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I will pick up a few issues just to see Ed Benes art!
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Green Flash, 
I agree 100% and I quit the series after Ed left because to me the characters were never the same.
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ASM #606 and #607 are the 1st comics I bought in over a year and the only reason I bought them was for the Black Cat storyline!  Marvel has totally ruined the MU, with turning villians into heroes, killing people off, destroying history, and not following the characters true personalities that were developed over years.  Thank God for back issues and my collection!
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I have to agree with Vica for the most part but a writer, who doesn't research a character, can portray the character totally wrong and add to the unattractiveness.   Marvel writers these past years or so have totally ignored how characters were in earlier comics and reinvented the characters as they needed them for their stories, and in most cases it has been a complete disaster!  I think we can hold artist to the same guildlines that writers should be held too when it comes to respecting a character and their history/character! 

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You can't beat the original!  I have all the Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos and the Ultimate version doesn't stand a chance!

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I like it and look forward to it every week!  I like when they bring DC characters to life on the show because I like to see how close they are to the comic!  I admit it has flaws but what doesn't!  Atleast we have a show on prime time and it is alot better than 75% of the garbage that is on TV.  I agree it isn't 100% accurate but just consider it Earth 4567 or  whatever!

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Firestar (Marvel) and Hawk and Dove (DC)!

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mile high comics

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I like the Firestar and Black Cat team up and I always thought Photon was one of the most under used characters of the Avengers!  I hope they don't make Felicia like Samantha because that is a stereo type from her true original character.  When Spider-man and her were together she was totally devoted to him and then when they broke up she only dated others to get him jealous to try to win him back.  They when she back emotionally sttached to Flash she didn't cheat on him.  So many writers, today, have taken liberties with characters characteristics that are so alien to how they were originally introduced.  I think these writers should have to research the characters they are going to draw.  The Black Cat has definitely been portrayed as two different characters between her early comics and the later ones. 

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The bottomline is Bendis hates the  old Avengers!  He has destroyed or had a hand in destroying every major member that was ever in the old Avengers!  He has destroyed them and Marvel has let him do it.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) - dead
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) - killed him brought him back but no longer Hawkeye
Iron Man -  made into a villian/back stabbing friend
Wasp - dead
Yellow Jacket - Wife beating / nut case
Ant Man (Scott Lang) - dead
Scarlet Witch - Nut case
Vision - killed him but brought him back with the young Avengers
Avenger Mansion - destroyed it, a character in on itself

During Bendis's reign with the Avengers he has constantly misportrayed the relationships and emotions of these characters.  Some of you may ask how I know these things, it is because I have every Avenger book ever drawn except for 25 issues, so I would say I have some expertise on the subject.  What is currently being published by Marvel is not the Avengers or will it ever be until the greats come back.