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@Bogey said:

If you don't like someones art, move on. You have no right to be offended. I believe in freedom of speech and people who complain for censorship are scumbags.

The second half of this I agree with. There are very few (I won't say none, but I'm hard-pressed to find one) ideas which should actually not be permitted to be aired.

But the second sentence makes no sense. Freedom of speech is the right to say something even if it offends other people -- the implication being that people absolutely will get offended by it, that your message may well be recognized by many people as being offensive.

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@CTG: First, as to unsubstantiated, as I said earlier, they have been proven in other threads -- I found proof for that before I even joined CV, in one of the first interviews Hopeless did. He requested characters for this book and was told -- even though they weren't going to be used by anyone else -- that he wasn't allowed to touch them. Several of the characters were from books which routinely underperform financially. I'm not going to bother arguing it because it's something that, again, has absolutely been established with links elsewhere.

Mettle's death served the book, not Mettle, not Academy fans. If you call that "meaningful" then our definitions are simply wildly incompatible. When you have the author promising fans of a character that should that character die, you'll have been respectful and you'll have honored the character's legacy -- and then kill the character in a way which only serves your selfish purposes as a writer, then no, you are not writing a meaningful death. And nothing whatsoever can be defended about the second death. None. There is no excuse for having killed anyone there -- she could have simply been injured, or just realized it was a roof. And if someone had to die, then that absolutely could have been a red shirt type new character, not a previously-existing one.

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@bsmith1190: Oh believe me, I have been going to town on this one. I practically have a second house there.

But like I say -- this is one case where I hope all my ranting and raving turns out to have been pointless. I've never been so eager to be entirely humiliated.

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@CitizenBane: This was quite an insightful response, and that middle paragraph in particular will stick with me for sure.

On a tangential note, it also makes me understand why some people just cannot accept Injustice, no matter how well it's done.

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@DonFelipe: Well I think the key is the word "essential." In theory the list is supposed to cover books that are almost guaranteed to be good or worth picking up; the controversy suggests that Constantine may not meet that criteria (certainly not the "guarantee" -- though of course the list is subjective). Injustice (which, by the way, while related to the game isn't actually an adaptation or even really a prequel, as it's planned to continue well beyond the game and in fact already has had things in it which contradict the game) has been consistently good for its whole run, so it's a safe bet.

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@lykopis: I think we were talking about how, since Disney owns Marvel, Gambit is the most attractive Disney princess.

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@Technicolorville: Which position? The only position I have been given is an anti-position in response to a point no one actually made...

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See, this is the problem with this thread: it runs a very real risk of becoming stupid. I'm not calling OP misogynistic because technically all he did was state the facts (though obviously there are ways you could have phrased it that were less blameful and more recognizing it was an accident). Anyone could have accidentally spilled into the open drawer. Heck, OP could have. It happens. It sucks, and you look back and know how it could have been avoided, but the idea of any kind of repercussion against this poor girl is just stupid and shame on the folks whose "dump her" or "make her pay" or any kind of remark on how careless she was were anything beyond complete tongue-in-cheek jokes (and even then, just remember, be careful how you say things on the Internet).

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@lykopis: It explains why Remy gets away with so much... :P