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@Blood1991: Lol. Still don't care. She just needs to get away, and if Wood's upcoming X-Men is anything to go by, it'll be all in due time.

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@butterflykyss: I don't like it, but I don't necessarily have to since I don't read "WatX" in the first place. I liked Kitty as co-headmaster and I had said before that I don't see Storm as an administrator/headmaster/teacher type - it's a bit of a demotion. Also, a bit offensive: every leadership role she gets is symbolic now.

how do you see as a demotion? and not sure what you mean by your last statement either? symbolic for what and how is that offensive??

She used to lead the Gold Strike Force which had some of the most powerful X-Men on it and which she was the sole leader of. For quite a few years now, she's been sharing leadership or being directly answerable to other characters when it's obvious that she doesn't always agree with the orders she's been given. The writers were able to get around the fact that there were multiple capable leaders on the team for quite a few years due to the existence of other X teams, Storm getting married to BP and being in a few other books like X-Treme X-Men, Avengers and etc...but now that Wolverine is taking more of a leadership role in multiple titles, Storm is in the position of a secondary leader of a secondary title. I don't have a problem with her taking a co-leader spot or anything, but as I said: calling a spade a spade - it's a bit of a demotion, which is a bit offensive given her experience. I'm not even one of those die-hard Storm fanatics but it feels like her friends just take advantage of her for her powers.

All due respect, but you're misinterpreting the whole situation. Storm isn't a character that'd be subject to unknowing manipulation, see Regenesis, where she directly confronted Cyclops about the same "advantage for her powers" situation. She stepped up to this position because Kitty stepped down and clearly, no-one else was up for the job, Wolverine's doing fock all and there wasn't a clear masthead or representative for that school, being one of the last remaining true protectors of Xavier's dream, she'll do what needs to be done to maintain it. And that's exactly what she did. Wolverine didn't beg her to do the job as you're putting it, in order to secure the school's position with her crafty powers analogous to what she thought Cyclops was planning Post-Schism, like i said, she stepped up.

This isn't a demotion of any sort, it's Ororo doing one of the many things that she does best: leading the X-Men.

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Post by Solarflare32 (360 posts) See mini bio Level 12 Online Now Her brother grew up resenting her as a result of their dad walking out after some small time crime he ended up in rehab where he fell under the wing of a purifier and grew to hate mutants before trying to attack his sister with a chainsaw killing is mother who tried to prevent it.Given the death penalty his body died but spirt lived which attacked his sister diminishing her power and then became the eyeball creature legion encountered Posted 0 minutes ago

Boy, her origin is deep. Love what Spurrier's doing with her in Legacy though, it was about time we had some answered questions.

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Not sure i like the idea that much, that, and the fact that Wolverine of all people was involved in the cutting of her hair, not exactly the Emmy award winning moment i was looking for (see last year's epic Ultimate Storm break-out). In fact, the more i look at that Storm x Wolvie kiss, the sicker i get.

I'm just hoping Wood and Humphries can make it work, Aaron and Bendis need to GTFO.

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Brian Wood is the absolute best.

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Does anyone remember how long it took for Joss Whedon and John Cassaday to finish a book? Don't get me wrong Astonishing X-Men was a great run, but Holy F*** some times it took over three months in till you got the next issue. It took them almost four years to put out 25 books. Cassaday still can't meet a deadline, and his art has taken a turn for the worse.
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I want Brian Wood to keep his X-Men far away from that dumb ass school. I don't want any Wolverine and the X-Men seeping in Wood's run on X-Men.

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Psylocke and Storm are gonna be a couple.


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I'd rather see Wood integrate Colossus in to this, some way somehow. Iceman's really boring, i just don't see the appeal.

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@dangallant984: Eh, Co-leading. While Psylocke also co-leads on X-Men, the official power couple are shutting it down.

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Hopefully Astonishing. That book's a pile of crap.

That will leave us with...

  1. Uncanny X-Men Vol 3.
  2. Wolverine and The X-Men
  3. All-New X-Men
  4. X-Men Vol 4.
  5. X-Factor
  6. Cable and The X-Force
  7. Uncanny X-Force Vol 2.
  8. X-Men Legacy

which still seems like a lot, to me.

Do we really need two X-forces if Storm has her own team in X-men?

What's Storm got to do with the redundancy of either X-Force team ?