Justice League of Arkham

My Justice League Dream Team...
That was pretty nearly the coolest version of the Justice League in that 5th week event.

I would take The Batman leading Black Lightning, The Creeper, The Demon, Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho and Zatanna; with Catwoman, Black Canary and Green Arrow, Mr. Miracle, Oracle, Plastic Man and Nightwing as reservists. maybe throw Jason Todd as Red Robin or The Riddler as a wacky, way out there alternate just to shake up the status quo a little bit.

What? That was done in Kingdom Come and The Outsiders?
I wouldn't necessarily have the political bent that the original Outsiders started with, and I wouldn't have a cosmic angle either. Except for maybe a secret Martian invasion that would be more grounded and earthbound. I'd rather see Black Lightning, The Demon, Elongated Man and Zatanna form the core of the team with maybe a mythology angle. Unless that became boring and didn't sell, then I would just try anything...  
Posted by Fortanono