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It's a toss up between Black Panther and Black Widow. ScarJo's Widow has been the really cool breakout character from Iron Man 2 through Avengers - I haven't seen The Winter Soldier yet. I'd like to see Black Panther. Not sure if I want him to become part of The Avengers or a three-booted Fantastic Four when Marvel/Disney re-acquire the rights... ;)

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Taskmaster's basic power is that he can copy or mimic moves. So, it could be a stalemate up to a point. Until Deathstroke beats Taskmaster by moving quicker. Slade Wilson is an chemically-enhanced super-soldier. So, I'd take The Terminator for the win.

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Well, it's about time!

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I haven't seen Boba Fett outside of his movie appearances. Is he more than a guy with a gun and a jetpack? I don't see him as much of a soldier, like Slade Wilson. I think Slade could probably take him in a fight. Slade's an enhanced soldier. All of his abilities are amped up.

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Nice! I enjoyed Johns' run on Aquaman and Throne of Atlantis was pretty cool. I liked that Aquaman was not a joke anymore. This is the guy that stopped the Crime Syndicate in the Earth-2 graphic novel. Aquaman and J'onn J'onzz made the difference.

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I can see where the animation on Red Hood surpasses Mask of the Phantasm. The animation on Public Enemies is improved over World's Finest. I still prefer Phantasm. I don't care for Jason Todd or his return as Red Hood. That's probably the deal-breaker for me...

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I wasn't sure about either The Batman or Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but they both grew on me. Probably B&B the most. When I saw the description for Beware the Batman, I said, "No." After cancelling Green Lantern and Young Justice and bringing back Teen Titans, Go!...why not bring back Batman: The Animated Series? Or Justice League or develop Batman and The Outsiders?

Sorry to be a buzz kill, but I'm becoming a disgruntled DC fan.

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Tim Burton's 1989 Batman has it's "flaws", but casting Michael Keaton in the title role was not one of them. The only nits I could pick with the film is that his Bruce Wayne stumbled slightly into "wacky" comedy when he tried to tell Vicky about his dual identity. Vicki discovering the Batcave was unnecessary and too rushed. That tells me she wasn't coming back for the sequel. Jack Nicholson was just a little long in the tooth and fat as The Joker. The whole who-made-who was unnecessary, too. For all of these "flaws", Batman was a solid movie. It's a shame that Joker was killed off and that Michael Keaton could not continue in the role. It would have been nice to see what a third film would have been like with him.

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I guess because I'm not that much of a Jason Todd fan, I just don't see the appeal of Under The Red Hood. I didn't care enough about the character to vote in the poll that ended in The Joker beating him to death. Mask of the Phantasm has a closer connection to the whole Batman mythos for me than Under The Red Hood.

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Maybe. There certainly was an opportunity for it when Ultimate Fantastic Four was launched. The team was completely re-imagined. The film casting seems to be based on the "stunt" of diversity = Johnny Storm, the Human Torch is now black.