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@shawn87 said:

They need to kill off Ming-Na Wen's character. She ruins this show.

I like Mae. She adds a dynamic to the show none of the other characters have.

My question is, how does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. even go on with S.H.I.E.L.D. being put out of the picture Captain America?

SHIELD isn't's just gonna have a civil war or sorts. The Triskelion was just one base of operations. They still have the HUB, the Sandbox, the school/schools. One part was decimated, the word of Hydra is out, so there will be a battle and a purge of the bad stuff. SHIELD is battered, bruised, but will heal.

So it's not enough Marvel makes a lot of freakin tie ins in the comics, now you can't even watch a stupid episdoe without watching a movie before hand...oh well I dropped the show after episode 3 anyway.

What are you complaining about? you don't watch the show, but you're worried that you must watch the movie before? Marvel uses Tie-ins? shoot, that's never happened. Just watch the movie and watch the show or don't.

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My wife made a review as well for it.

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It's like an "Okay" episode because we're just on the build to the season finale. If you want action packed every's probably better just to dvr the last few episodes and watch it marathon style...which isn't such a bad idea if the internet didn't exist, lol

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am I the only fan of Andrea? probably yes, lol. She's gonna rack up a ton of headshots eventually.

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Has anyone mentioned the awesome imagery of Lori in front of 3 crosses?

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@John Valentine: I understand the exact tool, but the impact and importance of the headshot is important. It happened at a moment when it was completely unexpected that someone would just get killed.

I'll still call it the Abraham Death, insofar as it's an unexpected, seemingly unnecessary kill.

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Axel getting the Abraham death was cool.

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@BryanEllison: Rick losing it was a big part in the comics. It's interesting in the show because of the timing. He loses it in the comics, but not at this point.

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@markslurpee: I am, Talon vs Batman would be awesome, even if it's just a one issue in an annual or something that simple.

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