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@Outside_85: He can do that? Oh....
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@Storm Calling: It's alright :D i try not to let things like that get too deep but thanks lol.
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@bag_o_x_men: Yeah we are done, another ignorant idiot
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@erik: Well it doesn't say anything about her powers granting her complete immunity against psionic energy on her wiki page and that's something vital that should be added if it was true so please "elaborate"
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@bag_o_x_men: Whale from the outside would be even worse, as a falcon BB could easily change speeds and change into a whale too but Wolverines got keen reaction senses too and would react from the moment BB turned into a whale and go into berserker mode and gut it causing severe harm to BB leaving him once again out of the fight, and i think your forgetting that Wolverine has a superb healing factor on his side while BB doesn't, BB could pummel Wolverine all he wanted but with the internal bleeding draining him out i don't think he would last long do you?Sorry but i'm sure that BB doesn't have an answer for everything that Storm can do, her power set is too diverse for him to handle, would he be able to protect himself from an EMP? or an EMW? (a variation of EMP) i don't think so and say Storm really did turn the temperature to sub zero levels and left it that way BB could turn into something resistant to THAT particular form of weather but don't forget she's an excellent multitasker and could use something else like summon a powerful bolt of lightning while the sub zero ice storm is going on leaving BB defenseless and for the record? she can harm him with everything that she's got for everything he can turn into, im not going to even debate that human reaction time thing as it's already being debated and i would know doubt win it because human reaction time for Storm is a complete understatement, her powers only take thought.
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@erik: Explain
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@erik: ?
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@Outside_85: Yeah but has it been shown or stated that he can turn into a "single-celled animal"?
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@bag_o_x_men said:
" @velle37:  Garth is pure blooded Atlantean, that automatically means his speed is superior to a human.  Atlanteans are physically superior in every way. Vandal Savage is freaking powerful.  A loss to him is no shame. When he was human Black Manta had a suit that allowed him to engage Atlanteans, and at the time Aquaman was weaker than he is now.  Ocean Master is not really only human, and this is an example of sorcery trumping other powers. Showings with Aquaman and low showings in general are irrelevent. They didn't disarm him because of PIS. Storm is not supersonic.  Officially she is listed around 300 mph.  Supersonic is 716.  Garth isn't restricted to blasts.  He can do area effects.  He displaced the entire Atlantean civilization in time.  What can Storm do against that? Storm has no way of interfering with Garth's hydrokinesis.  She can manipulate water, but not well enough to take control away from someone who does it better than she ever has.Storm has sorcery in her blood, yes, but it does not grant her any resistance or immunity.  It just makes it easier for her to learn it. "
Actually she's been able to go up to "near-super sonic speeds" before and she can manipulate ALL forms of moisture
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@deadpoolvironfist: Betsy would get past her shields any day or she could just mind rape her before she puts up those silly shields of hers