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You've got it, man. Course, i'm not originally accustomed to this sector of the MU, so this was an interesting introductory story and a nice stimulant to set the balling rolling for the rest of Regen.

I could have done with a bit more Carol, but this is off to a compelling start.

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Bendis has been making it out as if Emma would be undergoing an invariable myriad of changes for almost a couple of years now (as in, hitherto Uncanny's actual release and during promotional interviews). It's old and it's probably never gonna happen. Lol.

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Completely. Bendis and Aaron just do not get what makes the X-Men work, and with BOTA, they weren't even trying. It was joke. A flagrant mockery of the franchise and its axiomatic nuances. They were probably also laughing at the fervent fans who unknowingly bought into this cheap charade as well.

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At most, Adam, we can hope (or pray if you're really desperate) for X-Force and ANXF to stand the tests of time and receive due recognition for their contributions.

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It's just...he is such a nice guy, but he needs go. Course, that's not happening for another 5 or 10 years but i a guy can dream...

I would, of course, slow down on the "smartasses like us" note, though. It's a bit condescending and what not. I think it's just that, within life in general, the majority generally gravitates to whatever's being arduously shoved in their faces with no end in sight, despite the absence of veritable precedence and perceptibly quantifiable aesthetics, they'll just go. Doesn't make us smarter, just means we like what we like...a whole bloody lot and aren't as...susceptible? Not to get all philosophical, but unfortunately, in this world, some people live their entire lives sleeping under false pretenses.

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It's your choice. Read a couple more issues into it and if you feel like you're headed somewhere with the title, then go for it, but then if you feel like you're wasting both your time and your money then hop off the cray-train and find something you do like.

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Emma. I think i've had enough fugging Cyclops glorification for one decade as it is. This woman has given so much for him with nothing on her end to show for it. This is Emma all over. Emma when she's finally fed up with Scott's banal s*%@ and says goodbye to both him and Bendis.

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@hawk2916 said:


But instead of being sidetracked in endless debate for no other reason than arguing just for the hell of it, I thought the Academy X new Xmen was one of the better series period and definitely highly ranked as far as the student books go. I know it had a long run but there seemed to be plenty more stories that could have been told and it felt like it ended too soon, at least for me. I really wish we could get it back.


I honestly hope that one day we do. And it should be a title that incorporates the prominent characters of all next-gen-esque X-Men characters, as in those from the New Mutants, the X-Terminators, Gen X and etc.

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@adamtrmm said:

Is it really surprising?


Bendis has made his irrevocable stamp in the X-Office and he's fervently dragging everyone down with him. This is the guy who sets the line-wide mandate and as it stands he has of yet to provide a stable consensus for both sides of the unnecessary Schism debacle, of which, he is still needlessly advocating within his average-at-best stories.

But then, when X-Titles were ranking within the TTs or w.e, didn't we have things like ANXM? Or Uncanny? Or Deadpool and stuff like that? Are those the laudable titles the genuine bread and butter of today's X-Men?

X-Force and All New X-Factor are innovative, character-driven and headed with direction. That's including the solo titles as well. The other X-Titles are not and it is clearly showing.

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What a mess.