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Let's tacitly follow in the fashion of Adam and say no to Remender. Stories of purported cataclysmic scope veiled with ostensible impact are what the current X-market is replete with and they're adding to the problem of stagnancy. Remender is incapable of capitalizing on the 'mutants are a minority' metaphor and seems averse to receiving any elucidation on it. I don't think he understands the mutant or minority plight and that is a stipulation crucial for anyone being handed the keys to the proverbial kingdom. No more stories for the sake of telling stories. These stories must have a palpable and poignant meaning.

This is a question to the devout followers of the man in question: did he actually stay true to the mandate of the preceding UA run? Did his stories and character development actually reflect the notion of union between man and mutant?

Whoever it is, (echoing sentiments here) i just hope they love the X-Men and have an actual level of respect for them whilst not being afraid to toe the line and push the envelope on particular aspects of the The Cause. It's time for innovation and evocative stimulation. I wouldn't want the franchise to plunge into another Bendis-Aaron era where characters face decadent measures of mistreatment and/or neglect while everything is at a stand still.

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*shrugs* All-female...Avengers? It just doesn't invoke tantamount levels of gravitas no matter what side of the bench you're on. It's like this: the X-Men have eked lucrative and commercial success on the fabulosity of their female characters-- (this has already been established but i will regurgitate nonetheless) the stories of X that have historically and canonically proven to have long-lasting repercussions on the franchise and the mutant community will almost always have a reputed woman of X mast-heading it. Schism basically had Jean, for crying out loud, whereas with the Avengers you've got...the Scarlet Witch and perhaps the Wasp for being the subject of one of the most widely cited examples of domestic abuse in fiction?

Like, picture that promotional picture devoid of any X-men and bask in the prosaic roar of blatant marketable pandering. But Wilson's writing one of the best Marvel titles atm, so i'm still inclined to check out the first issue on principle alone.

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Right. Cooper's the archetypical predecessor to today's Maria Hills and Abigail Brands. She set the proverbial stage for concessionary inter-governmental liasing and whatnot, and the prominence of a Maria Hill/FDA in today's market shouldn't invalidate the possible resurgence of the lady in question. She's timeless. Like Hawk, i'd have her in a District X-type series/setting alongside Polaris, Bishop and Sage (currently in the process of writing it now). Not only is there credible precedence for her come-back considering the eventual boom in the mutant population and the subsequently inevitable anti-mutant hysteria that 'll follow but...well...she's just a genuinely good character and seemingly has a bit of a following.

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So much for that Mutant Revolution, eh?

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@adamtrmm said:


I was talking about the trend in general, but yeah, in this specific example it's about him and Remender. Think about it, they basically ruined the concept of X-force with that moralizing crap.

So, Adam, what is the concept X-Force?

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@phoenixofthetides: Right?? But then, ahaha, considering the outcome of recent vicissitudes, killing Havok probably would have been the lesser (or should i say the 'better') of two evils.

@awesomeperson: Tbh, i wouldn't even classify this her throwing herself at him. It's therapeutic sexual intercourse. I mean, a woman can't relieve herself of traumatic experiences through casual sex without it being seen as lewd?

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@adamtrmm: There may be some truth to that. I mean, let's harken back to Spurrier's Legacy run and focus on the break-out star of that series: Blindfold. Coming into the project i don't think he was even aware of a Blindfold much less her historical connection with Legion, but the development and recognition received since its conclusion belies any ignorance Spurrier might have had before being acquainted with her, and she received ALOT of development. He made it work. And i still think he's making it work here.

Course, whilst he may not have been obligated to put so much stock into the existential narratives of the aforementioned three--editiorial mandate or not, you have to admit, he's ostensibly put a lot of meat into their respective mythoi and far too few a professional writer could accomplish such a feat.

But the thing with Psylocke is that she'd always been possessed of a macabre penchant for death whilst sustaining a veneer of the demure and composed heroine and this is going as far back as her initial Claremont days. I think that was the real impetus for the body-swap and what we're seeing now with her contritely owning her lust is a reflection of those unbidden tendencies that which a plethora of writers over the years have since ignored. Like, the body-swap was an opportunity for her to truly promulgate the darkness within her soul--course, shortly after under the penmanship of Nicieza, everything just fell to crap and we're only seeing vestiges of the change in the here and now. I mean, when was the last time any of this was truly touched upon in the full?

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You're right, she hasn't fully recovered, but i feel like under Spurrier, right now, she's recovering. I feel like this is a manifestation of personal catharsis through these displayed aberrant outlets of repressed feelings. She now exults in her formerly repressed lust for killing, has opted for a nsa dalliance with Cable whilst reeling from traumatic experiences where committed copulations were the case and then suddenly breaks down amidst her sparring match with Neena. This is Betsy amid her transitory phase and on the precipice of breakthrough/breakdown in that it could go either way. She seriously is a broken woman but Spurrier's the one who's consummately dissected the qualms and woes of her psyche and laid them bare for all to peruse while she self-repairs--one of the reasons why i'm gonna miss him writing Betsy and co. Substantial amounts of growth and psychological introspection for all. *siiiiiiiiiggggghhhh*

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@dernman: Damn it!

Well...well damn people like you! Damn you t' heck! *aggressively shakes fists in the air!!!*

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Do you mean the original New Mutants??

Because those characters should just be the X-Men now. Cannonball, Kitty Pryde and Dani Moonstar should be leading the mutant revolution, Karma and Wolfsbane should be headmistress of the school, Sunspot, Warpath, Magik should be intriguing characters that could support solo series if they had to. It's a waste if you ask me. It will be the year 2075 and you will still be reading about the redundant adventures of Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm......hooray. -___-


And whose fault is that?