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I saw this coming when NBC announced the show as part of the line-up. I have the same doubts and misgivings about Supergirl on CBS. Super-heroes on Network television? Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter work because they're basically action/drama/spy shows. If it's not American Idol, good luck on Fox. You can pretty much do anything on the CW. It's like the Image Comics of television. It should be interesting to see how Titans develops on TNT-"We.Know.Drama."

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My local comic book store had this stashed behind the counter along with DC's Divergence FCBD Special Edition as a way to ration them and keep them from going too quickly. I stopped in this passed Tuesday, and, since I am somewhat a VIP cusomer, I was able to get a copy.

I need to start picking up the trades on Miles. Maybe this new Ms. Marvel, too. Isn't a female Thor called Valkyrie, Sif, or Angela? A snarky question, I know. Wonder Woman is not Superman. Supergirl is part of the family; so, why not give the ladies a higher profile...he said not having read Thor, to know the reason why he is now female. Also, are we worried at all about secret identities anymore? Sam Wilson as a Fal-Cap is pretty cool, in a flying Captain America sort of way. I guess I should read more Marvel. Apologies for the snark.

It's a cool story. I remember reading Bendis' New Avengers and really liking it as much as the Busiek-Perez run. I'm not sure if the jumping back and forth in time helps or hurts. Sam comes off as a bit of a jerk. This could have been it's own issue and not shared space with The Inhumans. Maybe, with some filler on Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man, since they're the focus of the story and this new Avengers. Miles Morales and Peter Parker are in the same Universe? That's interesting. This has a feel more of the combination of Titans and Young Justice after "Graduation Day". The real question is, is it worth $3.99 a month. It's a genuine question for me.

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I'd be interesting in seeing more Archie SuperTeens. I think what @abdullahzubair is getting at is slapping a new cover on reprints. Sure, they might be reaching out to a new audience with it, but older, diehard fans might be looking for fresher material than just a reprint with a new cover. At least that's my take anyway.

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Not surprised that Universal owns the rights to The Hulk. That's where the television series was back in the day. It makes sense now. The series did well enough, including three television films. The two feature films under-performed. So Universal would have to see a green dollar sign to green light another Hulk film. Marvel may need to approach The Hulk like Spider-Man.

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I'm more concerned about the cover price... $7.99 is a bit steep.

I would love to see a DC Cinematic Universe. I'm enjoying the expanding Gotham in Batman '66. I'd love to see 1966 versions of the JLA; I'd love to see 1977 versions of the JLA with Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman; same with a 1950's version for George Reeves. Then a 1978 - 1985 version for the Reeve era.

Not sure about a 1988 Superboy...

I would think 1989 Tim Burton Batman era could be a one-shot.

Maybe Superboy, Lois and Clark and the Batman and Superman films could follow the Smallville format of four to six issue story arcs.

Still, I'm excited to see Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman '77 back in action!

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The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 - TPB is an awesome story. I really need to dig that out and reread it.

I've always been partial to Starman's Tales of Times Past. They're more flashbacks than time travel. There is a Starman time travel story where Jack Knight goes back in time and has an adventure with the Starman of 1953. It's a pretty cool story.

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Picking this up tomorrow!

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This has a very Ultimate Spider-Man vibe to it. I just hope it's more story and character than hype...

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I'm excited. But $4.99?

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This was The Doctor that hooked me on Doctor Who.