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Hey! I'm Dave. I like comics. I'm a huge Starman fan. Ultimate Spider-Man, too.

Starman got me hooked on writer James Robinson. I think he's Roy Thomas' "secret love child". They both have an affinity for the Golden-Age and good writing. Thomas wrote The Invaders for Marvel; then crossed the street for All-Star Squadron, Infinity, Inc. and Young All-Stars. Robinson wrote The Golden Age Elseworlds mini-series, incorporated a lot of Golden Age mythos into Starman and wrote JSA. Before crossing the street to Marvel for The Invaders, he was revamping Earth-2.

Brian Michael Bendis caught my attention with Ultimate Spider-Man. I have every issue up to "The Death of Peter Parker". One day, I will probably get caught up on Miles Morales. The reason I haven't, was that Bendis' "The End" for Peter Parker and Ultimate Spider-Man was so perfect. I will admit that Ultimate Avengers with Miles' Spider-Man looks fantastic! I read and still re-read Bendis' New Avengers, mostly in trade paperback. As much of a traditionalist as I am, what with the Classic Line-Up - I enjoyed Kurt Busiek's run with George Perez - I liked Bendis' approach and take that Marvel's A-list characters should be on the team; like DC's Justice League.

Don't get me started on Kurt Busiek. Marvels. Astro City. The Avengers. Untold Tales of Spider-Man. I still re-read Untold Tales of Spider-Man.

I started reading comics in the mid-'70's...around 1974, really. I must confess I missed the X-Men relaunch. But I did jump onboard The New Teen Titans with Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. I'll give you that Terry Long may have been a bad idea from the beginning; along with Starfire's costume and whole sexualization. Those two things don't diminish the stories from that era.

Say what you will about Geoff Johns, he made Aquaman cool. Jeff Parker is doing a pretty good job of keeping that going. Right now I'm reading Parker's Batman '66. I'm old school, so I'm picking up the monthly issues. Parker's done some great all-ages writing, like on Marvel Adventures Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four. He's really captured the tone of the campy '66 series. I'm waiting for him to introduce some mainstream characters like Harvey Dent, Kirk Langstrom and Killer Croc. SPOILER ALERT: Kathy Kane has already mad a couple of cameos and Waylon Jones has been a henchman of King Tut!

I'm a fan of writers. There are a lot of great artists. Great writers are a personal choice. your mileage may vary. The writers I like probably are unique to me, my tastes and personality.

I'll sit down and enjoy re-reading Paul Dini and Alex Ross' JLA: Liberty and Justice and JLA: Secret Origins. Then, I'll grab Justice, and read through all three trade paperback collections.

But, that's me.

I have a 'blog at http://earthdave.blogspot.com/ and you can follow me on Facebook at Earth-Dave.