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Somebody hit the "Easy" button and reset the DC Universe. I prefer the single, Universe and timeline m'self.

"OMG! what is going on NOW in the DCU" - Pariah

Most Definitely

I was a huge fan of the Dini-Timm Batman. That series rocked! Not so much The Batman. But it grew on me. I've always been a fan of The Brave and the Bold-Batman team-ups. And the Adam West-Burt Ward '60's Batman. If for nothing else but seeing Plastic Man, too. And Deidrich Bader was hilarious as Oswald. Hopefully he is as good as Kevin Conroy. I can't believe the torch is being passed - again!

Yeah, I'm watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Hopefully it's as good as Spectacular - Spectacular Spider-Man!  

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I'm gonna have to go with this one. Maybe he can make a go of it and at least squeek out a mini-series for it...
C'mon, The Quizmaster was a hero in the anti-matter universe; and he's gone straight on Earth-1...

e. nigma, pi
The game's afoot!


Green Lantern

I'd like to see Green Lantern teamed up with Iron Man, with maybe Daredevil or Matt Murdock along with maybe Bruce Wayne, too. Maybe have Luthor as the villain. I don't think Luthor should be a Superman-family exclusive. Look at Marvel villains. They pretty much make their way around. I think there have been enough team-ups with the "bigger" names. Let's see some of the B-listers.  
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One World

This would be so cool. It could be cool 
I know that Busiek and Perez just did something like this and this was done awhile back in the Amalgam Universe - but I could see The Avengers and the Justice League as a single team; The Invaders and the Justice Society as a single team, all part of the All-Star Squadron; and the classic Teen Titans and original X-Men merged. I could probably see Arthur Curry as Namor's ward or sidekick as a ferinstance.

Can you just see Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Carter Hall along with Steve Rogers, Jim Hammond and Namor? Imagine the origin of the JSA, where President Roosevelt gathers The Green Lantern and The Flash with The Human Torch. The Spectre summons The Sub-Mariner (and if I have my timeline right Union Jack? Or would he be part of the '41 wave with Cap and Wonder Woman) along with the other heroes. The American Super-Soldier program produces Captain America - and later - what? Maybe Commander Steel. The only question is - is this a world with or without Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Speedy and maybe Aquaman. I could see keeping Steve Rogers and Carter Hall part of the Golden-Age. As liasons between the JSA-Invaders and Justice League-Avengers team.
I could see the Titans and the X-Men together because of that whole Loren Jupiter riff thing the Titans did to try to be cool and relevent like the X-Men. The New Teen Titans did the same thing in '80 to be like the Newer Uncanny X-Men... Then, just picture a wave of Infinity Inc. added to their roster.

The Fastest Man Alive, with...
The Brightest Light
...and The Brightest Flame
...and The Hottest Hot-Head
The Canadian Berserker

Becoming a Marvel Zombie

Bless me, G-Man, for I have sinned. It has been far too long since my last post.
My job keeps me pretty busy during the summer, and if I schedule vacation, then I'm doing more to cover the gap while I'm gone...and then I have to play catch-up when I get back. I'm still in the middle of re-reading my Starman collection, tracking down the third trade paperback - I'm working up to the omnibus. What's missing from my collection is the crossover with Sandman Mystery Theatre. (feel free to pass along any tips on tracking them down) I went through a short financial bind and had to stop picking up Starman for a time - I call it temporary insanity. I came back a few issues later and determined not to drop the book ever again. I didn't, and enjoyed the rest of the 80 issues.

Guardian of Opal City

There was a time when all I was reading was Starman, The Batman Adventures (in one form or another) and Ultimate Spider-Man. Partly that was all I could afford, and partly nothing else really appealed to me. I couldn't see getting wrapped up in something that would branch out into multiple parts or other titles. I'm still pretty worn out from events.

Times have changed.

Starman wrapped with issue 80, and now, some Kingdom Come version is a member of the JSA. I thought that whole thing got wrapped up a few years ago with Mark Waid's The Kingdom and Gog special on New Year's Evil. Maybe not. The whole Kingdom Come approach going on in JSA doesn't appeal to me. Didn't impress me back then, doesn't now. Sorry. Maybe I'll grab the trade.
The Batman Strikes just wrapped with issue 50, The Demon visiting Gotham on Halloween. The Demons Three and The Riddler were along for the ride. I wasn't all that keen on the re-imagining of The Batman and his rogues for a younger audience, but I was a fan of Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty, so I gave it a try. I especially disliked the re-imagining of The Riddler as Goth, but, now it's done.

Ultimate Spider-Man - - the best book you can read!

That just leaves me with Ultimate Spider-Man. I've still got Green Lantern, The Brave and The Bold, Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, Marvel Superheroes and Trinity on my pull list - but for how long? I was hoping that B & B would have legs, but we'll see. I'm really hoping that Johns picks things up in Green Lantern - six issues on Hal's Secret Origin in flashback? After building up and opening the door to a whole spectrum of Lanterns?

I've been a DC guy for a long time. Since Paul Levitz was on Legion of Super-Heroes in the '70's. I just look at what DC is offering now, and I don't see anything worth picking up and reading, aside from Green Lantern and The Brave and The Bold. I haven't read Batman or 'tective since around the time Bane broke Bruce's back. Okay, I picked up Prodigal, but as good as it was it was still basically a gimmick. Batman R.I.P. does nothing for me. I may pick up Dini's 'tective stories in the trade...

Even as much as I like Kurt Busiek - his astro city stuff is GREAT! - and Trinity is the best weekly I've read so far, but still it's a weekly and it's a limited series. 52 issues and out.

So, even though I'm headin' up to the MN State Fairgrounds tomorrow to fill my Starman sketchbook - I'm going to be looking for Gordon Purcell for a Ted Knight Starman sketch, Adam Hughes for a Stargirl sketch, and Tom Nguyen for a Phantom Lady sketch - plus autographs from Doug Mahnke, Christopher Jones and Terry Beatty, I'll be going as an emerging Marvel Zombie.

Hey, I've seen Iron Man almost a dozen times - before buying the DVD! Hail Jon Favreau.

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CSI: Central City

Nights Are Going Green On The CW...?
I always like the flying sequences in Top Gun. JAG was a pretty cool show, and so was Black Sheep Squadron. It might be kinda cool to see a young Hal Jordan making his way through Edwards Air Force Base before he was picked over Guy Gardner by Abin Sur. Maybe some elements of New Frontier could be introduced... 

But then probably the coolest thing to see would be a Barry Allen/CSI type show. The 1990 show with John Wesley Shipp nearly had it - years before William Peterson's Gil Grissom. The show could have lasted longer if that were the angle taken. And if CBS hadn't put it on starting at 7:30 CST instead of 7:00. 
Could Lightning Strike Twice?
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The Question or Starman

Either one could work as a Fox series.
The Question could be a noir, X-Files type show. Same with Starman. Shame that since Birds of Prey wasn't as successful as hoped killed Starman coming to the small screen. That would have been a cool series.  


Starman Volume 1: Sins of the Father

I wasn't sure I really needed to add the trade paperback to my Starman collection. What did I need it for? I had all the individual issues. Why spend the money? It's not like picking up a box set with a gag reel, a couple of cool vignettes, maybe an interview or a commentary track. $17.95 for an introduction by Mike Allred. I've only read one issue of Madman Comics. It's not that I don't like Mike Allred or Madman - it's just that neither appealed to me. Being pretty cheap, I would spend the money on more individual comics than the trade paperback. I like reading the letters page. To me that's the issue commentary track that's not included in the collection.
The more I look at the monthly solicitations, the more I think about building up my back issues. I'd like to fill in that gap where I stopped reading Starman briefly. I missed the Sand and Stars cross-over team-up between Jack Knight and Wesley Dodds. I may have to go the trade route if I can't find the individual issues affordable.
I'd like to get back the issues of Roy Thomas' Infinity Inc. -especially the early issues with the River of Evil, where the JSA are villains -  and All-Star Squadron. I need to get one of the issues of America versus the JSA. I think it's issue 3 or 4. Can't remember which.

Anyway, I was going to pick up th trade for Chuck Dixon's Batman and the Outsiders. Then I read where he wasn't going to be writing that title anymore. So, I figured maybe it was time I could pick up Starman Volume 1: Sins of the Father. I ordered it through DCBS. Not a bad deal on the price of admission.

Mike Allred's introduction is pretty good. The sketches of The Shade, The Mist's son Kyle, Ted and Jack Knight are pretty cool. The story speaks for itself. 

What I like about the collection is that it's like a graphic novel. All the chapters are together with the cover gallery at the end. I'd gotten the Justice trade paperback just a month before, and the covers were collected together with each issue and Batman's notes on each character at the end. I like that there isn't a break in the story/action for a cover. Small detail, but it makes a difference. Shame that some of James Robinson's letter page comments weren't included. It would have been nice if a foreward or afterward had been included. But then all of that was in each issue.

Still, it's a good read. And I don't have to mess with the issues I have bagged against the apocalypse.      

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