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Supername: Death's Hand
Aliases:  Agent of Death, Der Letzte SS-Mann, 
Name: Richter von Manstein

Age: 100, Appears 30

Gender: Male 

Height: 6'4
Weight: 220 pds

Relatives: Unknown 
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blond

Characters Appearance:  Taskmaster, Agent Zero

Nationality: German

Personality: Could be described as very old fashioned, good sense of humor

Speaks: German, English (Speaks with an accent)

Profession: Retired Mercenary/Assassin, Former Soldier

Allegance: Waffen SS (Formerly), German Super Soldier Program (Formerly), Der Wolfsrudel (The Wolf Pack, Not associated with the current Team, Formerly), Bundeswehr (Formerly), Currently: None


Traits and Abilities:   

- Slightly Above Peak Human Strength

- Enhanced Reflexes (Photographic)

- Enhanced Muscle Density

- Attractive Male

- Expert Marksmen

- Increase Bone Density

- Invulnerablitiy (Skin is pretty much bullet proof)

- Slow Healing Factor

- Enhanced Agility

- Expert Hand to Hand Fighter

- Insanely Rich



- Dual Glock 18 Handguns in Shoulder Holsters

- FN Five-Seven strapped to knee

- Katana on his back (Sometimes carries a Scottish Claymore and Shield)

- SS Dagger - Carries in his boot or in a sheath on his belt

- Various Throwing Knives in sheaths across his body made of Adamantium

- Kukri - In a sheath on his back

- Frag Grenades

- Smoke Grenades

- Grappling Gun


(Note: Has access to a large number of other weapons, the above is his standard gear)


Lesser Used Equipment: 

- Barrett M82 .50 Cal. Sniper Rifle

- MP5SD with Red Dot Sight and Laser

- M4 Carbine with Grenade Launcher, Holographic Scope, Flashlight and Laser sight.

- Colt 1911 - taken from a dead Army Ranger in WW2

- AT-4 Missile Launcher

- Scottish Claymore

- Vibranium Shield

- Remote Mines

- Gas Grenades

- Taurus .501 Revolver - fires Tracer Rounds, Blood Splatter Rounds (Gives the illusion of Death for up to 24 hours) as well as regular .501 bullets

- Custom Compound Bow - Adamantium and Carbonadium Arrow Heads

- Uzi Machine Pistol w/ Silence and Jungle Clips


Bio: (This character is not a Nazi, just to clarify)


Bio under reconstruction