Starman Volume 1: Sins of the Father

I wasn't sure I really needed to add the trade paperback to my Starman collection. What did I need it for? I had all the individual issues. Why spend the money? It's not like picking up a box set with a gag reel, a couple of cool vignettes, maybe an interview or a commentary track. $17.95 for an introduction by Mike Allred. I've only read one issue of Madman Comics. It's not that I don't like Mike Allred or Madman - it's just that neither appealed to me. Being pretty cheap, I would spend the money on more individual comics than the trade paperback. I like reading the letters page. To me that's the issue commentary track that's not included in the collection.
The more I look at the monthly solicitations, the more I think about building up my back issues. I'd like to fill in that gap where I stopped reading Starman briefly. I missed the Sand and Stars cross-over team-up between Jack Knight and Wesley Dodds. I may have to go the trade route if I can't find the individual issues affordable.
I'd like to get back the issues of Roy Thomas' Infinity Inc. -especially the early issues with the River of Evil, where the JSA are villains -  and All-Star Squadron. I need to get one of the issues of America versus the JSA. I think it's issue 3 or 4. Can't remember which.

Anyway, I was going to pick up th trade for Chuck Dixon's Batman and the Outsiders. Then I read where he wasn't going to be writing that title anymore. So, I figured maybe it was time I could pick up Starman Volume 1: Sins of the Father. I ordered it through DCBS. Not a bad deal on the price of admission.

Mike Allred's introduction is pretty good. The sketches of The Shade, The Mist's son Kyle, Ted and Jack Knight are pretty cool. The story speaks for itself. 

What I like about the collection is that it's like a graphic novel. All the chapters are together with the cover gallery at the end. I'd gotten the Justice trade paperback just a month before, and the covers were collected together with each issue and Batman's notes on each character at the end. I like that there isn't a break in the story/action for a cover. Small detail, but it makes a difference. Shame that some of James Robinson's letter page comments weren't included. It would have been nice if a foreward or afterward had been included. But then all of that was in each issue.

Still, it's a good read. And I don't have to mess with the issues I have bagged against the apocalypse.      

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