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Turtle Tunneler
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@ILuvMsMarvel said:

" They keep trying to bring back the Turtles, and the keep failing. "

They had a succesful cartoon in 2003 which was also a hit with critics and fans of the original comics. Lasted seven seasons and a DTV movie. I'd argue that isn't a failure. 
@william knowles said:

is it another 3d animated movie, or a jim henson movie?   

The sneak peak here is for a computer animated saturday morning cartoon series. There is a movie in the works that will be live action. Sadly Henson would never touch the turtles for it's supposed violence but they will have men in suits with cgi to animate the lip and eye movement as well as anything else that needs it.

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The animation here is simplistic because it's a rough. They've only just completed an animatic of the pilot so we haven't even got a full episode animated yet.
It's been hinted at by someone working on the show that each turtle will have a secondary weapon in addition to their signiture one. If you look closely you can see Mike and Don's regular weapons.

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They've not changed the weapons. The turtles will all have their signiture weapons but apparently they will also have a  secondary weapon. It's not unheard of for the turtles to use other weapons since they're supposed to be trained in multiple weapons.   And while Don and Mike may be the least violent and likely to kill but they're still willing to.

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Some users at found this. It's also been confirmed that Jason Biggs of American Pie fame will be voicing Leonardo.
Bare in mind this is undoubtedly a rough version for the show that will air in 2012 and it's been hinted that each turtle will have a secondary weapon in addition to their signiture ones.
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 Confirmed to be the real deal.  Of course this will be rendered in cgi in the new cartoon.
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Not only do I personaly acknowledge it but it's pretty much common knowledge. I'd assume that anyone with interest in the original TMNT would be aware that the origin is based on Daredevil.
While it has some slight parody aspects at first it's more an homage. Not just to Frank Miller's intial DD run but of his Silver Age origin too. The blind guy that the TCRI truck swerves to avoid is supposed to be Matt Murdoch. There's also a lot of other elements drawn from comics that were popular at the time.  Fantastic Four, Kirby's Fourth World stuff, the other indie anthropomorphic animal books like Usagi, Cerebus etc

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I know there's one or two people here that follow(ed) the tmnt comics that came from Mirage but I didn't see this posted so incase you missed it or anyone else is interested. The issue that Peter Laird was nearly finished with before the sale he decided shouldn't go to waste so put the whole thing on his blog. Seeing as I couldn't see it posted here I thought I'd link to it.

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So back when the turtles were licensed to Image Frank Fosco did this five page TMNT vs Spawn story to showcase to Erik Larsen what he could do with the TMNT comic. Of course he got the gig and he was the penciler for TMNT v3. Years later Frank started selling off some of his turtle art including some of the rough pencils for this story. TMNT fan Andrew who bought them thought it'd be great to bring the story to life and with Frank script and some other fans help colour and letter the story we finaly have TMNT vs Spawn.

Original posting of this >>> Link
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I know there's not many here who read the comics but I'm shocked no one thought of this.
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