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It's been a few years since I went to a Comic Con - any comic con. I'm one of those people that scrape together admission, then get maybe one or two pencil sketches for $20 or $40. $250 for a single sketch is unthinkable. While I drool over black and white comic art, I can't afford the $80 to maybe over $100 for a single comic page. Original art for $5K? If you're trying to sell that at a comic book convention, I think you're in the wrong place to begin with. Secondly, I wonder if you understand your audience. My pull list shrank considerably when the price climbed to $2.99, then $3.99. I would think that eBay or online sales for original $5K art would be a better place than a comic convention. The point of a comic con, as I understand it, is a meet 'n' greet. I'll bring something for an autograph, along with a camera for a picture, and maybe enough to get a pencil sketch. I don't go to a comic book convention to spend a lot of money. I go to meet the artists and writers I enjoy reading. That's what going to a comic con is for me. If that's not your idea of a comic book convention. Maybe I'm the only one living payday to payday, I'm sure the Dormans are, too; but their payday is a whole lot different than mine is.

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TNT: We know Titans. The two T's stand for Teen Titans.

Here's what want: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Beast Boy. New Teen Titans are icing. I'll take Cyborg...FTW. ;)

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;) Are we talking animation art or story? ;)

I'll have to do that. I see The Hulk and Iron Man animated movie on Netflix. The Hulk Versus episodes were okay...

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I've pretty much lost interest in DC films and animation. I still like the characters, but not any modern version of them. I'm more of a Bronze Age DC fan I don't read Marvel, but I'll watch a Marvel movie in a heartbeat. If this is a Classic Legion film, I might be interested. If it's a JLA in the 30th Century, definitely pass.

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It's a toss up between Black Panther and Black Widow. ScarJo's Widow has been the really cool breakout character from Iron Man 2 through Avengers - I haven't seen The Winter Soldier yet. I'd like to see Black Panther. Not sure if I want him to become part of The Avengers or a three-booted Fantastic Four when Marvel/Disney re-acquire the rights... ;)

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Taskmaster's basic power is that he can copy or mimic moves. So, it could be a stalemate up to a point. Until Deathstroke beats Taskmaster by moving quicker. Slade Wilson is an chemically-enhanced super-soldier. So, I'd take The Terminator for the win.

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Well, it's about time!

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I haven't seen Boba Fett outside of his movie appearances. Is he more than a guy with a gun and a jetpack? I don't see him as much of a soldier, like Slade Wilson. I think Slade could probably take him in a fight. Slade's an enhanced soldier. All of his abilities are amped up.

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Nice! I enjoyed Johns' run on Aquaman and Throne of Atlantis was pretty cool. I liked that Aquaman was not a joke anymore. This is the guy that stopped the Crime Syndicate in the Earth-2 graphic novel. Aquaman and J'onn J'onzz made the difference.