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Me thinks the Blue and Gold Team are coming back in the new and improved Astonishing X-Men with both Storm and Cyclops leading different team but for some reason in the same x-book

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I love the characterization of all the character's as well as the fact that Marvel brought Rolo fans dreams come true

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@Aiden Cross said:
" Wow.. mystique looks rather.... horrible on that picture >_> "
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@Zoom said:
" @Ransack said:
"Photon lol "
Pretty much, since the only reason marvel put them together was because she was the most popular black heroine Marvel had.  If Storm kicked the bucket, that title would default to Photon, who would be revealed to have had a childhood romance with Black Panther and the two would be married posthaste. "
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@SC said:
" @CATPANEXE:  Awesome lol, thanks!  

This is my X-Girl that I dressed up. Crimson X. She is the female clone of the son of Storm and Gambit, she was sent into the future at age 2, by a very annoyed and angry Black Panther. She grew up there off panel, until she reached the age of 16, and then she returned to the modern day where she was "recruited" aka mind slaved by Hope Summers. She has died four times, but been resurrected 6 times, a pretty standard average for an X-Man. When she was 17 Angel rescued her from Mojo who had replaced her eyes with cameras. Crimson X was so grateful to Angel that she thanked him very visibly. In front of everyone. In the air. Like you know, he was flying, and her parents where there and well yeah. She thanked him. Then he thanked her! In front of everyone, including her parents! Then she was taking over by Malice for a few months, then it was revealed that Bishop may have been her grandfather! After a fight with a new villain she loses one arm and one leg. Much to the chagrin of Hellion and Karma, the X-Club genetically grow her replacement limbs that look just like hers! Then its revealed she was actually Copycat the whole time. The real Crimson X was actually on the Skrull Home Planet fighting for her life. Then she got eaten by Galactus.  "
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@Cosmic_Falcon: Yeah i did claim that they could because of what i READ on their wiki pages, you give out good advice but i don't think your using it, obviously you know nothing about Storm which makes you think she doesn't even have " Faster then Average" thinking or reaction time which if you knew her well enough would be complete BS to you but unfortunately you're too much of a hard headed troll to understand even that am i right?,so you stopped taking me seriously when I decided to become a troll? aren't you the person that said they don't read wiki pages? how can you argue against another character if the only knowledge your going to take in would be from the scans that are shown? and the scans that ARE shown are considered mediocre to you, sorry but you have no right to call anybody a troll after whats just been shown by you, and i ask again, How stupid are you?
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@Outside_85: LOL, Ummmm i didn't think you would ask........would this be one?
 The boxes here are mainly true

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@Outside_85: True and those would be the ones that most people would find true