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I personally like a leaner, acrobatic Batman, but he should still be big enough to look like he can and will break you into pieces.  The problem I have with the overly bulky renditions of Batman is that I can't really imagine hulking brutes agilely flipping over enemies and leaping off rooftops.  That's just me, though. 
I agree that his costume should be of a thick, armored fabric with visible seams and piping, though not necessarily armor plating like what The Dark Knight movie costume has or the new Jim Lee redesign appears to have.   It has to be thick enough to protect him, but light enough to not restrict movement because, again, he needs be able to flip around like a gymnast.  As for the coloring, I prefer the gray and black scheme, as the black makes more sense in order to blend in with the shadows.  I'm fine with either the yellow oval emblem or the standard black bat, though I have to admit that I thought the glowing oval on the "Batman, Inc." was pretty neat and am slightly disappointed that it didn't get carried over into the redesign.  Also, I've always been fine with the trunks. 
I'm excited for Capullo's take on Batman, and I'll be picking up that series when September rolls around.  However, while I like how he draws Batman (even if he is leaning toward the bulky side), I'm a little more apprehensive toward his takes on some of the other characters.  His Joker looks a little weird to me, and I think that question mark mohawk on The Riddler looks pretty stupid.  I'm a big fan of the John Glover suit-and-bowler version of The Riddler from The Animated Series, so I tend to prefer a more sophisticated version of that character.  Capullo still seems to have retained that "edgy," 90s Image style from his Spawn days, and while I'm personally not a big fan of that style of comic book artwork, I'm still looking forward to reading Snyder and Capullo's new series. 

  Seriously, that mohawk is just so dopey!
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@Dernman said:
Wait I thought they said they were not going to use Deathstroke's children. Does this mean Rose isn't his kid anymore?
What I want to know is how many eyes she has.
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@tbpinkfloyd: Actually, it's not that bad.  The plastic bubble is that big because the Hall of Justice set pieces are housed right behind the figure.  They're also not very thick, so that's actually a pretty reasonable size.
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Newsarama just posted an exclusive look at Superboy #3, which reveals one of the new book's supporting characters.  
Art by R.B. SILVA and ROB LEAN
On sale NOVEMBER 9 * 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
When N.O.W.H.E.R.E. assigned Superboy to put down an alien prison riot, they couldn't have suspected his powers would bring the entire prison down on top of him. Inside the wreckage, he'll find a mysterious - and gorgeous - alien who could help him escape... but does she want to? Meanwhile, Superboy's handler, Rose Wilson, is about to discover that she is connected to the origin of her "assignment" in a way she never imagined!
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@U R Sofa King We Todd Did: These scans are from Nightwing Annual #2 (2007).  Marc Andreyko and Joe Bennet. 
As for Dick and Barbara being in a relationship, I'm completely fine with that.  But then again, I'm also completely fine with Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane and most of the relationships that are apparently make the characters "old," "unrelatable," and "boring."

Batman and Catwoman?  Yeah, sure, I'm totally for that. 
Superboy and Wonder Girl?  Go for it. 
Tim Drake and Spoiler?  Bring that back. 
Batman and Wonder Woman?  If he's not going to date Catwoman, then by all means; the Justice League animated series convinced me that they have a pretty awesome chemistry.  
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I was expecting an outfit that screamed "Catwoman" a little more (like a Cooke-styled cat-eared bonnet), and this isn't necessarily it, but I'll be damned if Anne Hathaway doesn't look amazing in it.  I agree with disposablepal and the others who said this (if there are any others), though; although she doesn't have cat ears or anything, the shape of the goggles makes this outfit look like a modern version of the costume that Julie Newmar wore in the 60s Batman TV show (when she had the mask, at least).  But like other people said, since this image was labeled as "Selina Kyle," for all we know, she might eventually show up in an outfit that is more explicitly "Catwoman."

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@Morgaine_de_Bourbon: E-mail Sara about this right now!  Because she's inevitably going to write about it and this thread's going to be closed because:
@Babs said: 
Unfortunately, news page trumps the forums. Next time just email us with a heads up about the big news, and we will credit you in the article. :) 
Regarding Anne Hathaway's Catwoman outfit, I'm kind of missing the cat-eared bonnet that she wears in the comics, but still.  That's mighty sexy.
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Muted colors?  Flashy effects?  Yup.  This is a Zack Snyder movie. 
That's not to say this doesn't look pretty awesome.  On the contrary, actually.  Though the lack of the spit-curl in his hair is slightly disheartening, the suit itself is quite nice.  I'm really liking the larger, more old-fashioned emblem on his chest; the shape of the S is giving off a Golden Age or Earth-2 vibe.   
And the inclusion of the cartoonishly large vault door bent all to high heavens really reminds me of the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons, which is a huge plus for me. 

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Bring back Hayley Atwell, lighten her hair a little bit (I'm not sure if she'd look as great as a straight-up blonde, but maybe a dirty blond would look nice on her), give her an American accent and suit her up as Sharon Carter.  Would that be weird?  Probably, but if you think about it, the entire Steve Rogers/Sharon Carter relationship is based on the completely awkward situation that she looks pretty much exactly like her aunt.   

I also personally would like Bucky's return as The Winter Soldier in a sequel.  I don't think he is large-scale enough of an adversary to carry a film, so he could probably be an enforcer for a larger villain who switches sides midway through the film.

And hell, why not, introduce The Falcon.  Get him in there; his friendship with Cap has always been pretty good, not to mention that that would probably be the best way to fill the void of minority characters (save for the inevitable, obligatory, Sam Jackson Nick Fury cameo).

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I think it's okay, and I think that once I get to see it in the actual interior artwork instead of just covers and Jim Lee promo images, it'll start growing on me a lot more.  However, certain aspects of the style of the costume redesigns are rubbing me the wrong way.  I'm all for functional costumes, and I often like when costumes are drawn to look more like cloth and armor that is worn instead of just a second skin, but drawing more lines doesn't necessarily mean that it'll look better.  I mean, look at this guy: 

Look how many lines are on that Iron Man suit.  EXTREME, right?  In a bunch of ways, a lot of these new redesigns just remind me a lot of when creators back in the 90s were introducing ways to make your favorite superheroes look "edgy" and "hip" and "NOW."  Part of me is surprised the DC redesigns didn't incorporate an excessive amount of pouches and pockets.
And in some cases, it doesn't exactly even make sense.  It looks as if, when they were "redesigning" Hal Jordan's costume, they said, "I don't know... give him shoulder pads?"  And then later, they just figured that Kyle, Guy and John's outfits were completely fine without more armored accents to them.  It's just weird. 
I like a bunch of the redesigned costumes.  I think the Superboy costume (at least the one he's wearing in his solo series) and those of the rest of the Superman family are more or less okay, though I think they have more selling to do on that whole "Kryptonian ceremonial armor" thing, which I also think is a bit lacking in the color yellow.  And I think that Wonder Woman and Green Arrow's costumes are pretty cool as well.  But at the same time, I was also just beginning to really get used to Batman's new costume, which was already armored up enough (and I did really enjoy that glowing yellow bat emblem), so I have no idea why they felt the need to change it again.
But then again, Spider-Man can apparently have 3-4 new costumes in a matter of a couple months, so what the hell do I know.