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Right now I'm re-reading Justice. I can't explain why I think it is so cool. Maybe it's because I was hooked on Super Friends, both the cartoon and the comic growing up - and that Challenge of the Super-Heroes live action special on NBC. I can't believe I bought the individual issues, then the hardcover, then the softcover, then a few of the action figures. But the story is awesome! And it's the right size, too! All of the previous DC stuff Alex Ross did was the over-sized graphic novels with Paul Dini...

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This is like choosing between Mary Ann and Ginger; Betty or Veronica. I like Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man got me reading the character. I started reading comic books a couple of years after Gwen Stacy died, around '74. One of my first comics was the ASM where Spider-Man faced Tarantula. Spider-Man saw Gwen, got chained by The Gremlin and thrown off the bridge. I never got the next issue, but I can only assume Spider-Man survived. HA! :) I tried the mainstream Spider-titles and could never get into it. I've picked up a few animated and all-ages tie-in titles. Jeff Parker comes close. I have to go with Ultimate Spider-Man. It lays out the whole story. I want to keep up with Miles Morales, but Bendis put such a great "The End" on Peter Parker...Maybe I'll follow Miles through trade paperbacks.

I enjoy Bendis' New Avengers. I didn't pick that up monthly, I picked up the trades. I like his concept of the team, that it should be where you find Marvel's A-list heroes. If you find Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the Justice League; wouldn't you find Daredevil and Spider-Man on The Avengers? The problem with The Avengers was all the events and the splintering of the team. My Avengers had Wonder Man in a leisure suit.

If there is someone with a fresh spin, it's Bendis.

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Yeah, but how will this fit into continuity with Byrne's Spider-Man: Chapter One; Busiek's Untold Tales of Spider-Man; and the other Spider-Man origin stories?

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I have the Dredd DVD...I still haven't watched it...even though I like Karl Urban's work. Doom was pretty good; and, he's an awesome "Bones" McCoy. I would probably rank Spider-Man higher, just because Spider-Man is still more family-(read kid)friendly than Batman Begins, Man of Steel and Dredd. Both my boys ask to watch The Avengers, and all of the Marvel super hero films and Spider-Man before they ask to watch Batman. I have to admit, that as much of a DC fan as I am, the DC films are just not fun. Don't get me wrong, they're good stories, but they're not as fun as The Avengers was.

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Ha! That's hilarious!

I miss the Mad fold-ins...I haven't bought a Mad magazine in years.

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Wow, hadn't thought that with the red uniforms they look like The Incredibles! HA! Wonder if there will be a grand Invaders, FF, Incredibles crossover with Robinson writing! Can't wait to see what he and Kirk are bringing.

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I'm surprised that NCIS hasn't been a comic book. That would be my pick. I would love to see an all-ages Gilligan's Island comic book. If The Simpsons and Futurama can be comics... I'm excited to see The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six coming in March from Dynamite! I grew up on that show. I'd like to see Batman '66 develop into a "Season Four". That's another show I grew up on. Probably, most of all I'd like to see a Gilligan's Island comic.

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I like The Invaders, just as much as I like the Justice Society of America. I still see them as Golden-Age teams that belong in a WWII era. The challenge is to re-imagine them as heroes. I've seen how dedicated James Robinson is to the Golden Age. I wonder what he'll do with this team. I think it's pretty ironic that he moved from Earth-2 and re-imagining the JSA to re-imagining The Invaders.

I know that he is incredibly over-exposed, but I'd kinda like to see Logan with Hammond, Rogers and Namor in action against the Axis. Wolverine and The Invaders - Ha! ;)

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I guess maybe I'm a fair-weather Teen Titans fan. I started reading New Teen Titans with Wolfman & Perez. Went back and got all caught up on the original series. Loved both versions of the team. After they left the book, I tried to keep up; but except for a few brief highlights, I guess I'd lost interest. I saw the cover for The New 52 Teen Titans and said to myself, Self, pass. Nothing against Scott Lobdell, but I just wasn't going to throw away money on bad comics anymore. Maybe I'm not ready to move forward. Maybe I just want my Classic or New Teen Titans. Maybe there just aren't any new frontiers. I don't know. Maybe there will be a relaunch that will catch my attention. I'm still waiting for Teen Titans: Year Two.

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Great review! I liked the issue. I think Aquaman has benefited from The New 52 reset. I was never really an Aquaman fan, but seeing him in new, uncharted waters (sorry), I've really come around. For me, this Aquaman is a lot like the Justice Aquaman by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger.