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Saw snipets of this. I thought it was hilarious that Xavier, when introducing him to Jean, referred to Cyclops as "Scott "Slim" Summers" hahaha. But yeah, this where it all began...o.o

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@oldnightcrawler: Mm. I think the JRJR era of Claremont's run was one of, if not the most, integral in terms of events/development and i loved it from start to finish.

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  • Bendis and and Aaron are by and large the worst X-Writers to have ever been associated with the franchise. Their works in concert have helped to derail, devalue and degrade the works of progressive innovation that their esteemed predecessors have sought to uphold and if they never come back, it'll be too bloody soon.
  • Gillen's run was boring. It's nice if you wanted a Sinister solo/anthological arc on Sinister et al villains, but that's about it. It's boring and overrated.
  • Cyclops stopped progressing as character when Whedon, in one fell swoop, decided to retrograde the X-verse by having them revert to the traditional approach instead of going for something new. I.e, Cyclops is boring and bland.
  • Whedon's run was highly overrated. A good ode to Claremont's work in that it was characterization heavy, but that's about it.
  • Emma Frost is in her early 50s at best.
  • Colossus is boring.
  • The X-Men are a theatrical mess right now. The only good titles are those that're on the fringe, including the solos while the main titles are either directionless, boring or a plain waste of space.
  • Wolverine's character, after years of being shoved down everyone's throat, is irredeemable. Either keep him in a Claremont/Hama-penned solo after his 1 minute death or be done with it, permanently.
  • Kyle and Yost's run on NXM is highly overrated and the run itself isn't all that special. It's just one big PTSD slasher flick with little kids getting killed or almost getting killed every other arc with poor character development and a limited prospect.
  • The only thing the X-Movies are around for are pretty tumblr image sets for people to go ga ga over. Material itself is pretty crap.
  • The X-Men got real bad real quick after Claremont's final run on Uncanny. Everything after that has been a litany of same same same.
  • The fans are the reason for a lot of the bad that's happening right now.
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@alias99: ...

What is it about Emma's characterization and personal development thus far that you do like?

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Kitty-she is very passionate about her ideologies and she doesnt treat her team as subordinates but as family. She really loves the o5

Rachel- very passionate in her role as a teacher. Daughter of two leaders, it is in her blood to lead. She did well in leading a rebelion against apocalypse

Jubes- she did well in leading the kids against the sentinels, future has it, that she will be leading the x-men

I would like to see iceman, angel or beast lead.

Lol. That's Hisako, mate.

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@hawk2916 said:

I would say Kitty, Dani Moonstar, Cannonball, and Rachel Grey

Realistically speaking, i can't really conceive of either Dani, Sam or Kitty becoming the spiritual descendents of Ororo/Cyclops/Xavier where the current context is concerned. As it were, it'd take a lot of narrative concessions to re-establish Sam's place in the X-World in an organic way, being that he's very much detached himself from its ongoing philosophical debacle and the nauseating belabors, and lol, where tf is Dani atm?

Plus, Kitty's kind of become a fail of a character. She totes thought she was doing herself some prospective good in coddling the O5, but that was the wrong move to make. She's also further alienated herself away from the heart and soul of Xavier's dream by fundamentally being complicit in Scott's silly revolution and as it stands, i don't see her currently trying to instill any of the tautological principles from which she took with her until her death in Astonishing--into the O5. Anytime i see her now, she's either whining, crying or complaining at someone for something stupid. No thanks.

Rachel, most definitely. At the very least, it'd give her something to do and would make for some nice literary interplay for the juxtapositions that would result from her own leadership ideologies and that of her 'father'.

After that, i'd like: Prodigy, Renascence, Armor, Pixie and Anole as the mutants leaders.

Course, we're probs gonna be stuck with Logan and Scott for the next 50 years lol.

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There's no way this isn't going to be a popularity contest; they've all been great leaders and they've all even been the best leader for certain times.


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Lol. This was one of those weird "wth?" scenes.

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Has Corsair's resurrection been explained yet?