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So Mat said "The problem with this issue and story as a whole is that it feels like something is missing." Earlier today I wrote "I can’t put my finger on what, but something is missing here." Unfortunate that neither of us can place it but it's kind of cool to see someone say the same thing.

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...kinda like this first issue. Seriously, I have absolutely no knowledge of this character, but he looked neat, and I figured it was about time I read something by Ellis, all things considered. Was NOT disappointed. This may be my favorite first issue of any Marvel book I've read -- definitely of the Marvel NOW/ANMN titles I've read.

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I actually thought it was cool to see Kaine get his butt handed to him albeit if only for a moment *Aracely RULES!!*

Yeah, I can see how it might annoy/worry people that Yost runs the risk of playing favorites, but as one of the folks drawn to this book particularly for Kaine and Aracely, I'm consistently enjoying their parts the most.

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That rare moment when I fully agree with Corey.

I was blown away by the art in particular.

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I don't anticipate this will even be close. I liked Death of the Family well enough but Black Mirror was something altogether different, quality-wise.

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Velvet and Pretty Deadly have become the new The Wake: week after week of wondering why new issues aren't showing up.

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@ducey13: The problem is that you're calling it "reverting back" when in actuality it was very much a matter of moving forward. Staying angsty and constantly self-loathing would not be progressive of Marvel, it'd be the very definition of stagnation. "Dealing with" fallout isn't a perpetual experience; ask anyone who has ever made a mistake or gone through trauma, and I guarantee you the story isn't in the feeling bad about it but in the finding a way to come back from it. I'd definitely recommend reading The Home Front because actually he has a lot of trouble accepting forgiveness. And let's face it: it really wasn't something that was his fault. No one could have known what the New Warriors were walking into in Stamford.

Now all that aside, I will agree that he seems a tad too jovial. The Speedball that emerged on the other side of Fear Itself (and who was featured later on in Academy) was more mature and developed through his time as Penance. Going fully back to who he was would indeed be inappropriate, but being happy/lighthearted shouldn't be considered a bad thing.

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I will say, to be fair, that as much as I loved X-Force I always found the ending to Necrosha to be a bit abrupt/anticlimactic. The way they brought back Selene isn't any lamer than the way they got rid of her, I'd say.

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How did Kaine do in this book. He just seems a little out of place being on a roster full of teens. I'm on the bubble about picking this up. But I do love me some Scarlet Spider.

There were some definite classic Kaine moments in this book, including an echo of how he responded to that old lady who he saved crossing the street. It's also worth noting that he hasn't actually crossed paths with the teens yet -- this issue shows everyone in their separate places, not yet brought together.

@ducey13 said:

Man I hate Speedball. One of the worse MARVEL characters out there. They finally made him cool when they turned him into Penace but hey, I guess he gotten over the fact that he was partially responsible for hundreds of deaths in Stanford and igniting the Super hero CIVIL WAR.

Did you read Fear Itself: The Home Front? He didn't just "get over it." There was a major story arc in which he was reconciled with the people of Stanford and was able to forgive himself.

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Huh. For some reason I thought Trial of Jean Grey was every week, but I guess not. Also:

New Warriors #1 is finally out yessssssssssssssss