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No. If they want a gay character, they should create one. I think they should stick to the characters as they were created.

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I thought it was terrible. I wanted to see Mandarin as villain and see Iron Man battle his rings. Where was Shield during this whole thing? The kid in Kentucky, why? All the extra Iron Man suits coming to the rescue seemed to be an easy way out. It bothers me that we are constantly seeing our Super heroes unmasked during fights (Amazing Spider-man 2, Captain America in Avengers and Toney in this movie), I don't know if the actors have in their contacts that their face must be seen a % during the movie or what. We know who is starring as these Super heroes but every time you turn around they have their masks ripped off! I thought this was the weakest of the 3 movies. I was disappointed with the 2nd one when Ivan Vanko (aka Whiplash) ended up fighting him in the end with an iron Man type suit instead of his guantlets! After Avengers it was really, really weak!

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Bendis is the reason I quit buying Marvel comics, he ruined them!

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1. Black Cat

2. Spider-woman

3. Wasp

4. Captain America

5. Hawkeye

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I have always liked Wolvie since Incredible Hulk #181 but I think he should never have become an Avenger. I think Marvel has went overboard with overexposing their prime characters. It use to be great and special when you had two heroes team up in a series but anymore it is just the norm. The everyone in Marvel Universe being an Avenger really sucks too. Keep Wolvie to a couple X books and his own series would be enough for me and occasionally throw in a couple of guess appearances. Almost all Marvel heroes are overexposed!

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1. Captain america (Steve Rogers)

2. Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

3. Wasp

4. Ms. Marvel

5. She-Hulk

6. Nova

7. Scarlet Witch

8. Black Cat

9. Giant Man

10. Spider-woman


Iron Man, Fire Star & Ice Man

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@Redberry: If they want to make a certain type of character then do it but it is insulting to take a character and change them to meet a certain agenda when those characters have been established for decades. I think it shows the weakness of writers today that they can't create the next Superman, X-men or Wonder Woman. Instead, they are taking characters with established histories and changing them to fit their or others agendas regardless of their history.