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I do feel like the argumentation here (whether you agree that PG-13 is fine or not) is a little selective.

People loved Dredd and it has been hugely successful in home video sales.

Watchmen, Sin City (1), Blade, and Kick-Ass are all good comic-based films that were rated R and didn't tank. I also think successfulness is a somewhat subjective thing, because many of the higher-grossing movies were absolutely terrible and widely panned by fans and critics alike. Attracting a sufficient audience and attracting the largest possible audience are two very different criteria for success and if a lower rating means more people but a worse film, I'll pick the critical darling every time.

My thinking has been for years that if they ever brought Wade to the screen he's far more likely to be recognizable in an R-rated film. That's not changed now. But I do agree with people that if they manage to make a very good movie and have it be PG-13, everyone wins; we differ in our optimism about their ability to do so.

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@soulhakr said:

@burningzerox got to it before I could. This is sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox. They own the X-men franchise (and I think they even own the rights to the term "homo sapiens superior") This is obviously an augmented reality game / viral marketing campaign for the next x-men movie.

That said: this rawks.

Even without doing the research, that's what I was going to say (I've studied ARGs) but thanks to the sleuths for confirming.

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So it wasn't until this issue that I finally saw the obvious parallel between the character assassination happening with Felicia and what DC is doing with Selina... both companies taking their actually awesome female cat-based thief characters and turning them into unlikable criminal kingpins.

On a side note, I've been complaining about this for like a year now, but is there some trick to adding issues like this to lists? Because when I'm in the list and search "amazing spider-man 6," I wade through ten pages of other ASM 6** issues and it never even finds the latest ongoing. Similar problems for X-Men and many other rebooted franchises.

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I find the level of polarization this book generates somewhat amusing. Some people love the art and hate the writing, while some love the writing and hate the art. Plenty of mixed opinions, of course.

Personally I'm actually liking this book quite a bit (and looking forward to the annual in a couple months).

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I have no desire to read this story and am concerned for how much it will mess up books I am reading going forward. BUT. That Deadpool variant...

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Saga has become one of the books I usually am not most excited to read but every time I read it I'm reminded of how great it is.

This sums up my feelings pretty much perfectly.

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So, I make my list based on Diamond previews several months in advance, and each week before going to my LCS I compare it to this list to see what has changed. Image pretty much is always wrong, which is understandable, but I don't get why so many Marvel dates seem to be be shifting. ANXM got pushed off a couple weeks last month, and this time around both Original Sin #8 and Uncanny X-Men #25 seem to have been pushed to September. How does that happen?

(as it stands, just Saga and ANXM for me this week)

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In all seriousness though, the guy is probably one of the few good news men we have left.

Word. At least in mainstream broadcasting.

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I've had writing sell me a book where the art was lacking before, but Elektra is the first thing I've ever followed where the art sold me so hard that the words hardly mattered. Not that they're bad, mind you -- just the art is on a whole different level.

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A bit of an aside here, but since people were talking prices: while I'm glad that Ms. Marvel is $2.99 for readers with a medium preference, it's actually the most expensive book Marvel's selling for anyone who wants a hard copy and digital. It'd be "cheaper" if it came with the same digital bonus code that all their other books do, but as it stands it's actually the opposite.