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Comic Review: Kick-Ass 3 #8 – The Finale! 1

After 6 years, 4 series (Hit-Girl took place between Kick-Ass 1+2), and only 28 issues, Kick-Ass drew to a close this week. Without revealing any spoilers, which is not this review’s intention, I can safely say that Kick-Ass is one of the most satisfying creator-owned comic series of all time. It may only have spanned 28 issues, but each and every one was worth the wait and, for me, is Mark Millar’s best work yet. Issue #1 first arrived in 2008, and for those that remember, our hero Dave Lize...

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Heads will roll for this...... 0

Dan Slott begins a new arc here, and judging on this opening chapter, it looks to be a good one. After Peter inadvertently ‘creates’ a new super hero, the ideals of ‘power and responsibility’ never meant so much....The GoodFirstly, the art. Humberto Ramos has always been suited to Spider-Man, stemming from the Big Time arcs, and here it is no different. I particularly enjoyed his depictions of the guest stars in this book. I won’t spoil who they are. Which brings about another plus point of the ...

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Lucky? Clumsy if you ask me 0

Since Hawkeye #1’s release, I’ve heard and read nothing but rave reviews about it. Hawkeye was a very important character in The Avengers movie, so typically Marvel uses that as a billboard to create yet another book.After Hawkeye’s annoying representation in Avenging Spider-Man #4, I was hoping for something so much better. It was that, but still nothing special, in my opinion.Hawkeye is the better known name for Clint Barton, and as we all know, is an Avenger. No secret identities here. This f...

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Proof that 'hype' equals success for Marvel 0

Well, here it is. Since it's announcement, I have been very skeptical about another 'Civil War' in the Marvel Universe. However, with the first issue at least, it's a pretty decent start. The Phoenix Force is heading for Earth, and the Avengers believe it to be related to Hope Summers, and want her brought in. However, Hope is on Utopia, under the protection of Cyclops, so you can imagine his take on it.Despite the hostile reaction, brilliantly imagined by John Romita Jr, i found it quite ironic...

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Feel the Fear 0

I didn't read anything regarding this series. No previews, promos, anything. In fact, i didn't even realise the book was out this week! The cover itself grabbed me (McNiven is excellent at that), picking it up at Kapow comic-con yesterday, and seeing the talent creating this book, i couldn't resist.Matt Fraction is a fantastic writer. He has more than proven himself with Invincible Iron Man, which is an essential book. It shines through straight from the first page, which is almost cinematic, ev...

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Where did he go? 0

This wonderful comic continues, starting right in the depths of checkmate, albeit in disguise. What follows is, in my opinion, an intense, gripping escape scenario, with great pacing, that pulls you in to the end. There is plenty of character interaction here, with Rocket Red providing humor which lightens the tone slightly, but of course without detracting from dire peril the team is under.  Good Points  Aaron Lopresti's art is perfect for this book, the characters are colorful and broad, and h...

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