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Let there be lightning! 0

What can I say other than that I loved this issue? I’m a big fan of Ultimate Thor and the whole ultimate Asgard they are showing us. The comic plays with flashbacks but it never really gets confusing, you can see things more clearly as it explains things from the first issue. Thor is believed to have gone mad but is it really madness or is he just remembering things? There are some fun cameo’s in this comic like Professor Braddock ( Captain Britain) and (ironically) Doctor Blake, regular T...

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Meh, just meh.. 0

Yeah.. what to say about this comic book. I used to love Wolverine but since he appeared in pretty much every book Marvel put out he’s gotten down a few notches on my list. But putting that aside I was interested in this comic book and how it was written in Fear Itself. Unfortunately it can’t really be called a tie-in and the events of Fear Itself are mentioned but nothing is done with it. Instead we get a story about a criminal organization that had kept low for years but chose this time to com...

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Smashing! 0

Planet Hulk is more then just ‘HULK SMASH!!!’ although granted, he does yell that quite a lot. Let me start of by saying that I’m not much of a Hulk fan and Planet Hulk and World World Hulk have been the few story arcs that I actually liked. While the story of Planet Hulk hasn’t exactly been copied word for word it does however make for a fun watch. Although I did find some parts of the story lacking, for example the old strong power is mentioned but never w...

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The way Disney should be 0

Disney like it should be!    ... long hair.... The magic in this movie is just like the classics like Aladdin and the Little Mermaid. It's a fun story, one we all grew up with and with a little twist here and there as there should be. The music was nice and just belonged in the movie and there were some beautiful effects. Now I can honestly say that despite this movie is 3D animated (which seems to be all the rage nowadays) Rapunzel has to be one of the cutest princesses i've ever seen...

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Probably one of the best Magneto stories around 0

If you didn't understand Magneto's motives before, then you will certainly understand them after you've read this mini series. Not many comics have left me emotional while reading it but this one certainly has. Greg Pak shows that he really understands Magneto and why is he's such a great writer. He doesn't pull any punches describing the horrors that went on in this dark era of mankind. And it's a good thing he doesn't, because even when I put the comic away it left me thinking about the hor...

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Panther is awesome again! 0

The story takes place in the House of M and shows how Black Panther is handling the mutant superiority. Everything that makes the Black Panther such an awesome read is in this issue. You love him for his fighting skills, playboy skills, his royalty, the vibranium, his diplomatic side, his cunning, intelligence and strategy. And you can find all of that in this issue. If you're a Panther fan then you should read this issue.   Storm is written as she should be written, a strong intelligent and ind...

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A new beginning! 0

The cover says 'The future of Star Wars begins now'. Well that's a little too ambitious since we all know and know and love the prequels and this doesn't quite reach those levels. Nonetheless it's a really enjoyable read and recommended to all the Star Wars fans out there. You also don't really need to know anything about Star Wars other then the movies so it's easy for new readers that are interested in Star Wars to jump right in.   Let's start with a little background information: The story ta...

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Time for an old hero to shine! 0

It's just like the title says: It's time for an old hero to shine!   I personally love it when this sort of thing happens. It's a hero you normally never hear anything about, Jack Flag. To be fair, how many of you heard about him before this issue and afterwards Guardians of the Galaxy (which he is now appearing in)? I can honestly say I had never heard about him and to be honest, i'm sad i hadn't because i think he's a great character.   You see him facing off against incredible odds, does he ...

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