The Many Enemies of Ultimate Nick Fury.

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe (Earth 1610), things are not all right. Peter Parker died saving his family from the menace of Ultimate Green Goblin and the Sinister Six. Nick Fury returned in charge of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) but the victory of his return was short lived. Captain America feeling guilty for the death of Parker resigned, the budget of SHIELD was pretty much cut in half, and now things are getting out of hand in his renewed watch. Unlike the Regular Marvel Universe (Earth 616), actions here have consequences and repercussions so I have managed to detail a list of enemies that SHIELD and Fury have to deal with or how the situation has been initially handled (warning spoilers ahead):

1.Ultimate Reed Richards – After being abandoned by Ultimate Sue Stormm and beaten in the Ultimate Doom Trilogy, Richards managed to escape the N-Zone and started the Children of Tomorrow, a hyper accelerated evolution of mankind were he is now the Maker. While expanding to create the City, Richards and his Children managed to defeat SHIELD big time, and depower and destroy the city of Asgard, permanently de powering Thor. Richards have made it clear beyond doubt that he will not strike unless stricken first.

Threat assessment: Beyond High

Personal Opinion: Fury fears Richards because he’s the smartest person on Earth and Fury has nothing Richards want. And destroying Asgard has made Fury desperate enough to try to recruit back Rogers to persuade the President against striking back at Richards. However, Rogers declined and now Fury is about to use his covert mutant team Ultimate X at the front lines of the counter attack. This will not work because of certain actions, which I will discuss in the next one on the list.

2.The Mutants- Not directly SHIELDS’ enemies, the revelation that in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, mutants were created trying to recreate the Super Soldier Program and the capture or exterminate order given against all mutants that may resist (Executive Order 3144), well let’s just say that mutants are not going to take it anymore. As illustrated in Ultimate Comics X-Men, mutants are beginning to fight back and the government’s control of them is beginning to break. Nick Fury himself told the president that The Ultimates are in no shape to enforce that order (after the ass whooping they got from Richards). And given that the Nimrods Sentinels have gone rogue (no pun intended) with a kill order of every mutant, the government has definitely lost control of the situation. Ultimate X (Jean Grey now as Karen Grant, Liz Allan and Derek Morgan) has deserted Fury and SHIELD for the safe haven of mutantkind. And given the choice between safe haven beyond the reach of the US Government that is hunting them, well mutants will fight to get to that safe haven.

Threat Assessment: Beyond High

Persona Opinion: The mutant situation along with Richards’ children has shown the limits of SHIELD and the ability to handle the situation. And when the mutants decide to unify and beat the crap out of the government that has been hunting them. Fury and the government have no choice but to eliminate Executive Order 3144 or else suffer the consequences of a civil war and another ass kicking by Richards. A compromise for them is the best option around since they have very little choice in the matter. Can’t wait to see how this goes.

3.SEAR and The People- Another enemy of Fury is the People of SEAR (South East Asia Republic). The government of SEAR managed to manufacture The Source, a Super Mutant Serum that turns normal humans into super mutants. After liberating themselves from the tyrannical rule, the brothers Xorn and Zorn have made the twin cities of Celestials and Eternals. While both brothers have philosophical differences they are united in defending each other, thus inviting all mutants in the world as a safe haven from persecution.

Threat Assessment: High If provoked

Personal Opinion: This is what the mutant revolution could turn into if they unite against the government that created them and hunts them keep on their current course. Even after giving The Source to Hawkeye, they are unable to analyze and reverse engineering for their own purpose. This shows that the US Government is suffering from a brain drain. And since Richards has decided to do his own thing, things are looking dire for Fury. However, SEAR is not going to attack unless provoked, which is good news for Fury to concentrate on other matters at hand. However, Ultimate X has decided to stay and thus draining Fury of valuable personnel. And going in there and kidnap em is NOT an option. Fury could loose a hell of a lot of people to SEAR due to government policy of capture or kill mutants.

I think I have given a nice resume of the current threats Fury has right now. What you guys think???

Posted by odysseyuwrf

Outside of Hawkeye, I don't think Nicky has anyone who isn't his enemy. If he wasn't Nick Frickin' Fury he would be Ultimately Screwed.

Posted by cloverfly

Great write up. I love the new Ultimates but my teenage son has zero interest in it. That's too bad because it sure beats out some of his other interests,lol.