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good, now lets hope Cage has some prior commitments or something.

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The Batman should be attempting to return to a normal life after having fixed most of Gotham over the years. I think one of the villains has to be the Riddler, though recently I've been thinking that The Phantasm might work really well in Nolan's style, especially with the scenario I set up above. 
"Bruce Wayne is finally ready to move on from vigilantism. The streets are clean, and all thats left are petty crooks and small time gangs. But a shadow has appeared, and it is using deadly force on the city's remaining scum. Should the Batman fight for the justice he believes in and put an end to the reign of terror, or finally retire the cowl and live like any other billionare?"

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Wow, I think that'll about do it :P
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As far as pure bad guys go, it's gotta be Scarecrow. His mind games are always portrayed so fantasticly. No matter which medium he's portrayed in, whether it be Comics, TV, Movies, or Video Games, he's always unique and fantastic. 
Past him, I've got a bunch of former villains and anti-heroes. Mystique, Magneto, Freeze

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Man, what was the point of making a setup movie if you aren't even going to use the same actors! They should just throw money at Norton (should have inked him for two movies from the get-go).

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Whatever storyline this issue is part of :P

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Thanks for the suggestions. Any particular characters I should be following?

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I spent some time a week ago looking through people's favorite character lists, and came to the realization that many of these characters had a common thread attached to them: They were attached to "Wildstorm" publishing. Frankly, I'd never heard of Wildstorm. I'm not the most avid comic book reader, and my collection pretty much only includes the entirety of Civil War, the main book for House of M, assorted Batman books, the collections of Y: The Last Man, Watchmen, and the initial issue of Generation X.  
So my question is this: what should I be picking up in order to get familiar with a wide variety of the best Wildstorm heroes? Who should I be keeping my third eye on? Any "Civil War" type events that will introduce me to a number of characters in a single purchase?