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I am a Failure, the story of The Human Ant

We were brought into the world by hypocrites and addicts we were put up for adoption immediately after birth at least in my case. They called us Agents of Last Resort because we were meant to be the Agents they could call in to end it all. No one was supposed to be able to stop us. For the others that is true. But not me I am the failure of the litter. Everyone else can crush mountains and destroy enemy soldiers in breaths. Me, my powers grant me the ability to shrink and lift three tons but every time I tried to do what they wanted I messed up. If they told me to assassinate a terrorist I would accidentally kill someone else in the progress. If it was a rescue operation, the person in trouble may have ended up rescuing me. A few years ago I gave trying to please my superiors, I ran away, now I try at the easier life of a villain.

Nothing else matters.

The first Agent of Last Resort: Ryan Baxter

I was a United states navy S.E.A.L for twenty years before I became the Agent of Last Resorts. I was approached by the president of the united states after only two years in Team Six. He told me I was chosen for a solo mission something I never heard of in my time as a S.E.A.L. My mission was a simple one he said all it would be easy and it involved a single test and a single bullet... I was taken prisoner that night in my sleep a 9mm bullet in the pocket of my night shirt. The president had leaked my position to a group of terrorists in order to get me close to their new boss. I was beaten for days they wanted to know who I was working for they knew I had a mission they just had no idea what it was and the wounds I suffered meant nothing because I knew nothing so even if they managed to break me I could tell them nothing. After two weeks of scarce water and little food. The leader came he signaled the others away he said he'd come to watch me die if I would not tell them what my mission was I would not live to attempt it. Through strength I didn't know I had i laughed in his face as he told me these words. I don't know where the strength came from to preform the next event came from. I pulled my arms from the rope it cut into my wrists I flinched it mattered not because what came next surprised even me. I took the bullet that by some chance still remained in the breast pocket of my night shirt, and shoved it down the leaders throat relishing in his pain as he choked on the bullet. I don't know how I escaped that facility I only remember darkness and waking up in a government facility with my arms replaced with robotic ones. A man in predator sun glasses and an expensive suit came for just a moment and told me my mission had begun. A mission that would last the rest of my life

Everything matters

((Two different characters mainly Ryan Baxter will just be used as a plot device to mess with The Human Ant make him mess up ruin his life for running away from his job as a Agent of Last Resort.))