The high points and low points of 9/03/11

So I picked up a handful and have some best and worsts.
Highest point=
Batman and Robin #21. = new villian, new crimes and batman & Robin at there best. A+ Characters, A+ Storyline, A+ Art.
High Point = 
DC Universe online legends #3 = Fun little comic, following the story of a great game and sporting a great 'what if' scenario. B+ Characters, A storyline, A+ Art.
Normal Point =
Izombie # 11 = Anouther fun ongoing. Intereseting characters and storyline that is really starting to pick up. Generally delivers a robust issue with every release. B characters, B Storyline, A+ Art.
Low point =
Batman Incorporated #3 = An interesting concept, that has yet deliver due to finding its feet and in my opinion 'cryptic' writing. C+ Chatacters (Batman A), C- storyline, A+ Art.
Lowest point =
Birds od prey #10 =  A decent concept ground into the dirt. an anticlymatic arch that ended in unbeliavable characters and poor art. D characters, D- storyline, D- art. 
I like this layout and may consider doing more. =]

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