The Avengers and extended versions or Justice League Unlimited

This debate has been ongoing for many years ago, I know because participated a few of my own, we didn't have blogs, face to face with honorable collectors and readers of comics, like myself. Anyway, presently Marvel Now and DC New 52 have both reboot their classics and mainstays, muck up the works some more, and still cannot seem to get it right. I want to get every ones take young and old generations, this day and age which publishers team of characters are the best and worthy for Hall of Fame status. I will make a short roster starting with Founding members and adding a core of characters.

Justice League

Super Man

Bat Man

Wonder Woman

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)


Green Arrow

Captain Atom or Atom

Hawk Girl

Martian Man hunter


Black Canary

A real colorful bunch with power, speed, consciousness, and some beauty might add, can take n the toughest threats on Earth or beyond.


Captain America


Iron Man



Ms. Marvel


Hawk eye

Mocking Bird or Black Widow

A super hero team should comprises of elements of power strength, speed, stealth, and some comic relief to take the edges off dire situations and fight evil no single hero can withstand.

My honest opinion both teams have done quite well and are indeed worthy of a Hall of Fame, in regards they have faced many challenges, overwhelming odds, and have triumph, even Pyrrhic victories. But here is where the J.L. has more than advantage, they can interchange a formidable roster of characters that actually make sense to any mission without calling abroad elsewhere. The Avengers send out a call for assemble, their roster is not impressive and reservists are few, and their membership does not match World or Galactic theaters.

If Crisis on Infinite Earths happened in Marvel Now it would fail. Likewise, the Justice League could handle any major event Marvel thrown and wipe it out!

I will give 10 x 10 points to Marvel for our villains: Loki, Thanos, Galactus, etc. DC does not have such a formidable gallery that calling for all heroes, (except Doomsday).

What I would like Marvel to do is go back to making common sense and use their characters in the proper way.Cosmic threats need cosmic responses not street-level or non-suitable for the mission. For instance, Galactus comes to Earth or the Kree, you assemble the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, and damn well call Ms. Marvel or even Quasar to take on Kree Military! Secret Wars perhaps the best assembly of heroes/villains had ever put together for a purpose. Not since have fallen short.

DC in regards to facing dangers and overcome has done a great job, though mucked up continuity of core characters and present day; they attempt to return to its roots not pull up the proverbial tree!

In conclusion, both teams can take elements from each of their respectful publishers and do much better, give us the fans what we want and we adore. A team of favorite characters working together to banishing evil where ever and not a band that misfit...

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My open reviews

Okay I have done my own reviews to Marvel Now and the characters I love near and dear to my heart, my take on what should have been or have not been done. First, Avengers this new team with Captain America and Thor, I am fine with these two mainstays, but the other characters on the roster well.. Captain Universe so obscure do we need another character that has the military rank Captain? I mean really? With all the cosmic characters: Ms Marvel, Nova, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. Marvel couldn't refresh and had to create a body-hopping power one! Hell why not bring back Proteus as the villain, good concept back then (I was in my early 20s), but a superhero who could be you, it is not solid and permanent I guess what am looking for. Why can they bring back Photon, yes call her Photon? Here comes Limbo, switch Captain Universe there, and refresh a once fan favorite from the nineties. Hyperion, with Thor on the team do we need him? Not much for Super Man rip off of any kind. Smasher? okay, Gladiator, nope! Do not Earthbound the Shi'ar and make them temporary. Spider Man and Spider Woman, pick one already, damn! Should had teamed them up years ago back in the eighties! Noooo! end up made versions and clones and mucked up! Why not Spider Woman active member and return to Spidey being solo, his own rogues gallery, and he can team up with the Avengers when the need comes, then be on his web-swinging way. Wolverine I prefer him an X-Men return him there! As for Havoc there is vacancy at X-Force make him second-in-command. I do not mind the bigger team just make it better with the charter, why is not Wasp on the roster? But then you have Spider Woman who can fire bio-electricity too, can't shrink? So another muck up from what Marvel Now should be about bringing new beginnings to classics, fumbling. Again this is my 46 years old opinion of reading and once collector of comics. Secret Avengers I like the concept and team and this could be the foundation to a new SHIELD organization. Just do not muck it up by destroying it, again!

X-Men, if you do this past meet the future scenario I am going to get upset! First off, return Storm as Cyclops right hand, return original Jean Grey as his conscious, resurrect Professor X as his guide to revolution, (Magneto undermine) Charles to working together. I miss Rogue, Gambit, original Beast (stop the damn changing mutations!), Psylocke and Emma Frost, make three teams and place a telepath on each if you must or keep one reservist to call upon. But you do not need three or more on the X-Men team! Rid some of the X-titles and streamline, (Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, and New X-Men) all you need to introduce mutants, fight the good fight against evil threats in a changing world. Comics are about escapism and what if existence not reality. X-Force Cable's version enough said! Last point, Please keep Wolverine the best at what he does, other than Saber tooth I do not want to see X-23 or clone-like characters with healing factors and Adamantium claws, bones, skin, no more! Return his uniqueness, one -of- a- kind. That is why you created Lady Death strike the female version of him? And you can do something with Bishop in his own time or present travels but enough keep him out of comic Limbo!

Spider Man, well he finally grew up but keep his wise-mouth jokes to unnerve his enemies, that what made him overcome is his wit. In closing, will someone take the reins over Dare Devil an Moon Knight, the former needs a formidable gallery of rogues that include Bullseye (not a female version), and criminals. No Stilt Man kill him! The latter need much more grit like unto Bat Man, why can't Marvel get him right? When Moon Knight first started in the 80s he was a great B-list character and favorite. Refresh him from the failing list, go back to the origin and start from scratch. Never mind he muck up of years past, recreate him and attempt to give Bat Man a run for the money and fame.

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Work with me...

I have some ideas for Marvel Now writers to think about and not muck it up, as they have done in the previous period. 1st the Phoenix Force resurrects Professor X and grants him new life and new begging seeing his dream has been fulfilled. A dark splinter of the Phoenix Force resurrects The Shadow King make him immensely threat not just to coexistence of Humans and Mutants but all life existence in the Universe.

The Avengers go cosmic threats that no single Earth superhero can withstand, (Hint: Silver Surfer an Avenger, Quasar rebirth, Nova, and new Captain Marvel, stem cell clone and Supreme Intelligence download memories).

Fantastic Four bring it back classic and not killing off nor separating family/team. U-Foes and Red Ghost (Hint: Super Apes must go, transfer their powers into artificial lifeforms)? As chief rivals, which include Negative Zone's version of a new Frightful Four and enemies.

Spider Man remarries, have a child with Mary Jane, and brings Spider Girl into the Mainstream Time on Young Avengers team. Get rid of duplicates (such as Thor Girl, Kate Bishop, Hulkling, etc). New Warriors was good concept to the Avengers but got mucked up by writers and stupid stories. Take notes from the Young Justice and Teen Titans over at DC success. Here is my New Young Avengers: Winter Soldier, Spider Girl, Namorita, new Captain Marvel earning rank and mantle; Omega Sentinel, (create a speedster rival the Flash), recreate Rage as a boy learning to use his powers not adult version.

Lastly, Iron Man needs worthy opponents to his genius and technology, (classic was Brand And Hammer corporations) all new competitor with alien technology that will threaten Earth. Hint: the Avengers...

Comments please let me know what you all think.

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Marvel Now and New 52

As always I am just scanning along the Vine and what do I see? How strong Wonder Woman and her storyline, they could not leave well enough alone? Amazon Princess, came to Men World War II to fight evil Axis; invisible jet, then later self flight; deflect bullets with bracelets, energy, near-indestructible metal; Strength Class cool with it. Why muck it up? Daughter of Zeus and trained by Ares God of War! Stop fixing sh*t that isn't broke!

And Please Disney do not G-Rate my Marvel Characters like you had with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, women have breasts and curves!


Grade for X-Force

Okay so Marvel Now brought back Cable as leader, I am ecstatic! Havoc on the team, if they make the third option to Domino, this is good. Finally doing something with Forge; comment on the Summer Family I do not want a soap opera, I want to see a bad ass, no nonsense, by any means necessary! Colossus? Has never been that warrior, a reluctant fighter and team strong man, but I prefer Warpath as a better fit. Apocalypse can create their opposite number and Mutant threats... Who you gonna call? Do something original and deadly with Psylocke, Feral or Thornn, put Banshee/Siryn back on a X-Team, Grade B+

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What I would do with Marvel Now

Here is what I would rather and like to see of Marvel Now: DD and his own deadly rogue gallery, include Bulls eye, and no lames! I want Moon Knight back without the schizophrenia/psychotic b.s. and his unique terrors of new villains and have them earn their stripes to stardom. Bring back Earth's Mightiest Heroes- The Avengers are: Captain America, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, any new (3) heroes/heroines; and (2) reservists to fill in the roster. But get rid of the spin offs and keep certain characters in certain books as mainstays. Once liked Beast as an Avenger back in the day, but then he was a Defender and just mucked it up. He is an X-Man that is where he belongs as well as Wolverine, and with the previous mucked up (Avengers vs. X-Men) I didn't care for the story nor concept. As for the X-Men titles, Uncanny, X-Men, X-Force, revamp X-Factor and create X-Academy to introduce new and more Mutants without mucking it up. I want to see Alpha Flight return, the original members and not the lames nor baggage of characters. And new, interesting villains not just unique to Canada, a world threat in Dr. Doom class. Would like more premiers of characters from different countries joining the Avengers on certain occasions. This is when you can be creative with Black Panther and make his nation an "urban" jungle of danger and internal threat. Sabra and Silver Sable can also be part of World Initiative. Improve upon SHIELD time for its own book! Doctor Strange as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and only. Return the Fantastic Four and no more killing off main characters please! Not time for and no more death plots! Time for a new Captain Marvel (not Ms. Marvel taking up the mantle nor Genis-vell) but a true Kree and kinworthy of his legacy. And you can pair him up with the Silver Surfer, Quasar, and Nova what should had been done before. So many aliens and villains for not to tell cosmic stories that can become classics. Lastly, delete all the characters have in Limbo and alternate timelines, refresh, or leave deleted permanently.

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What to Do If Moon Knight is mines?

Marc Specter, we all know the origin and no need for me to rehash it here, for several years Marvel writers has done such injustice to this character its travesty. Bushman, there has not been a worthy arch-rival like unto him and failed to give him more formidable ones. Here is my creativity Midnight as a good sidekick,once bad. Frenchie pilot and similar role as (Alfred to Bat Man), not a butler. Arlene confidante/lover/domestic partner and long commitment. Multimillionaire, disguised as cab driver Jake Lockley to gather information. Get rid off his mental illness; no more mention Khonshu nonsense; find him a city he can be defender of the night, other words out of New York. Make him very grim like unto Civil War period, no carving marks on perpetrators; and introduce formidable opponents: revised Jester, do not turn him into Joker but dangerous to toy with; Killer Shrike; Mad Dog; Mad Cap; Mister Hyde;Circus of Crime Speed Freak; I would create a new and improved Zodiac; and place Moon Knight in Chicago or Los Angles.

My point Moon Knight should be not equal but surpassing Bat Man, even though created late, and same as when the Shadow lost popularity to Bat Man. I do not understand when Moon Knight first appeared in the 80s, very popular now obscured. High time to knock the dust off and rise him from the ashes, as a dark character give the DC versions a run for what they worth...

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