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@Outside_85: True and those would be the ones that most people would find true
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@Outside_85: Some of them are over exxagerated and some of them aren't that's just how it is
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@god_spawn: That's a bit understandable but it's not the first time this has happened on her behalf lol
@Cosmic_Falcon: So the scans that i just posted apparently failed to prove that Storm has decent reaction time.......interesting, also Storm being in a half awake phase reacting to Gambits opening of her bedroom door apparently is not a reaction time feat..........very interesting........and those scans where hyperbole too? i'm done here bye, you've gone past the line of completely ignorant and attempting to get on your level would be a mistake of my count, How stupid are you?
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@Cosmic_Falcon: And yet again the "fan-boy" word has been brought up (please explain to me the definition as that term can be used to tag people for the more DUMBEST of reasons) how ignorant are people becoming these days? "Beast boy has better reaction feats then Storm does" that's why i haven't seen any? if you think what you just said is true then please compare them to the feats I'll provide for you below.
Before this Storms team had been knocked out including Storm herself, she also needed to take Night-crawler out of the scene which should have put her out of action for some time but no (this also shows that she doesn't need clouds for her lightning bolts to appear"

Im pretty sure you can see the distance between Laura and Logan, she should have been able to get to him on-time but no

 Apparently IW and Storm's reaction time are on par with one another yet Storm was able to shoot out her lightning first without the assistance of IW's plan or force field

 Keen senses too, all she had to do was hear the sound of a gun and before the Von Strucker twin knew what was happening the gun was already out of her hands

 Note:Storm was at least 10 years of age and that knife went at "A speed that defies description" call me when you see that Beast Boys reaction time feats get referred to in the same way
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@PhoenixoftheTides said:
" If they jumped her and took her by surprise, Jean could just shut down Kara's brain and then psychoblast her. Also, Jean has a strong psychic rapport with Storm, and it would be easy to loop Ms. Marvel in via mindlink. They could coordinate a plan pretty easily, but their best bet is to have Jean just psychonuke Supergirl to KO her. "
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@Cosmic_Falcon: Well a lot of your statements weren't valid starting from where you said "storm's lightning is too slow" and "storm clouds don't appear out of no where, which are needed to create lightning" and this? LMAO "
Storm's reaction time is no faster then Beast Boy's, he'll turn into a flea or some microscopic organism, fly into her brain, and expand, popping Storm's head like a balloon."
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@Cosmic_Falcon: And from the moment you said BB has faster reaction time than Storm tells me i should have made the same decision
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@Cosmic_Falcon: Ghost-Rider has super speed the same goes for Spider-man, Daredevil on the other hand his body can go to speeds that surpass what a mere human body can do without powers, Wolverine? i don't think i need to go there, all of these people that you have mentioned are physical enhance with speed than Storm in one way or the other so they don't really count, im sure Cyclops light speed statements aren't hyperbole
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@Cosmic_Falcon said:
" @AgeofHurricane said:
" @Cosmic_Falcon: On the contrary you don't even know why i called bag o x-men an idiot so let's not go off topic here seeing as how you don't even know the definition of troll on forums and that word can be used here and there these days.   "
From the looks of it you called him that because he disagreed with you, but you're right, lets NOT go off topic here
@AgeofHurricane said:
  Storm's powers allow her to sense vibrations in the air around her or to feel something moving across the Earth's surface, with the ability for sensing vibrations in the air around her she would no doubt be able to sense that BB was in the area that she was in and would dispose of him quickly (don't have a scan of her sensing something extremely small but it's in her power to do so, neither does it matter how large or small the thing is) and as for that fast reaction time thing? do you have a scan of BB dodging something moving at light speed? "
This is what you need to prove then, that she can sense something microscopic in size in the air, if she can then I'd concede that she could defeat Beast Boy. As for reaction time, BB has never dodged something moving at light speed, but then, neither has Storm and no, Cyclops' blast aren't light speed despite a few ridiculous statements.  "
Please explain
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Well this is a tough one..............