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I like that this managed to turn into an argument over whether or not Red Sonja is an acceptable book to read or not. I would offer that Gail Simone would not likely be so enthusiastic about the character if she (or many of the other female creators involved with Red Sonja books as of late) believed it was nothing but neatly-packaged misogyny.


That Black Widow cover is indeed my favorite of the picks in the CV post. I feel like it does a great job of encapsulating not just an issue, but the run, and many even Natasha as a character -- Marvel should consider releasing that one as a poster.

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Okay, I'm going to bump this once since it's been nearly a week and it's new comics day and Daredevil is out. Hope there's at least one person who sees this and can help me out!

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@cave_duck: Crying shame this thread doesn't get more action. I can't imagine there aren't people on CV who could provide or swap codes, but I can easily imagine most people not even seeing these posts.

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Nice seeing UXM coming up... I feel like we got a bit shafted by Secret Wars though, having to wait until October for the final issue.

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I have to wait for my monthly shipment of print comics (i recently moved, so I've had them mail order me a lot of the books I was following until those series or miniseries or arcs conclude). I'm looking for folks to give me their digital codes for Marvel books now, and I'll give them my codes each month when I get my shipment. So it's less a trade and more a loan.

Right now I'm looking for:

ASM: Renew Your Vows #2

Inferno #3

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #3

Does anyone still trade/give away their digital codes on this website. This is the only thread I've found so far and it looks dead.

I was wondering the same thing!

Anyone here?

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I looked through the preview book yesterday and was overwhelmed. Right now I want to try 16 of these, and half of those are pretty much definite pulls. Hopefully preview pages and solicits will help me whittle that list down.

(SUPER excited to see Laura in a solo book again, "Wolverine" name or not, and all the more because Tom Taylor is writing it)

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The Scott moment shocked me for sure, but I found the end with Strange at least as intriguing. I expected him to drop the mic and disappear or something, but, well...

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This book is already so fantastic in its medium, and gloriously cinematic on the page. I can see why it would be appealing as a television show -- and you'd better believe I'll watch it if it happens -- but this is one of those cases where I feel like media don't need to aspire to grow into other media.

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This was a weird, if enjoyable, book for me. I'm not for a moment buying that this book follows a continuity including her time with the Outlaws, though, because as others have pointed out there has been a complete reset on her understanding of Earth and basic human customs. So if this is supposed to actually follow that book, major failure on that front. I just sort of read it as a brand new reintroduction of the character, and in THAT light her naivety wasn't grating. It was indeed like seeing the cartoon character brought into the DCU, albeit not as young (but still as gullible). I can see why that would be annoying to people, especially anyone hoping for the pre-New 52 character. But I happily fell on the "this is a charming book" side of things.