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@dernman: Damn it!

Well...well damn people like you! Damn you t' heck! *aggressively shakes fists in the air!!!*

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Do you mean the original New Mutants??

Because those characters should just be the X-Men now. Cannonball, Kitty Pryde and Dani Moonstar should be leading the mutant revolution, Karma and Wolfsbane should be headmistress of the school, Sunspot, Warpath, Magik should be intriguing characters that could support solo series if they had to. It's a waste if you ask me. It will be the year 2075 and you will still be reading about the redundant adventures of Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm......hooray. -___-


And whose fault is that?

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I'll take your proposition and raise you a forthcoming contribution.

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Mm. Yeah. I've amended my initial assertion and will now say that Cable's crew and Maggie are the only ones who're being proactive.

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@john_valentine: Let's just say you, like many others, have decided to denounce the potential enjoyment you may receive from such an esoteric title like this right off the bat simply because it didn't adhere to your preconceived notions of what the standard X-Comic should be. And that's fine, but it's better to see the forest for the trees and endeavor to give endorsements like these a second chance. And as far as I can tell, i'm gonna presumptuously say that you simply have not done that.

It takes a lot of patience to appreciate the intricacies and craft behind his product, but as i've discovered it's worth the endurance. I, too, thought that Spurrier's X-Force was a pile of dung upon first reading and was ready to drop it as of the third issue, but I decided it wouldn't have been fair to write him off without valid reasoning and so I took a plunge again and found that this guy was delivering just about everything I feel the X-Books as of late have been lacking.

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Mm. Because sales are an infallible indication of content quality? *insert eye roll here pls*

Anyways, lol, not much point in staving off the inevitable or drudging one's self in delusive denial. What will be will be. I've loved this title. It's been a monumental blast and i hope it's purported end doesn't spell the cessation of Spurrier on the X-Books. This man is a rare-breed--if given commensurate pull and priority, i feel he could have been up there in pantheons with Claremont and Morrison (lol not forgetting anyone). Each issue was electricity.

I can't fault him or this not-your-run-of-the-mill slapdash cast. Poor sales are as a result of insufficient promotion and Marvel's general indifference when it comes to titles and characters who aren't pumping out the $$$s on sight, and that's solely what they're all about these days. It's also symptomatic of a malady that the general CB market have been unknowingly stricken with. The masses are subsisting on a diet of convoluted cross-overs nauseatingly lauded about as being the next big game-changer despite the lack of heart, thought and creative effort put into its execution in addition to a myriad of others things that just shouldn't be happening while being backed with poor justifications.

Heart and passion be damned. Respect for the characters they're handling be damned. Respect for creative cohesion be damned. Respect for the bloody fans be damned, because, guess what--come rain come shine, those noobs will still be giving us the money we need to pump this trite out. On a more serious note, thank God for Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel.

X-Force was an amazing title, the scales just haven't fallen from many eyes and unfortunately they never will.

Meanwhile we're stuck with Bendis and his fake revolution and those time-displaced boobs.

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And, oooh dear, Kitty'll be coming out of her chummy escapades with a brand-spanking new identity O.O How riveting! Tell me moar, Bendis--moar!!! *munch* *munch* *munch!*

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He's so funny with those X-23 comments tho. Good on him. And good on Laura for shaking her waist.

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@dman1366 said:

@ageofhurricane: oh age, I have been waiting to hear your input on the direction of the X-Men

*hypertextual hug* It is good to see you too, my friend. My brother in arm. My thoughts and feelings towards the current predicament we've found ourselves have of yet to be dissuaded. We're going down and we're going fast. I'm precariously hanging onto Claremont's Nightcrawler, Spurrier's X-Force and Pak's Storm (although with how things have been moving, i may drop it entirely by issue 6 if not earlier) and, um, yeah. It's a sad state of events and i'm ready to jump ship and not look back. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse, though, but this is an irrevocable trajectory of prospectively bad fruition. I see no hope. No light. Only darkness. And Bendis hovering over me, saddled with a bag of doughnuts, smiling...o.O

Of course, the journey thus far has been hilarious and I for one am heavily intrigued as to where we'll be come next year.

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@hawk2916 said:

How an do you guysfeel about Bendis saying he was basically told to kill Exodus? Personally I hate this development. I mean they just threw away a potentially great villain for nothing. I guess the plan isto kill all the villains and those who aren't killed will end up joining the xmen and further the infighting between different factions. I mean we are going down the road of just xmen vs xmen for years now. Everybody else is dead. I hope somebody comes along and just ignores this and just brings him back

Mm. And how does everyone feel about Bendis' general nonchalant apathy towards the situation in saying that Exodus had about 5-10 fans??? lolololol.