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Yeah, they also need their own series.

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Come to think of it, i'm now beginning to conclude that Jean was surreptitiously getting back at Emma for the telepathic affair by pushing her into this very predicament! Lmao. Nice one, Jeannie gurl.

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"Hear me, X-Men! No longer am i the women you knew! I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever--I am PHOENIX!"


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For fugs sake. Get this woman away from Scott Summers and his band of attention-seeking miscreants. She is the White-bloody-Queen. She is better than this. So much better than this.

I mean, if possible, could someone tell me what she's been doing in Uncanny for the past 20 issues other than engaging in character-demeaning nonsensical retorts coupled with apathetic bonding-time with the Cuckoos ? (and you can get out of here with that issue where she trained Deeds. That was absolutely nothing special)

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@hexthis said:

I don't know why some of Cyclops' fans have such trouble admitting he's corrupt. Magneto has killed thousands and yet he's still considered to be a good, interesting, and complicated character but with Scott there's all these absurd rationalizations for his behavior, it's ridiculous. Also, all this insistence Scott single-handedly saved mutants from extinction is garbage, he -assumed- the X-men. He didn't earn a leadership position, he strong-armed it with zero democracy. He alienated basically everyone and, by the way, there's this idea that Xavier groomed him to lead the X-men that is totally incorrect. Scott was the field leader for the X-men, the strategist on the field but he clearly doesn't have an ounce of political or diplomatic saavy which is why Xavier had plans to make JEAN headmistress of the school as he "thought the world of her". Scott's only the leader because he's entitled and drove all those who opposed him away.

If he were really so right then why does basically everyone hate him? He practically ended the world or potentially caused the death of millions by harboring the Phoenix, jeopardized the lives of many allies in the process. He also beats on cops these days! I mean, cripes, why don't all you Cyclops lovers just move to Cuba? There's this Castro guy I've heard of that I think you'll really hit it off with.

Preach it, gurl'.

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I don't think Rachel's ever gonna be her own, independent character if fans/creators are forever running around in circles as to what her familial relations dictate. ffs. It's kind of annoying. Has she ever had a storyline of recent that didn't have anything to with with being Howlett/Summers/Grey/Phoenix/From the future?

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The 1st face of Scott Summers, ladies and gentlemen.

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@oldnightcrawler: ...Omgad. I thought you would have loved it. I mean, i did. I was hopping all over the place after fully ingesting everything that had transpired within the first 5 or 6 pages. It felt like an X-Book that had popped right out of the epoch of good writing. But i can understand your critique. The growing trend is as a result of Marvel's lucrative bid to have comics easier read in the trade format so you tend to come out of a single a little cheated of your money in that there wasn't a lot to read in the first place. Although i had that in mind while reading this, i felt like Claremont really hit the nail on the head where he should have. What with fans being trepidatious when it came to this in title in fear of being bombarded with expositional dialogue and explanations (which, i would have preferred. The more words in the comic means the better, for me) but i think all was well and good. I would preferred more meat with the meal, but looking at what constitutes the current market, he'd need to adapt.

My fave parts were the Rachel and Storm bits.

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So whats everyone's favorite x book right now?

I took a break for a bit, just now getting back to it.

All New X-Factor. It's really, really good.