Cameron Banks

Age: 20 technically 25 looks 18 with make up.

Height: 6'0

Weight: 350 lbs


At the age of twenty Cody's sister Cameron Banks got a job as an assistant for a journalist, on their stay in Afghanistan their car bumped on a improvised explosive which detonated and killed all but Cameron but even than she was still dying, her brother Cody took a sample of her hair the few days she remained in the hospital before she passed away from her wounds

about two years after her death Cody finally completed a machine that contained all of Cameron's memories and even personality, after some crying and emotional moments she accepted who she was and stayed with her brother for the next three years and received body upgrades during the course of that time making her exceptionally deadly and exceptional body guard to her brother.


  • Enhanced Intelligence: (She has A.I Intelligence on par with a fully efficient and functional Skynet)
  • Enhanced Strength (She can lift 4,000 4 metric tons)
  • Enhanced Speed (She can think at the speed of light and her body has the reflexes to avoid objects going at 25% speed of light, she is also capable of running faster than the highest hypersonic speeds)
  • Enhanced Durability (While her skin is as durable as Spiderman's her exoskeleton is as durable as pre-52 Superman)
  • Immunity to Technopaths (Her software is the most advanced on the planet and Cody specifically made sure she was unhackable and immune to those with technopathy)
  • Immunity to magnetism (she is capable of creating her own magnetic fields on par with Magneto so she can cancel out anybody trying to magnetize her)
  • Invulnerability to EMP'S (Her soft ware has been created to make EMP's null to her)
  • Flawless Accuracy (Due to being the most advance machine Cody has ever created her accuracy surpasses any human on earth)
  • Weapons Expert (She almost automatically knows how to use any weapon even those she hasn't used due to her computer brain which allows her to understand how to use said weapon with in moments of examining it)
  • Vehicle Expert (Yup she knows how to operate tanks,jet,planes,hover crafts,ect)
  • Technopath (While she may be immune to technopaths she's a high level technopath herself)
  • Medical Expert (She can be considered one of the best field medics on the planet)
  • Stealth Master (She's like Sam Fisher combined with Solid Snake on steroids when you put her in the category of stealth and infiltration)
  • Enhanced Charisma (Whether be her enjoyable personality or attractive body she tends to get on people's good side sometimes more than her brother)


  • Friendly
  • Sensitive
  • Serious
  • Playful
  • Caring
  • Shy


  • Loves dark humor + 15 points
  • Her favorite colors are yellow,black,white,red,coffee + 5 points per color
  • Her favorite food is a cheeseburger + 25 points
  • She's a major Will Smith fan girl + 100 points
  • Loves chocolate + 15 points
  • Enjoy Compliments + 10 points
  • Likes moderate violence on occasions +10 points
  • Likes playing pranks + 10 points
  • Likes receiving hugs from people she likes + 10 points
  • Loves action,comedy,romance,mystery genres + 10 points
  • Enjoys gifts + 10 points
  • Loves anything to do with military + 40 points
  • Likes friendly people/sweet people + 45 points
  • Likes animals + 25 points
  • Likes funny people 20 + points
  • Afraid of explosives - 50 points
  • Hates strict people - 20 points
  • Dislikes threats - 20 points
  • Afraid of drowning or in an area deep with water - 25
  • Hates betrayers -100 points
  • Hate smokers - 15 points
  • Dislikes people who insult or attack her -25 (doubles every time she is attacked by the same person)
  • Creeped out by people that flirt with her the macho way - 25 points
  • Dislikes slobs - 15 points
  • Kisses + 10 points (to people she likes) - 50 (to those she doesn't like)

Cameron usually has a 50 point disposition towards people (50 is neutral above 50 is positive below 50 is negative)

Cameron disposition will increase by 25 points for every time she gets help from somebody or does an activity with them.

(For Cameron to fall in love with somebody it takes a necessary disposition of 200, it takes a disposition of -150 for her to attack you on site)


  • Before death Cameron uses to be a survivalist
  • Cameron was an adept cook
  • Cameron took ballet classes
  • Cameron's occupation before death was a nurse.
  • Cameron despite being a machine is extremely similar to a human yes she not only has human flesh but blood and organs as well her endo skeleton is behind all of it though.
  • Cody and Cameron's real names were Scott Phelps and Summer Phelps however their guardian parents changed their names after their parents died when they were 4.
  • Summer Phelps (Cameron's true and original name) has three aliases, Orwell,Allison Young,Cameron Banks
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