What I read ( Part I)

I'll be honest and say that thanks to DC Comics New 52, I was able to return to comics. I did not started as a DC fan (except for the shows like Batman The Animated Series), myself growing as a Marvel fan. But as the first decade of the 21st century unfolded, I got lost and confused with the crossover events that Marvel kept launching. I read Uncanny X-Men and at times I felt lost with what was happening. Plus X-Men started to suck around the time of Deadly Genesis. Then Civil War came and I decided to leave the comic world for a while.

With the New 52 , i decided to return to comics and I must say that after 6 months of reading from DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse, I have given my full attention to several of their comic lines. Here I start with the list of what I'm reading :

1.Action Comics- Grant Morrison on it. So far it's fun if a little confusing at times, but I like the way Morrison is handling this one.

2.Aquaman- Making Aquaman cool and badass was really hard to do but Geoff Johns have managed to do what many considered impossible. There are many jokes on the comic itself poking fun at Aquaman, but its funny and awesome. A keeper.

3.Batgirl- Seeing Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl is great and she is better because of it. Never liked her as Oracle ( cause of her constant self loathing) and Gail Simone is doing a good job of writing her.

4.Batman- Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are THE dynamic duo in this BADASS in the extreme. So far, A Court of Owls is among the best Batman stories written and I am beyond exited for the Night of the Owls event. More exited than Avengers vs X-Men to be honest (feel free to disagree).

5.Batman and Robin- Seeing Bruce and Damian Wayne together is classic gold in itself and both of em trying to find their place as father and son is great. Another high favorite. Peter Tomasi is hitting a home run on this one.

6.Flash- Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are giving Barry Allen a hell of a ride. With the story of Mob Rule, I am hooked on the Flash.

7.Green Lantern- Geoff Johns keeps giving hit after hit and giving Sinestro a surprise return as a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan as an unwilling sidekick has been a fun ride and it will go on for a foreseeable future.

8. Green Lantern : New Guardians- Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham, Harvey Tolibao and Batt have made a nice jewel out of the aftermath of Blackest Night, Brightest Day and War of the Green Lantern. Seeing Kyle Rayner interact with the other members of the other lantern corps totally worth it.

9.Justice League- Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. That alone is enough but then again, seeing the League interact as an action flick is so much fun.

10.Teen Titans- Many fans grew up with Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy as the core group. This is NOT the main characters in this incarnation of the team. We see Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Solstice, Bunker, Skitter and Superboy (maybe). Barely able to stay together, this team is the ultimate definition of dysfunctional teamwork and it's fun to watch. Scott Lobdell is making a good jewel out of this.

11.Ultimate Comics Spider Man - Many may have criticism on Brian Michael Bendis for his work on Regular Marvel Universe, but on Ultimate Marvel, he is spot on. Introducing Miles Morales and the world after Peter Parker's Ultimate Demise. From the new character to the new suit, Bendis along with Sara Pichelli's art is near perfection. Good art, good read, this is one of the few from Marvel I buy.

12.Ultimate Comics X-Men- I collected all tpb's from Ultimate X-Men and after Ultimatum, things are very very bad for mutants on Ultimate Universe for the very bleak future. Nick Spencer ( Morning Glories) is writing the dark and bleak future. One of my personal favorites since it's showing us what happens when the Days of Future Past becomes the present day situation. Regular Marvel Universe may not do it, but Ultimate Marvel is another story altogether. My personal favorite.

13. Winter Soldier- Never liked Bucky Barnes as Captain America, but as the Winter Soldier, he is in his best element. Ed Brubaker has done an incredible work in adding a covert op section in the whole craziness of regular Marvel Universe. Bucky along with Black Widow do some crazy missions that the regular superheores cannot do. Another good one from Marvel and at $2.99, it's not that bad.

Part 2 will be on what I no longer read ( and why I abandoned them). What you guys read and what you like about em

Posted by RedOwl_1

Except of GL(not that interested on it), Batgirl (I liked she more as Oracle) and Ultimate Comics X-Men (I don't read much Marvel)

I read almost exactly the same for the same reasons, also I read Teen Titans for that reasons and because I'm a Red Robin fan so, how can I miss his only DC ongoing comic?

Also you should try Daredevil is very cool, its art is awesomely beautiful and is a bit fun too.

Posted by airbound_dude

where do i start to read daredevil ( a point to start since there is a LOT of daredevil)?

Posted by RedOwl_1

@airbound_dude said:

where do i start to read daredevil ( a point to start since there is a LOT of daredevil)?

The image (and the suggest) is from the ongoing comic, that in my opinion is more new-readers-friendly that any of the New 52.