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The premature end to a memorable era. 0

And here we have it. The final issue to such an underestimated but epic run and along with that, the final thank yous. Thank you Brian Wood and thank you David Lopez. It has been an amazing ride.From the start of Brian Wood's run we were hit with the concept of Proto-Mutants. An analogy that they were an altogether different species like Neanderthals were from we humans, was highlighted each and every single time the concept was brought up. Now, at first, it wasn't exactly an idea that had such ...

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"Scott Summers, i love you." 0

Thank you so much, Brian Wood, David Lopez, Roland Boschi and Dan Brown for making this the must read of the week.And, finishing off with that, we follow up from last issue's little fall out and Psylocke stumbling upon the new "host" of the Proto-Mutant sample. The leader of the Heavenly Path. Action packed issue that this title has missed out on severely since Wood's arrival.Not sure where to start, really, this issue had so much going on it was just about overwhelming, in a good way. Let's sta...

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It's a dark, dark world. 0

Once again, it's another week and another issue of Adjectiveless X-Men written by the wonderful Brian Wood and illustrated by the splendid David Lopez, though, this time Roland Boschi took the art duties, and although he doesn't quite match up to Lopez, he did an extremely good job.First couple of pages see the sample being passed about between dealers until it reaches some sort of cult...freaky much ?Following from Blank Generation, we're greeted by Scott telling Storm off for not letting him k...

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Generation lost. 0

Once again, thank you to Brian Wood, David Lopez as well as the rest of the team for making this series a sucess from start to finish. This arc was enough, the fact that there's still more to come overwhelms me with joy.Following up from last issue's startling revelation from Psylocke, the team sets off to pursue David Michael Gray. This issue, as i described it a while ago, was an emotional rollercoaster, i'd say more for Psylocke and Colossus as the matter was more close to them than to the ot...

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It's X-Treme, baby. 0

First off, big thanks to Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia for making this a great first issue.So, as had been mentioned a couple months earlier, a new X-Series was put into the works with the title of "X-Treme X-Men". Now, most of us thought that it had to be a continuation of the incomparable former series which was under the pen of Chris Claremont, that followed the adventures of Storm, Rogue and a couple other X-Men on globe-trotting adventures, we were wrong.It was later confirmed that this was ...

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Now, if you're familiar with my reviews you'll expect the usual OP of thanks. Thank you Brian Wood and David Lopez for making this book a dynamite in only three issues, every single panel and page has been a blast, with the up-cming Marvel NOW! regime coming, it is unclear as to whether this book and it's creative team wil still be around, but i'm enjoying every moment until then, like the title clearly states, this issue was A-MAY-ZING.Issue starts off with Storm buying Psylocke some precious t...

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Absolutely speechless. 0

So, like, we're now in the second part of Brian Wood + David Lopez's arc of Blank Generation. Another big thank you to both them, why ? Because, true believers, they have done it again.And, we carry on from last issue's shocking finale of Security Recon facing off against a Cthulu look-alike, it's big, really big ! The team's in a bit of a tricky situation and Colossus is knee deep with trying to keep the monster under-wraps, Psylocke, while trying to get into the monster's mind, uncovers someth...

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This is the book you NEED to get ! 0

First off, i want to say a BIG thank you to Brian Wood and David Lopez for everything that they have accomplished in this issue, I'm not even stretching it, the men have done a fantastic job with picking the majority of things up where Gischler left off. X-Fans, as said in the title of the review, this is the book you NEED to get !So, the issue starts off with a flashback of some big-shot walking towards a black-plague grave site while on the phone to one of his colleagues, this colleague then t...

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Not That Impressed. 0

So, like, the clock is ticking for Gischlers sad departure from X-Men AKA Security Recon, well, i guess all good things gotta come to an end, right ? The issue itself starts off with New X-Man-turned-Light-turned-Fully fledged X-Man, Pixie staring up at the famous Baxter Building. Now, I'm not exactly a fan of Pixie, in fact, i strongly dislike the character, but Gischler made me renew my love for good ole' Jubilation, so, making me like Megan wasn't that much of a mission.Security Recon #28 Up...

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Bittersweet goodbye's 0

And now true believers, it is the final part in Gischlers 'Open Contract' arc for Jubilee and the Security Recon Team, a lot happened in this issue but I'll go into detail with later on, first ? Let's get a low down on the main bits and bobs. So, following from #26's mishap, Psylocke and Storm excluding a severely injured Raizo are down, while Jubilee faces off against a very intriguing new character, Lord Deathstrike. Meanwhile, the rest of the Security Team and The Forgiven finish up with thei...

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Gischler Still Has A Long Way To Go 0

So it's the third and almost, final part to like the third Vampire based story-arc the X-Men have ever witnessed, nothing exactly special about this one and to be honest, there wasn't anything exactly special about Curse Of The Mutants, we only got two Vampires out of that and only one of them can call themself a Vamp' till today, still, granted Victor Gischler isn't exactly one of the best writer's the X-Franchise has ever had, he's managed to impress me quite some bit since the Regenesis movem...

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