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5' 11" about 175 lbs., I was more like 190 and really built 5 years ago but I was in a car wreck and now I am paralyzed from the waist down. Brownish/blonde hair and blue eyes. I was out of comics until just recently, I have a lot of free time trying to replace weightlifting, running, biking, outdoor stuff and not too many options to fill it up. I basically a marvel man or was. I think they went right down hill since Bendis has started ruining all the titles and they have been killing everyone off, bringing back the dead, having heroes fight heroes and inventing stupid villians. My favorite Team was the Avengers except when Dr. Druid was on it and now. Although, I do like the addition of Spider-woman. Favorite characters are Captain America, Hawkeye (see why I Hate Bendis)Black Cat, Wasp, Spider-woman. I was a big fan of the Sgt. Fury and Sgt. Rock comics and DC's Warlord series. I do still have a huge comic collection. Although, it is pretty much unavailable to me because of my physical condition. I never really got into DC that much, I thought their heroes were always too powerful and their villians always on the silly side. I did like the old teen titans and the Titans of the 80's. I am a big fan of the New Justice League of America, Benes artwork is some of the best out there.