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Take Bendis and Latour off their current titles--far, far away from the X-Verse, and then we'll talk. Anytime Bendis gets his mits on a female character with surplus established history, something goes horribly wrong: see Dazzler and her new look, its reason for being and the coming pay-back stories which will most definitely feature Mystique eluding Dazzler's wrath by virtue of...disinterest and lucrative schemes that will definitely work. Emma has done nothing of prospective consequence, it doesn't even seem as if Bendis is interested in her or her story and Rachel has of a yet to feature in the supposed main Yellow team title despite the fact that the recently concluded storyline was/is quite pertinent to her character mythos. Rachel constantly being touted as Scott's daughter should atleast give Bendis some ammunition for interactions between the two, but no. Rachel has been verbally concise and repeatedly bland when under the guy's pen except for in BOTA where she's crying about something irrelevant.

Yet time and again, fans are asking for her to come over to the B-Side as if something's going to change?

...Ha! Let's be real. As long as Bendis is around, nothing remotely beneficial for the character will come of it. The guy just clearly is not interested or invested despite his perceptibly fake optimism.

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This was really good, guys.

It was...*sniff*...really, really good. *sob*

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Magneto (Best)

All New X-Factor (Great)

X-Force (Great)

Cyclops (Good)

Nightcrawler (Good)

All-New X-Men (Terrible)

Uncanny X-Men (Terrible)

X-Men (Terrible)

Amazing X-Men (Terrible)

Savage Wolverine (Terrible)

Wolverine & the X-Men (Terrible)

Wolverine (Terrible)

Who could have predicted that X-Men solos are 10 times beter than the team books. Thank you Bendis and Aaron.

This'd be my list as well. Adding Storm's new solo above Magneto, rating: OVER 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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@veitha said:

@amazingspiderman15: no, it's not. It's just a stupid conspiracy theory

Lol. So was Bendis moving over to the X-Men post-Avengers and assuming TWO titles under his wing. And now look where we are!

Never say never, man.

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I just want good stories. I want coherency. I want development. I want my favorite characters and favorite team actually sounding like themselves. I want progression. I want culturally and socially relevant allegories that pertain to the aforementioned characters in contextually concordant stories. If what it takes is a reboot, then so be it.

So long as they keep Spurrier, Claremont, PAD and Wood then i'm fine. Everyone else is pretty much stumped for ideas atm. Also, it's so important to actually have a passion for the characters that you're writing. And a good portion of the readers need to be able to feel and see that on every single damn panel that gets dished out. We've had so many contributory writers/artists who've been given the main-title gigs in the X-World who clearly (as evinced by piss-poor characterization and tautological storylines that add nothing to the mythos) aren't big fans of the X-Men--and on the rare occasion that they are, for some reason this passion only manages to encompass a handful of characters, or, more accurately, Cyclops and Wolverine. There's just not enough passion or heart. Bendis is the biggest perpetrator of bizarre, detrimental character-deconstructive storylines veiled under the seemingly believable guise of "*snort* *snort* *snort* haha i love these characters lol theres just so much growing for them to do and am really interested to see wher it goes" when the reality begs to differ.

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@hawk2916 said:

@ageofhurricane: Yeah. I agree with everything you said there. Basically after seeing what Aaron did with Idie in the lingerie get up I came away trying to stop myself from feeling he needed to be on a certain list.

Though i never really cared for any of the 5 lights, if I had to pick Idie would be the one I would want to see developed. I just thought all the lights had lame power sets and were just a bit ridiculous. That said I think WATX messed the character up even more and didnt think that was possible.

Quire could possibly be an interesting character but he's been turned into a joke. Like you said just seeking attention in silly comic relief.

Latour's run in my opinion is just garbage. And i know some disagree and love him but imo he just took Aaron pointless drivel and added the Phoenix too it, while continuing the foolishness. In fact I would suspect that Latour is only "writing" a script that Aaron already developed.

Couple all that with the silly overtop JGS and it really has me wishing for the more simple X-mansion with the Blackbird's and all instead of the floating classrooms and Krakoa's (god how stupid)

I know. I mean, how on Earth does anyone find sexual objectification of a blatantly vulnerable minor compelling? Being a Nigerian (not born but bred as i'm a second-gen Brit), i was so bloody excited to find out that aside from Shola Inkosi who's, as expected, gotten in line with the X-Lore's group of forgotten/unheard of/unused characters, we'd now be getting ANOTHER character of direct descent for the modern audience (though, Nezhno's surname is Abidemi which is Yoruba in origin, so....). And right off the bat, whilst i was bored to death by Gillen's Uncanny, his Gen Hope had a lot of gravitas and i quickly felt a beat within all characters save for Gabriel--but most of all Idie. Whilst it was a bit typical to go with the African-witch stereotype angle, it worked and even more so when she identified as Oya. And, at first, it looked like whilst she was at the JGS Aaron was giving her some credible development, but...not really. When Bradshaw came along and we had gotten past the formalities of the preliminary arc, she sounded really generic and Americanized, if that makes sense, in that characters who have migrated from different countries usually possess idiosyncratic nuanced speech patterns or a formal tone of speaking at the very least. It's just annoying how disjointed and incoherent everything seems and i'm left even more baffled when people are making sense of a puzzle that's glaringly missed gaping pieces. E.g, Where'd the idea for her new look come from? One minute she's arguing with Hisako about how they don't have time and the next minute she's all dolled up and ready for action. With no explanation.

Mhm. Latour's run isn't all that good. Hopefully it gets cancelled by issue 20 as sales continue to respectfully plummet.

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@hawk2916 said:

I think most of the angst towards their relationship has to do more with some dislike of Quire as a character as opposed to hating Idie or them having a relationship period

Bit of both on my end. Her argument with Hisako in the recent WATXM had me like what??? If this is her character for the foreseeable then i don't wanna know.

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@oldnightcrawler: Lol! Funny guy, but that's why i respect you.

Unfortunately in this case, your arguments for the pairing hardly merit any substantial water. Reason being: Idie's character has about 5% recognizable definition as of Latour's infinitesimal contribution. Under Aaron's pen she received zilch in the progressive development department and continued to stagnate as a one-note complimentary addition till the horrific Hellfire arc in which we got an image of a 14 y/o psychologically deranged girl sporting dominatrix gear just to save a friend. And i don't care what the reason was, that's just nasty and i hope Aaron never sets foot in the X-Office again. Anywho, Idie's character took a drastic turn for the worse when it was preordained that Quire would be her future love interest--on paper, she's an ostracized orphan who found salvation in The Lord and further personal empowerment/justification for her seeming predicament by endeavoring to become the modern exemplification of this renowned Orisha. That all flew right out the bloody window with WATXM and we never looked back. Who is Idie Okonkwo? Who is Quentin Quire? And i'm talking about the guy who's brain was teeming with a million/billion thoughts per second? Not this stupid, attention-seeking wannabe hipster tumblr dude-guy who claims to be Quentin. Seriously, they should have just sent him off packing when they kicked Morrison off.

Those are the questions that haunt me, cause as of 50 or so issues encompassing the escapades of the JGS, i'm still left scratching my head and it beggars pondering.

And lol, Latour's run so far is basically Aaron's except minus the wacky hijinks and morbidly forced humor. At the end of the day, this is just more of the same.

@hawk2916: You said it, brother.

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Hate to be Debbie Downer (well, actually i don't lol) but i hope the Purifiers v3 take a quick pit-stop at the JGS again for another bus massacre with Quire and Idie specially placed on the front-row seats. Aaron ruined them and Latour seems to be following in deft suite.

What happened to the days of an independent female character of X having being utilized in capacious capacity as opposed to being aptly placed in the all to conveniently vacant token girlfriend/love interest foil-slot for the typical tosser of the batch? They both need to get offed and resurrected in 50 years time because Idie could have been an amazing character but now she's Quentin Quire's girlfriend. And he is gross. Girl, develop some taste, broaden your horizons and move. on.

Course, i'd rather they just reboot an NXM v3 with Weir/DeFillipis/Yost/Kim at the helm and i know that won't happen.

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Also, let's snatch David Lopez back from Captain Marvel and have him rotate with Ibanez and possibly Coipel.

Coupled with the correct colorist to complement his artwork (in this case, Rachel Rosenberg) he'd knock the title out of the park in the artistic department.