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Name: Melissa Hannigan

Age: 28

Occupation: Director of U.N. Metahuman Affairs

Height: 6'

Melissa got her start in the CIA, eventually being promoted into their metahuman affairs division. During a case involving the kidnapping of the President, she met Longshot. After the debacle was over, the two had a brief romantic relationship, but remain friends. Melissa was promoted to Director of U.N. Metahuman Affairs, an international organization dedicated to metahuman research, relations, and defense. She installed one of the Knights of Dawn's teleporter pads onto the U.N.M.A.'s base of operations and has appointed Longshot as her unofficial adviser.


Melissa and her subordinates operate out of a large modified aircraft carrier which migrates around the world on routine patrols with regulated docking periods. The ship is stocked with all necessary equipment for superhuman threats, including F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets retrofitted with various specialized weapons and defense turrets stationed around the ship. Some of these weapons are derived from the technology of various alien races who have made contact with Earth over the years.

A full staff of scientists and engineers remain on board in order to analyze and study new technology or phenomena, as well as to design new weaponry to confront an overwhelming threat in times of crisis.

However, the organization is aimed more towards bridging the gap between metahumans and civilians than to defend against them. It is diplomatic force first and a military force second.


As Director of U.N. Metahuman Affairs, Melissa is placed in command of agents, each responsible for various jobs.

General Procedure: These agents are tasked with basic work around the ship. Surveillance, analysis, maintenance, they are responsible for all of these. They receive basic combat training and carry sidearms at all times, although they'll be the first to get real weapons in their hands when the time comes.

Science Department: The people responsible for analyzing whatever nonsense the world has decided to throw their way and find the answers to the big questions. They also design new equipment to be put into use.

Elites: The best combatants, both ground units and fighter pilots, that the group has to offer. They are given the biggest, best equipment necessary to carry out the job, and are deployed into any conflict situation first. If and when all Elite units should be lost, G.P. operatives, and Director Hannigan herself, will go into battle.


Marksman: Melissa has a sidearm and she knows how to use it. 'Nuff said.

Hand-to-Hand: Not the best fighter in the world, but she knows how to take someone down. Hard.

Intelligence: Melissa didn't get her job by being a dumb blonde.

Resourcefulness: Melissa has taken down severe threats despite having no powers to speak of. When you factor in the most advanced human technology and the weaknesses of almost every known metahuman at her disposal, the odds of most fights begin to tip in her favor.

Bilingual: Melissa took French in high school, Japanese in college, and Spanish and Korean during her time in the CIA. She also knows a little Italian, but mostly swears.

Mouth: Hannigan has a shout that'll make most drill sergeants cry.

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