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Gandalf is awesome, but Pepper Potts has got to come in a close second.

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Loki has got to be the greatest villain of all time. He was awesome in both Thor and Avengers. Unfortunately he overshadowed Malekith in Thor 2. I would like to see the Executioner and Enchantress in Thor 3...

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It was hard to pick between Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor and Superman. I picked Iron Man.

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This was so entertaining! I liked how they worked and reasoned it out. Why they picked who they did. When did Harrison Ford become so old. Wasn't he young and hip once? :)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past are my top two. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man - mainly for Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy, and her chemistry with this new kid playing Peter Parker - so, the sequel looks very good. I've never read Guardians of the Galaxy, but the hype on the film seems huge. Robocop...really?

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The costumes in this look worse - is that even possible? - than they did in the original comic book story. I've read and re-read that story and I understand that Victor Stone's Cyborg was the central focus of the story. He was added in place of J'onn J'onzz, and became a focal point of the story. I still don't care for it. A better story is the origin story told on the Justice League animated series. That story could have been re-worked with Thanos - I mean, Darkseid - and still kept J'onn. So, I'll stick with that version instead. Oh, and on top of replacing The Martian Manhunter, they replace Aquaman with Shazam!, the former Captain (Shazam!) Marvel. I'll watch this one on Netflix.

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I love this book! As much as I'd like to follow it digitally, I have to go print and support my local comic book store, Book Review!

Bookworm is one of my favorite Bat-villains! I love what Jeff Parker is doing with the characters!

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Warner/DC could pull off a successful Justice League film and then roll out individual, solo hero films. Marvel needed to build excitement, because live action super heroes have been notoriously cheesy. George Reeves' Superman; Adam West's Batman; Nicholas Hammond's Spider-Man; Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman; even Bill Bixby's The Incredible Hulk - the TV films were huge cheese-fests. The first one ruined Thor. Captain America had two television films and a theatrical release - all three cheesy. Iron Man never had anything more than cartoons, so he was an untested property.

Justice League has done pretty well over the years, but mostly as the cheesy Super Friends and then as the incredibly successful animated series. There's really no need for anything more than to hit the ground running with a story that shows off the best of all the characters and then do solo films. The solo films stand the chance of turning out like Green Lantern did, so go for the team movie, then go solo...

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I don't read digital comics yet. But I am excited that DC is launching the Batman '66 title. I can't wait to read that in traditional, regular print. I saw the Previews description for the second issue, featuring a '66 version of Killer Croc!

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Okay, so it's a studio issue. That's a no-brainer: they just follow the money.

I thought I'd read somewhere that Ron Perlman was kinda tired of the make-up process, because he had done it for so long with so many different characters, not just Hellboy. I thought THAT was the real snag to a Hellboy 3...hope I'm wrong...