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Where was the fun? 0

I admit I do not like this series (see previous review) However when I saw that the Joker was making an appearance I continued reading.  The good. It was nice to see the Joker making an appearance, it seems likely that the Joker would want to interfere with a copy cat.  The Bad. This issue and previous ones seem to have no spark, I was not on the edge of my seat at all. The Joker seamed out of character and his jokes sub-par. It seems that english superhero's and villians just plod along at a le...

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Get on with it. 0

I know there is the possability I will get flamed for this but reading this issue, all I could think was 'Morrison, you are not as smart as you think you are.' I don't mean that as insulting as it sounds but to me it seems his writing is constantly cryptic, like you are not entitled to see al the cards. It seems you get dumped into the issue not understanding who anyone is and what is going on and you finish with the same feeling. Mayble I am just not good on the uptake but I really dislike this...

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YES! 0

After buying my ongoings and being sourly dissapointed with a few of the bat family issues I was so happy to get to this one. I was on the fence about the 1st part of this storyline but the second part blew me out of the water. I feel this series has got stronger and stronger since morrisons departure. We are introduced to a new interesting villian, with an original MO in choosing victims and carrying out his crimes. I really did not want to put this issue down. I love Bruce as Batman but Dick b...

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I cannot begin to say how dissapointed I am with this story line, that is a lie - I will try to explain. I am not a big birds reader but Oracle has been a treasured character for me, therefore when I heard of the death of oracle storyline I had to read it. The first two issue where good enough, the second issue had an expected cliffhanger and the art was not too bad. Admittedly the story was often sluggish but still rnjoyable HOWEVER.....   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content......

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Robin! 0

When I realised Robin was in this arch I had to buy it. I love the relationship the two had in Superman/ Batman admittidely it is not entirely there but I hoping that now they have teamed up the next issue will be full of there banter.  The Good: The story is rather interesing and it is allways good to introduce a new villian that keeps the reader gessing. Admittidely the phone references are plently but it makes the storty unique and makes you think about what would happen if heros excisted in ...

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Brilliant. 0

I don't usually stray outside my DC bubble but I love steampunk enough that the cover of issue 0 attracted me and lead me to this.  The Good: The art! It is beautiful it really captures the feel of the story and the detail is amazing. lady Mechanika herself is also a facinating character that I cannot wait to learn more about her personality and her forgotten background. The issue flows and introduces new characters. The story itself is captivating and draws you into the world more than hat the ...

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Here we go again. 0

I admit I started reading GCS and gave up because I found  the issues pretty boring, however when I saw the cover for this issue I had to read it. I am happy I did.  The Good: The cover is misleading a a good plot twist kind of way. The issue focusses around Harley and her love hate relationship with the Joker. Harley 'finally' snaps and decides to kill him. Now many people would roll there yes as I did when I read it. We know she will more than likely fall into his army. However Harley is reall...

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Maybe I missed something? 0

This series has been my first encounter with knight and squire. I was unsure about it but being british I thought, hey show some support. Needless to say, I wish I had not. Do these two ever really fight crime? Any encounters they have seem to be over quickly and are boring. The idea of the pub seems pretty cool but the villians and heros  seem to be a joke more than threat / protection. As for this 'british wit' I personally find it annoying and even a little but insulting. Usually I tell peopl...

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Was that it? 0

I am not sure why I stuck around for 6 issues. This story arc takes place in merlottes, with a sub-par supernatural. To sum it up 6 issues focus around everybody talking about there feelings and relieving there most shameful memories in order to please a boring monster. Maybe it was aimed at being character development but it came of feeling like a boring eposiode of Jeremy Kyle/ Jerry Springer. The art is okay and the characters often look like there tv counterparts, although because of this at...

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Brilliant as ever. 0

 The good: The story really is excellent, this miniseries is delivering all the way. This is the first issue in this series where I have really been kept guessing and I love how Jason handles all the situations, the art is amazing and I am really happy to see the cocky robin personality back. Although the previous teachers that Jason has had clashes with have been committing pretty awful crimes this has to be the first where I have felt that Jason really needs to win and the suspense the story t...

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Good issue 0

 This is a solid issue, however I agree with other readers who say the cover is misleading. I was expecting a bit of a bust up between the Bat and Catwoman yet she only appears for about two pages. That being said the art was tremendous as usual, the story was intriguing and the way that Batman uses his detective skills are interesting and not gimmicky. The scenes where Batman and other online detectives are talking and later on talking about how useless the Riddler is, is priceless. ...

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I really love this issue 0

 I hated Harley Quinn as an idea, in the real world she would be overly dependent, needy and unable to get out of an abusive relationship. Yet in the comics she is kooky, generally unpredictable and entertaining. Sometimes authors don’t get her right and she is just pathetic. However Dini of course got his character spot on. Even though Harley’s better nature has taken control it is believable and enjoyable a definite read for Harley / Ventriloquist (new) fans alike. The art is wonderful ...

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Strong issue. 0

 I was worried about this issue and continuity timeline. The cover shows Jason and the Joker yet in Under the Hood it appears the first he knows of the situation. However this issue works around it splendidly – I will say no more on that fact. The art is superb as usual, some say the relationship between Talia and Jason is unexpected yet the dialog beforehand justifies it. It is a great end into the issue, it doesn’t upset continuity and it doesn’t feel like it has let you down, admittedly it is...

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What the Dr ordered. 0

  With the current state of the bat-verse it has been a while since I sat down and enjoyed a comic without having to really concentrate and re-read, for anyone like me this issue is just what the doctor ordered. It’s fun, interesting and engaging. Admittedly you guess who the villain is halfway through but the interactions between supergirl and robin make up for it. Certain parts made me laugh out loud to the extent that I was given a wide berth on the train. A great Halloween issue and a truly ...

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Getting better. 0

 This story was the best so far in the return of Bruce Wayne set. It had me on the edge of my seat throughout – something the previous issues have failed to do. This issue starts to pull everything together and helps you understand a bit more about the whole Bruce Wayne lost in time fiasco. The story is gripping, the characters keep you guessing and the art is amazing. This series was trailing a bit so this addition really helps pick it up. I’m not going to add any spoilers, I wouldn’t know wher...

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Catwoman – Joker, the two should really meet more often. 0

 This three part story is on of my favourites. Definitely something that can be read again and again. It is a little light hearted and fun as well as having a good dose of that Joker humour, Catwoman stubbornness and the Bat. The interactions between the characters are exciting and the story itself isn’t too shabby either. Here we see the Joker SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. decide that it would be a good idea to set the Batman and Catwoman up on a date. (Admittedly via th...

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Emperor joker review. 0

 The concept of this story arch sounded interesting as well as a bit of fun. The first few issues are pretty good and leave you guessing, however as soon as we see the Joker it all goes downhill. The Joker appears to be so out of character here that it rains on the whole arc. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.If the joker had the power to be God it seems to me he would do something a little interesting with Batman instead of killing him every day, most of the comic shows him ...

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