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@batman404: Marvel needs that 2.99 price point for the #1 issues after this relaunch. I see myself not checking out most the new titles now that the old volumes have ended and they've lost a lot of their top talent.

Someone on Tumblr asked Brevoort about going back to $2.99 and he said it wasn't gonna happen. I definitely agree that a lower price point for first issues (to get people to try more of them out and possibly get hooked on more titles than they otherwise would've) would have been a good plan. Ironically, they went the opposite route: the vast majority of the new issues are actually $4.99 oversized books, and many are double-shipping besides.

Meanwhile Image is over there dropping actual double-sized first issues at $2.99 and $3.50 on higher quality paper without ads peppering the interior...

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I'm definitely planning to give this venture a shot (assuming they do digital, and do it right). As for whether anything is going on my pull list, I reserve that for when I have more than a title to go off (very few authors or artists are automatic buys for me).

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Do we know whether the Point One stories are standalone prequels to their respective titles (versus actually just the beginning of those titles)?

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This was, for me, a bad trailer for a potentially good season. It lacked cohesion and any real narrative thread -- just a bunch of quick cuts -- but many of the things in those cuts have potential. I'll join the many who've said that the brief moment of Constantine was the only thing that really got me excited, though. If they really only do one episode with him, they're losing a golden opportunity.

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@xsbrx said:

I like the design, but the flaming letters are a bit too much.

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@drellassassin: For a regular ongoing, I'd anticipate that. But for something literally resetting the entire continuity of the company I'd have expected it to be a little more tamped down, is all.

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I'm perfectly fine with seeing the series extended but:

1- unless all this delaying is art-related, I'm a little uncomfortable with the implication that such a crucial story hasn't even finished being written yet.

2- i'm concerned that the post-SW books will have to somewhat spoil SW's resolution, or that they'll remain confusing until the last issue comes out.

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Some people seem to have missed that there are books announced in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Previews #1 that have yet to be solicited, and several Marvel folks have confirmed that they still have unannounced titles for this year. So the Black Panther, Uncanny X-Men, Old Man Logan, Daredevil, etc. folks: clearly, wave three, December first issues.

I'm a little annoyed by the $5 first issues but more because they are exacerbated by the double-shipping of a great many titles in their first month (was the same for the October previews). It's also unfortunate that, with both DC and Image very frequently charging $2.99 for new issues (or $3.50 -- though even those Image books drop down to $3 for the digital versions), Marvel is committed to permanently raising prices. It's nice that they give a digital redemption code for most of their books, but as someone who just switched over to buying all digital I'm having a difficult time reconciling my desire to read so many of these with how much harder they've made it to do so affordably.

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So I'm not 100% clear on whether Staples will be returning after #6, or whether we only get three issues with her. Sadly sounds like the latter though.

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I like that this managed to turn into an argument over whether or not Red Sonja is an acceptable book to read or not. I would offer that Gail Simone would not likely be so enthusiastic about the character if she (or many of the other female creators involved with Red Sonja books as of late) believed it was nothing but neatly-packaged misogyny.


That Black Widow cover is indeed my favorite of the picks in the CV post. I feel like it does a great job of encapsulating not just an issue, but the run, and many even Natasha as a character -- Marvel should consider releasing that one as a poster.