Sis in law

Keeping my sis in law's e-mail for reference: ------ In the afternoon John and I went to a launch party that had been organized by his foundation. The event took place in a small impoverished community. Children growing up in rural settings are often deprived of the opportunity to go to school, as their parents are too poor to afford the tuition fee. Since these children often drop out at a young age, they do not receive any kind of sexual education. Parents are usually too embarrassed to talk about sexual matters, so young boys and girls turn to their peers for advice. Unfortunately, their peers are just as misinformed as they are, which leads to the perpetuation of wrong beliefs (e.g. the pill makes women infertile). John aims to break this cycle by recruiting peer educators who visit smaller communities to educate young people. They have one-on-one talks, but they also teach entire classes about the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse. By organizing this large event, John wanted to make the locals aware of the program and he wanted to encourage young adolescents to approach the peer educators with their questions. The program was well thought out and it attracted a lot of attention: some 200 boys and girls showed up. They had set up a bunch of chair and in the middle of the plaza was a stage. All the acts were performed by locals who had volunteered to help. First, there was a theater play that illustrated nicely how women are often coerced into having unprotected sex. In the end the girl was pregnant and humiliated. She emphasized that she could have prevented the pregnancy if she had insisted on using a condom. Second, a little boy had written a very endearing poem about HIV. Following this poem, there was a girl who gave us a very honest and moving account of her unwanted pregnancy. She was 16 when she found out that she was pregnant. She explained that she had been scared of her parents’ reaction, so she had a self-induced abortion. Sadly, something went wrong, so when her mother came home from work she found her daughter laying in a puddle of blood. She rushed her to the hospital, but it was already too late: they had to remove her uterus. These stories are obviously very touching, so I am hopeful that they convinced at least some of the adolescents that unprotected sex is dangerous. When the formal aspect of the program was over, a couple of boys started banging the drums. The host of the event announced that all “white”volunteers had to dance, so the five of us were forced to get on stage and dance in front of 200 people. I felt like an absolute baboon and I was sure that I looked like a dog with fleas, but I had a fabulous time. Afterward we wanted to give every child a bottle of lemonade and cookies, but as soon as we started handing them out, the kids went nuts. They were pushing and kicking each other as if they were fighting for their lives. This made me feel sorry for the weaker and smaller kids, so I told everyone to sit down and be quiet. This went well for about two milliseconds. At some point we had to retreat, because it was getting out of hand. Ironically, if they had behaved, all of them would have received cookies and a bottle of lemonade. Now, most of the kids didn’t get anything. When I went back to the hotel I was starving, so I went straight to the restaurant. The waitress was sleeping on the table, so I gently woke her up. She looked at me in a really grumpy way and I almost felt guilty for waking her up (surely, she is a promising candidate for the “employee of the month award”). I ordered chicken with rice (all the other dishes had been crossed out on the menu). Apparently, they had tossed a whole leg into a deep fryer and they had waited to take it out until it was completely charred, black, greasy and generally inedible. They even manage to screw up the breakfast buffet: they boil the eggs until the yolk turns grey and the toast is usually stone-hard and black. But not just the people working in the restaurant are indifferent to customer satisfaction: I’ve been in this hotel for five nights and they haven’t cleaned my room once. They haven’t even brought me a fresh towel yet (luckily I brought my own). Keep in mind that I pay 65 Cedis per night, which equals a two months’ salary for the average Ghanaian!! Clearly, this is a very luxurious hotel, but nonetheless, the service is beyond terrible. For instance, I asked the receptionist to order me a taxi and he told me to just do it myself. He was kind enough to give me the number of the taxi company though…


Neon sign movie posters!

So I came across the Tumbler of Mr. Whaite who is making Neon sign movie posters and they look simply amazing. I'd advice you to take a look at his Tumbler but here are a selection of his Gif Neon posters. 









Kneel before Zod! (Man of Steel picture)

First picture of Michael Shannon as Zod, seems he's covered in motion sensors so maybe they're going to do something like they did with Ryan Reynolds and his Green Lantern suit? 
Spoiler below


Superman's memory crystals are becoming a reality! O_O

You all remember Superman's memory crystals from the fortress of solitude right? Well, seems they'll become a reality! If you don't, here's a picture to refresh your memory. 

Superman's memory crystals may become reality in computers

Computers may soon be saving their data onto hard drives made of glass following research by British scientists who have developed a way of storing information similar to the "memory crystals" seen in the Superman films.

Researchers at Southampton University used lasers to rearrange the atoms in pieces of glass, turning it into new type of computer memory. They claim the glass memory is far more stable and resilient than current types of hard-drive memory, which have a limited lifespan of a couple of decades and are vulnerable to damage from high temperatures and moisture. The glass memory can withstand temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees F, is unaffected by water and can last for thousands of years without losing information.

Information can be written, wiped and rewritten into the molecular structure of the glass using a laser, the scientists claim. The process changes the way light travels through the glass, creating whirlpools of polarised light that can then be read in much the same way as data in optical fibres. The glass memory has been compared to the "memory crystals" used in the Superman films, which contain recorded video and data saved by his parents that play back when inserted into a player in his fortress.

Martynas Beresna, lead researcher for the project at Southampton University's optoelectronics research centre, said they can currently store the equivalent of a whole Blu-ray Disc – up to 50GB of data – on a piece of glass no bigger than a mobile phone screen. He said: "We have developed this memory which means data can be stored on the glass and last forever. It could become a very stable and safe form of portable memory. "It could be very useful for organisations with big archives. At the moment companies have to back up their archives every five to ten years because hard-drive memory has a relatively short lifespan. "Museums who want to preserve information or places like the National Archives where they have huge numbers of documents, would really benefit."

The recording process, which is done by focusing a laser to imprint tiny dots called "voxels" into the pure silica glass. the process makes the glass slightly opaque and polarises the light as it passes through. This can then be read using a optical detector. The scientists, whose research is published in the scientific journal of Applied Physics Letters, are now working with a Lithuanian company Altechna to take the technology to market.

Superhero street art!

It's time to show off some superhero street art people made around the globe! Personally I believe there should be way more street art out there because I love looking at it.

 Yes, I do!

Chalk drawings

Something that never ceases to amaze is the talent of some of the artists out there. These are all drawings on the pavement in the streets but the amazing this is that they have been drawn in 3D and as such look so damn real! 
 Spider-Man by Julian Beever


 Batman and Robin by Julian Beever


 Batman & Robin

 Kingdome Come Superman by Chalkmaster Dave

Graffiti/wall paintings

Now let's move on to the superhero graffiti/wall paintings out there. I just made a small selection because there's so many amazing graffiti artists out there!

Road/traffic signs

And of course everyone likes to see funny road signs so i can't miss those!


And of course random posters you find hanging somewhere on a random place. You just have to be lucky enough to come across one!

Crime scenes

Crime scenes? that's art? Why yes it is! I'll admit, it's a little creepy but it's also very creative. How would the police in real life handle a crime scene where a superhero just died? Created by Don Lucho.


Now this a pretty fun statue! It's a statue in Bulgaria that has been transformed from a Soviet-Era statue to a statue filled with American icons like Superman, The Joker but also with characters like Ronald McDonald! It's made by an unknown artist. 
 Original statue


And some random street art to finish!


These are just a small selection of the beautiful street art out there so I encourage you to look for me! And you're more than welcome to post it here if you find it for other to enjoy! ^_^

Astonishing X-Men #44: Storm and Cyclops?!



Despite the status quo of mutantkind being shaken to its core in X-MEN: SCHISM and the upcoming Regenesis, writer Greg Pak and artist Mike McKone aim to take ASTONISHING X-MEN back to basics.

Beginning with November’s ASTONISHING X-MEN #44, Pak and McKone unite to tell a story where Storm needs help from her longtime teammate, Cyclops. What can a weather-controlling mutant who rules an entire nation need from Scott Summers? This team-up promises to feature not just all-out action, but possibly a surprising romance.

Although Pak might be best known for his work on The Hulk, he’s ventured into the mutant of the Marvel Universe on numerous occasions with limited series focused on Magneto as well as the Phoenix Force. But his run on ASTONISHING X-MEN puts him at the heart of things, dealing with X-Men’s biggest players. You’ve worked on the X-Men before Greg, but never at this scale. What do you have planned for ASTONISHING X-MEN to live up to the name?

Greg Pak: While reading and re-reading X-Men stories from various eras while prepping for this project, I came to a shocking realization: No other characters in comics have a better shot at making this grown man cry. There's just something about the way they relate to each other that kills me every time. And I think that emotional resonance is a huge part of how Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's ASTONISHING X-MEN dazzled me and you and everyone else in the planet. We were astonished not just by that absolutely gorgeous Cassaday art and the snappy dialogue, but because every brilliant quip was based on deeply compelling and suspenseful conflict between characters we love.

So with this new storyline, we're striving to blow minds with Mike McKone's incredible art and a wild scenario with big ideas and shocking implications for the X-Universe. But most importantly, I'm shooting for an emotional story that remains entirely true to the characters while exploring their relationships in ways we've never seen with repercussions we never imagined. Storm’s stood on her own for years as leader of the X-Men and the Morlocks, and most recently as Queen of Wakanda. What’s the special mission that she needs Cyclops’ help for?

Greg Pak: Storm doesn't really need anyone, does she? She's monumentally powerful, both in terms of sheer firepower and strength of character. But as our story begins, she's facing a challenge that only Cyclops can help her overcome. And it absolutely tears her apart—but not for the reasons you might think. There's a huge question at the core of this book about what it means to be a hero, and the answers will draw Ororo and Cyclops closer together than they've ever been. We heard about a kiss shared between Ororo and Scott. Out of all the love triangles in X-Men history, I don’t think they’ve ever locked lips—what’s going on?

Greg Pak: After Xavier, the X-Men's two greatest leaders are Scott and Ororo. They've borne responsibilities few others can conceive. And just those experiences alone should provide them [with] reasons to bond. But maybe they've just never had a moment to consider it; each has always seemed to be wrapped up in a wild romance with someone else. The current Scott/Emma and Storm/T'Challa relationships are amongst the most passionate in the Marvel Universe. So yes, what the heck is going on? I'll just say that everything that's happening is utterly inconceivable, but completely real, completely in character, and completely in continuity. In addition to Storm and Cyclops, who else plays a part in this book?

Greg Pak: The events of X-MEN: SCHISM will create an entirely new dynamic for the X-Universe. I'll just say that the ASTONISHING X-MEN book may be the only place you'll see certain heroes talking face-to-face.

Oh, and, Wolverine. I said it! So this book plays into what’s coming with the finale of X-MEN SCHISM?

Greg Pak: The book opens in the aftermath of X-MEN: SCHISM. New readers have no fear; you don't have to have read anything to jump on board. But if you've been compelled by X-MEN: SCHISM, this is a great place to follow some of its repercussions. You mentioned your collaborator on this, artist Mike McKone who’s hot off a run on AVENGERS ACADEMY. What do you hope for out of your work together?

Greg Pak: I am so ridiculously happy to be working with Mike on this book. He's tearing it up with his trademark clean lines, dynamic action, and phenomenal character work. And he's cranking up the sexy like nobody's business. Just look at that cover.


Facebook is turning young people into narcissists?

If you ask the experts, Facebook and its social networking peers are turning our youth into narcissistic oafs. Dr. Larry D. Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University Dominguez Hills, has published a study exploring the impact of social networks on kids. As you might imagine, it’s a huge downer.

According to, Rosen presented his paper at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference, where he detailed the following adverse effects of Facebook:

  • Teens who use Facebook show narcissistic tendencies more often than non-users, while young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behavior, mania, and aggressive tendencies.
  • Daily overuse of media and technology has a negative effect on the health of children, preteens, and teenagers by making them more prone to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders, as well as future health problems.
  • Facebook can be distracting and can negatively impact learning. Studies found that middle school, high school, and college students who checked Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period achieved lower grades.
Fear not, parents—it’s not all bad news. Young adults who spend more time on Facebook show more “virtual empathy” toward their online friends. Social networking can also help an introverted kid come out of his or her shell, so to speak. And finally, social networking can provide tools for teaching. 


Henry Cavill sporting his Superman hair!

Some pictures of Henry Cavill walking around on Comic Con as Clark Kent with his super hair! Looks a little puffy to me but of course he just did this for fun. So don't mistake it as his final look in the Superman movie =)

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