy that's pretty much become an exclusive relationship. She's also pretty much established that Tamaran didn't have the same conception of modesty and whatnot that Earth does, and that trope, of Starfire not understanding customs with nudity and intimacy, is certainly not new to the new Starfire.

@SC said:

@Squares: Nods - have you read Psylocke in Uncanny X-Force? I haven't read it yet, but I believe she has a new outfit and has been written well, so if your looking for an opportunity to endear to her this might be your best opportunity.

Psylocke was pretty sweet in the new Uncanny X-Force, though she did have a bit of a sailor's mouth. She'll also be in the new X-Men, which looks promising in the respecting powerful women department.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Oh, that's quite understandable (I actually discussed that in my most recent blog). I'm certainly not trying to change your mind about it. But with such price disparity, I'm just curious to know if the digital pricing has at all been affected by the border crossing. Because if it's internationally equal pricing online, then these poor blokes in Ireland could be getting twice as many comics.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Can't & Won't are different words :P

Though actually I would be interested to know whether the digital pricing scheme is any better. If you're really paying that much more for physical books but could be paying the same amount if you got it digitally, you'd probably save a ton of money. I completely understand the aversion to digital, of course.

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@AllStarSuperman: See, if you'd said "clothing" I might have understood, but I thought her portrayal was fine. I also think you stopped at pretty much the worst possible moment, because the major arc that followed fleshed out her history, made her freaking awesome, and gave her body armor. But at least you've formed your opinion after having read it, because a lot of folks heard all the complaints, saw a couple pictures from the first issue, and then just dismissed her outright. As RHatO has been one of my favorite New 52 books in part because of Starfire, I always want to make sure she's not being complained about out of ignorance ^_^

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@AllStarSuperman said:

I'm fine with wonder woman and Supergirl but Starfire is redicullas. There's definitely a limit of how much skin is to much.

Out of curiosity, have you read Red Hood and the Outlaws?

@Squares: I'm going to try to sit this one out for the most part, only because I'm becoming a little tired of these sorts of arguments, though I think they have the potential to bring up useful things and it's a shame that a recent thread which dealt with the topic was deleted. I will say two relevant things: 1. posturing is a particularly important part of why people get offended about portrayal, so the outrage may not be entirely due to the costumes and 2. there are definitely people with huge complaints who read quite a few more comics than I do, and have been for years. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon.

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@Crom-Cruach said:

However and this might by my own skewed perception. You don't get the depth and variety in american comics. It's super-heroes and humor mostly (weekly strips like garfield). Everything else is either underground and indie or not easily accessible. Not saying you can't find or they don't exist in sufficient numbers to keep an avid fan reading. But the American comic medium is exceptionally focused on these two styles and the rest takes a far back seat, especially in terms of publicity.

Personally, I think the reason the U.S comic medium is suffering is that it's not as easily accessible to someone who doesn't like super-heroes or doesn't want a four panel humor strip. The two biggest comic companies, publish almost nothing but Super-Hero comics. Finding something outside the super-hero is a lot more difficult. Add in the very American perception that it's "kid's stuff" and "for nerds" along with no publicity or widespread information distribution of what else is out there and you have a recipe for entropy.

If your perception is skewed, then so is mine. These two paragraphs strike me as exceptionally true.

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@Rinjy: Well, you're asking everyone, so hopefully you get some good answers; for myself, as I mentioned, I'm pretty new to comics (just got back into it around New Years'), and my focus has been exclusively on American comics and, quite frankly, just on Big Two (I've read some free issues from indie publishers but don't actually think I've bought any indie stuff yet). The only foreign comics knowledge I have is just what you didn't want: manga. Haha. As one who has taken six years of French and is slowly trying to get back what he knew and surpass it, I know at the very least that I want to read Persepolis, and along the same line my grade school French teacher talked quite favorably about Asterix.

And then there's Kick-Ass, which I don't read but with which I am familiar. I know Millar is Scottish; I don't know if his work is therefore considered "international;" I believe he still publishes under Marvel but I may be wrong. EDIT: And come to think of it, I believe at least Kick-Ass 2, and maybe the first book, were originally published at least in part in CLiNT, which is not an American publication, so maybe that does count...but it's still in English, so maybe it counts less.