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@aussiebushwacker: How?
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@John Valentine: Well the only times that i thought Astonishing hit continuity full one was when; kitty found Peter, Kitty "died", Forge "died" and lets not forget Storm rejoining the X-Men through Astonishing (for some reason) other then that the whole Exogenetic thing was a bit rushed for me and i didn't really see the significance of it, im starting to think now that Astonishing is just a title for ongoing Story arcs with no home-age to the title itself but im hoping as the team is splitting into two and with Kitty and Pete rejoining we'll see a little bit more "continuity" in it's pages, i like Storm's role too in adjective-less and yeah you're right her having full leader ship of a whole team isn't something that should happen so quickly im guessing that's why she wasn't even mentioned in this schism
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@TheThe: She would call "Scott!" :)
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Btw i hope it's No Girl :D

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@Iron_Lad: Too true, when Utopia was first introduced Marvel made it seem like a big safe haven for all the remaining mutants in the world to come in to and see it as a make-shift "paradise" but it's not, apparently there were some other mutants like LifeGuard and Thunder Bird (Neal shaara) that were supposed to come to Utopia sometime soon but up till today that havent come yet and it's seriously upsetting, im guessing that's just because up till today Utopia isn't as popular as it was made out to be and is basically just a rock where the rest of the X-Men and a fraction of the mutant population are staying on, we so need the X-Mansion back
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@Iron_Lad said:
" Sounds like they're restructuring the X-rosters again. That's fine by me. I just hope they blow up Utopia, because I'm sick of that place. They need to move back into the X-mansion. "
Im so glad im not the only one who feels like that, IMO? Utopia was just another object used to create another pointless Story Arc.
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@John Valentine: Funny i always wanted Marvel to bring the X-Treme X-Men back and when i found out that Storm was leading (or doing what ever she is with) a team in the new and improved Astonishing X-Men series i was pretty psyched even though that team didnt solely own the series, for some reason Marvel decided to share it with CYCLOPS and WOLVERINE on HIS team, which is something i find a little ironic as this whole schism thing is about Cyclops and Wolverine fighting for leader ship why would Wolverine still be in Astonishing's picture? unless this has something to do with it not being in accurate continuity with everything else or it's to keep up the father daughter relationship with Armour going, and well i kind of agree with you mentioning Storm isn't as important as she used to be but still she's making more appearances then i can say she was like 2 or 3 years ago and she's even currently doing "something" in the new adjective less X-Men series which is again "something", and don't think im that much of a "fan-boy" that i could mistake this Schism for the X-Treme X-Men version which wasn't IMO a rubbish arc, i liked it :D.
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Storm, even when she had her back towards him she was still able to dodge 3 Optic blasts from him, it would be a whole different story for Cyclops if she were to fight him face to face