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Sorry to be cynical, but as a DC fan and a Batman fan, this was one show I was happy to take a pass on. I'm no rocket-surgeon, but when you have a successful formula, go with it. The original Teen Titans: Go didn't need to be cancelled. Neither did Justice League. Young Justice didn't need a five year jump or cancellation. It seems neither Young Justice or Green Lantern were given an opportunity to catch on. Trot out another Batman cartoon? What was wrong with The Batman or Batman: The Brave and the Bold? The description I read of Beware The Batman didn't catch my interest.

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I've been reading the print version of Batman '66, and enjoying every issue. This should be pretty cool, too. Love the cover image by Alex Ross.

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I started reading Cap and The Invaders around the time Baron Blood (Falsworth) was a big character. I always liked the idea of Nazis and vampires. Pretty cool villains...

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I'd probably go for Obi-Wan's lightsaber more than the other two. The jacket looks pretty generic. So does the Cube. I'm a Star Wars fan, so Alec Guinness's lightsaber would be a pretty cool collectible to have around. Maybe my kids will get it for me for a birthday or anniversary...


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This looks like it could be something. I'm a fan of books like The New Teen Titans, Young Justice and Runaways. This looks like it could be a "mainstream" Runaways or Young Avengers. I've been meaning to give Miles Morales a try as Spider-Man...

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I'm cautiously optimistic. I realize I've enjoyed Robinson's work on one book - Starman. I've read his JSA work, but not much else. I followed him to Justice League, but that was kind of disappointing. Because I was expecting more of what he was doing in Starman and The Golden Age. I think Fantastic Four might be the right fit...still, I'm cautiously optimistic.

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I voted Iron Man, but I'd love to see a Hulk-Thor live action team-up. Just to erase the memory of the bad TV show. For Bixby's sake, how did that ever happen?

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Huge fan of Starman and that corner of the DC Universe.

Really bummed that James Robinson left DC so abruptly - and even more bummed that the softcover versions of the Starman Omnibus were stopped.

Q: Is Jack Knight done as Starman? Will James Robinson ever get back to Starman and DC in the future?

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I guess I would like to see Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth erase the memory of The Return of The Incredible Hulk. Where Don Blake is a slacker and cries "Odin!" to summon the Thunder God. That was a travesty. Funny, but wrong; very, very wrong. Especially the part where Blake and Thor bond by hitting a biker bar - really! - actually going into a biker bar and getting drunk and starting a fight! Genius. Uhhhhh, no.

Actually, I think a Thor-Iron Man film would be good. Or War Machine/Iron Patriot...

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I'll have to put Exiles on my reading list!

I don't know that I would spend money to see Keanu Reeves in anything any more though...