The peacekeepers dossier (and mini-location)


"Morte Ai Nostri Nemici" -Peacekeeper Motto

Allied Nations Peacekeeper corps; a term that can bring fear into the hearts of any who hear it, and yet a term that most earthlings won't ever hear. a Clandestine force equipped with the latest in NATO's superscience, magic, and psionics that allows it to take on any foe anywhere in the universe to defend western civilization from any possible threat to it, formed during world war two as a special military force to help the western allies defeat Nazi Germany's Storm Korps, Imperial Japan's "Divine Wind", and Fascist Italy's "Roman Legion" and later to oppose the Warsaw Pact's Grand Red Guard. Kept secret as their actions would often draw the ire of the public, the Peacekeeper corps believes in the "strike before struck" policy, believing that if you break the legs of a potential rival, they'll never be a threat in the future; negating the need for a costly defensive war on the soil of the nations of NATO.

The backers of the Allied Peacekeeper Corps

Covert raids into space to attack alien races deemed to be hostile to NATO's interests, plunging into the other planes to bring down Demon Princes and Elemental Lords or sometimes even Archangels seen as a threat to the countries of NATO, bringing down Metahuman menaces before they can even become a word on anyone's mouth, Clandestinely manipulating Russia and the other former Soviet Republics into one day joining NATO to incorporate the advances of the Grand Red Guard into their own organization; and a cold war against China to ensure that the PRC is never in a position to challenge the military supremacy of NATO. Though their interest in Earth has quite commonly flip flopped as they grow more and more independent from the homeworld.

Major Jannet on the Yu'kyt homeworld

Even the U.N is not totally exempt from the long gaze of the eagle, as they can and have assassinated U.N officials that stumbled upon the actions of the Peacekeeper Corps. The newest commander of the Peacekeeper Corps, one General Herbert Alexander; a man of Texan birth, has tried to move the Peacekeeper corps away from it's highly morally questionable actions when it was effectively the unchallenged military elite of the world after the cold war that only worsened under the Bush Administration, and now the Peacekeeper corps works mainly to defend NATO from threats that it's conventional militaries just can't.

The symbol of the peacekeepers corps.

The Astartes has been watching the Peacekeeper Corps and has subtly manipulated them towards their line of thinking, while covertly directing them to alien or supernatural menaces to act as a screening force for the Starbourne Imperium to follow up on. As of yet, the Astartes has remained hidden from the Peacekeeper Corps even after it has established it's own space colonies on worlds formerly occupied by alien species that would have destroyed humanity had the Peacekeepers not wiped them out to the last individual. So far, over sixty thousand alien species and thirty thousand demon and elemental realms have been wiped out completely by the U.N peacekeepers.

The symbol of Project Frankenstein.

The Peacekeepers manages an empire of over a hundred million worlds spread across the local cluster, divided between the member states of the organization, due to a clause of secrecy, very little of the gains from this empire ever reach anyone on Earth. This means that the vastly superior resources, technology, and manpower of the organization that could end all the issues on earth in the snap of a finger never, ever reach the Earth, but neither does word of the constant atrocities they commit to maintain their war against other spaceborne human nations and out of simple xenophobia. Death camps, torture, mass executions, unspeakable experimentation, enslavement, and genocide are all common tools in the peacekeeper kit.

Carol and Operative Ericson, a Norwegian Frankenstein specializing in kinetic energy control.

Following a disastrous setback on the planet Reach in an engagement with Novus forces, the organization is on edge and extremely paranoid, worried that the Masari AI 413 Bright Ember will carry out it's threat to reveal the organization to the general public back home. Fearing the resulting Back lash, the organization is willing to go to desperate extremes to maintain it's existence. Those who support it also fear the deaths of their careers should their backing of an organization that has killed quadrillions of sapient life forms ever become public knowledge.

Out of fear of 413 Bright Ember's threat to reveal them, the organization has refocused attention on earth to try and spread a public relations campaign so that the revelation of their actions will not immediately turn the homeworld against them. While losing Earth would be on paper a minor loss, losing the support of the home planet would be a massive blow to their morale, as would having to enact rear guard actions from severely angered vigilantes capable of reaching space who would take offense to their actions.

Furthermore, new threats have begun encroaching upon the territories of the Peacekeepers. The Peacekeepers are engaging in a losing war with the Black hand which has only recently revealed itself to them. The forces of Chaos are pressing against the beleageured space federation. the later Alliance with the Novus and the Free-Coalition has proven to be shaky. The voracious tyranids and implacable electrical protectorate have begun to consume their worlds wholesale. And the unending legions of the Hierarchy have been a problem for years.

They bill themselves as the secret guardians of the earth and civilization, the force that protects you from what goes bump in the night. The dam that holds back the tide of aliens, demons, abominations, and worse and spreads the torch of democracy. But that dam is cracking. The guardian has bled, and the sharks are now circling around, smelling blood. The eagle is searching for a nest now that the entire forest is burning all around it. But like any wounded beast, they are now desperate, willing to do anything to preserve their gains.

The war against the Overseer's hierarchy is needless to say, going poorly. They can just barely manage to eke out bloody victories, but the Hiearchy has so far brutally stomped the Peacekeepers in virtually any space engagement where the Peacekeepers have not had a massive tactical and numerical advantage, and even then the Peacekeepers lose vast numbers of ships and the Overseers merely have to send in the next wave. The Peacekeepers have no idea why the Overseers are attacking, and their antagonistic attitude in space politics has deprived them of allies.

Peacekeepers and Earth

Following the Venezuela conflict, the Peacekeepers have made themselves known to Earth, having deployed substantial fleet elements to the Earth to start more openly influencing their home planet, hoping to make it strong and safe against the coming storm of aliens. Having an outsider's view of Earth politics, the Peacekeepers are quite heavy handed in their deployment and while they do have the best of intentions, they often go about it in a bad way.

The peacekeepers also work to try and develop the earth to their standards in drips and drabs, very slowly releasing examples of their civilian technology to try and convince the population of the Earth that their presence is a benefit to them, while slowly deploying ground troops to designated "embassies" to help establish their presence.

So far the peacekeepers are a relatively minor force planetside, but they're doing their best to slowly worm their tentacles into everyone's business. They largely constrain themselves to NATO members and Venezuela, but they never did know when to stay put, and a lot of countries look like they could use some "civilizing".

With regards to the pro and anti-reg conflict, the Peacekeepers are in favor of a fairly unobtrusive registration bill that does not require any personal details to be revealed, but does grant massive government benefits to registered superheroes and offers them proper training and special education to suit their needs. They've had enough time to figure out that highly invasive registration bills only end in tears.

To this end, they are looking to begin "prodding" the American government into complying with this new doctrine to compromise and broker a peace between the two factions before they can escalate into another war that would weaken the Earth's defenses against the Alien menace.

APKCSS Winston Churchill (Mini-location)

A flagship deployed to the Solar system, the APKCSS Churchill is a behemoth of a ship, coming in at over thirty kilometers long and functioning as the official base of Peacekeeper affairs earthside. Arrangements to meet with the Peacekeepers under command of Grand Admiral Jacques Roche (the Irony of a French man commanding a ship named after the most famous British man ever is not lost) can be made by contacting the APKCSS Churchill and scheduling an appointment, at which point a teleporter will be used to bring them on board to discuss matters.

Maintaining a high earth orbit, the APKCSS churchill largely remains out of sight, as despite it's size, on a cosmic scale it's not all that big. Although with space folding technology, it is way the hell bigger on the inside. Vast numbers of soldiers, civilians, and technicians live and work inside the warship, which carries a vast wing of strike craft and allows a number of frigates to parasite within it's bays.

While some would deride it as an ugly looking ungraceful brick, the Churchill works on reverse engineered Masari and Zolkri technology, and is the first example of such a ship. Still being upgraded, the Churchill is the pride of the peacekeeper navy.

Being so large, one cannot really describe all the locations within, but they are generally divided into the

Docking bays: Large, spacious areas where other craft can land and take off on the sides of the ship.

Gathering area: Best described as an entire city inside, this area is roughly divided into a merchant, residential, industrial, and military quarter, and due to it's regimented construction, not much stands out from each other, although the military and industrial quarter is off limits to visitors without a permit.

Engine compartment: Off limits at all times, the engine compartments power the churchill with some elements of reverse engineered Masari technology. Also where the shields are generated from.

Armory: Trespassers will be shot to death on sight; storage bays that contain the weapons for landing troops and ship guards throughout the interior of the mammoth vessel

Weapon loading and housing areas: Trespassers will be shot to death on sight, these areas link up to the external weapons of the ship, such as it's fearsome super railguns or it's new magnetohydrodynamic cannons which fire forth streams of molten metal at near light speeds with devastating effect, or perhaps it's massive batteries of missiles.

Bridge: The Peacekeepers aren't stupid, and thus don't have a bridge with large windows, instead using a series of cameras and holoprojectors to mimic one. The bridge connects to Jacque's office and always contains a complement of crew members and guardsmen who constantly overwatch the ship from above.

Mustering area: Where soldiers are prepared in case of landing or in preparation for boarding or counter boarding, at this time it's quite a busy area as plans are made for further, deeper interactions with earth.

Jacque's office: An unassuming office with very familiar amenities, his bedroom lies behind. Those who would seek to kill him tend to be surprised by the statues in his room turning out to be Mk 1 Giant death robots.

Rules: Sell within reason to the guards and defensive fleet. Don't mouth off to Jacques and expect him to give a damn about your problems, he has bigger things to worry about. Don't expect to impress the people inside, they've almost certainly seen much more than what you can do.

The Peacekeepers and you! (Propaganda given to earth dwellers following their revelation)

Greetings citizen of the many nations of the Earth, we are the peacekeepers! We have fought against the tyranny and oppression that lies beyond your comprehension of the world for over eighty years now, tirelessly giving everything we have to keep you safe! Formed in the thirties to fight the Axis powers, we soon spread to the stars to bring the light of FREEDOM into the depths of space and other dimensions. But we soon found that the universe was a very scary place!

Aliens, Demons, Abominations, Devils, Monsters! All out to destroy you and everything you love! Not only had the enemies of FREEDOM on earth fled into the stars following their defeats back home, we now had to fight against the unending menace from beyond the Earth. To this effect we have liberated over a hundred million worlds across the local cluster and brought to them democracy, a free market economy, FREEDOM, rule of law, peace, and prosperity.

Countless alien and extradimensional species and cultures work under our banner as we tirelessly fight upon the democratic and eglitarian ideals that NATO was founded on. But soon enough, we had to return to our nest. The amazing technology we created with the aid of our tireless scientists and engineers had to be used to help the homeworld, which had greatly lagged behind our technological progress!

We came to find a world in conflict, one that had been wracked by terrorism, lawlessness, TYRANNY! But fear not citizen, for we have come to restore your FREEDOM and peace! Already we have smashed the fist of Charlemagne's tyranny and liberated Venezuela and as of now are developing it into a first world nation with access to our space age technology and such amenities as free healthcare, the vote, fair working hours, and lucrative trade from our new San Jose space port!

Come to our model developments and see what the gifts of the space trade have to offer you! Take a trip to a far off planet, or meet out men and women in blue! Read tales of our struggles for FREEDOM on the frontline with our reporters and holonews network! Sign up with the peacekeepers today and fight against those who would seek to stamp out our FREEDOM and take away your rights!

To this end we are working to further cooperate with your planet! Please do not panic as we deploy space assets to help in preparing the Earth for a bold future, a peacekeeper future! A democratic future! Where FREEDOM, peace, and justice can be enjoyed by all! Our soldiers will soon be deploying in a city near you to help your local law enforcement keep the peace! While our constructors will soon be developing your city to OUR standards!

Remember, we're doing this for YOU!

Army (or Western civilization, f*ck yeah!)

Peacekeeper: Named after the organization itself, the Peacekeepers blue power armor has become their symbol across their vast starborne Federation. Armed with a tri-part gauss shotgun, grenade launcher, and assault rifle, these soldiers form the professional core of the Peacekeeper military. In addition, they can deploy highly advanced meta-polymer shields to protect them in fire fights, as well as deadly shock mauls in close combat. Now that the Peacekeepers are being assaulted by the Hierarchy at long last, they are finally being overwhelmed. Specialist weapons such as proton guns, rocket launchers, thermal lances, and flamethrowers are also common equipment.
Heavy defender: The heavy weapons teams of the Peacekeepers, the Heavy Defenders have long been an indomitable military asset of the Peacekeepers. But now that the Peacekeepers are on the run from Kamal Re'x's forces, they have been made to stand and fight in some of the most grueling battles of the Birthstar war. Despite their heavy gauss machine guns, laser cannons, auto railcannons, mortars, and missile launchers, the armies of Kamal have continued to smash defensive line after defensive line through vastly superior numbers, greater technology, and firepower. Efforts to proof their power armor and deployable cover against Zolkri weapons have been frantic to say the least.
Cyro-legionnaire: As their name suggests, these elite heavy power armor equipped soldiers are equipped with weapons that primarily concern themselves with affecting temperature including Cryogenic missiles, a liquid-helium/super cooled water mixture nozzle, the molecular arrestor beam which literally saps energy out of targets, and the molecular arrestor cannon which freezes particles in the air before launching them at targets. Their advanced jet systems allow them great maneuverability, while their thick armor and shielding allows for incredible durability and enhanced strength. But even they struggle against the armies and vassals of the Zolkri.
Rocketeer: Equipped with flight capable rocket propelled power suits, these airborne assets deal damage with their twin heavy gauss machine guns, grenade launchers, and missile batteries, while primarily relying on speed and maneuverability to keep out of danger. More elite units are equipped with proton gauntlets that fire out bursts of deadly charged particles as well as laser cannons to scythe through heavier armor. Losses to Zolkri air superiority and denial assets have recently been quite catastrophic, as the Peacekeepers have been rapidly forced to adjust to fighting when the enemy has near total air supremacy.
Chrono-legionnaire: Some consider playing with genes to be "playing god", the Peacekeepers don't even blink at recklessly playing with the fabric of space and time itself. Equipped with powerful chrono packs that let them travel through time and space, and neutron guns that erase targets from the timeline, trap them in time loops, lock them in null time, or teleport them away, these are perhaps the most elite soldiers the peacekeepers have to offer. Even their special weave power suits are a cut above the rest. However, the more important a target is to the time stream, the longer it takes for their gun to work.
Reservists: Hastily trained and recruited soldiers thrown into the meat grinder against the Zolkri faster than even Peacekeeper industrial output can equip them with true power suits, these soldiers have to make do with basic laser guns, non-powered future warrior armor, and what heavy weapons they are capable of carrying and equipping. Their casualty rates against the forces of the enemy are nothing short of absolutely appaling.

Norio Flightsuit: More advanced and sophisticated brethern of the A.N.S.C's rocketeers, the Norio flightsuit offers the advantage of far more durable armor with the benefit of special shielding and advanced energy weapons reverse engineered from the Hierarchy.

Bull pup IFV: A very special vehicle, this IFV can actually transform it's weapon to become a more powerful version of the primary weapon of it's gunner, and it's high speed, low drag frame allows it to zip around the battlefield, while advanced armor systems let it take a surprising amount of punishment and hide it to infrared detectors. Being cheap and easy to make while being incredibly versatile, they are a main stay of peacekeeper military forces. In it's default mode, it fires anti-personnel/anti-aircraft missiles useful against soft targets.
Guardian MBT: The newest main battle tank of the peacekeepers, this railgun and gauss machine gun tank's most interesting feature is it's laser designation that feeds targeting data to allies, letting them fire more accurately and more rapidly upon the painted target. While some may raise questions about it's odd turret lay out, the Guardian remains a highly reliable main stay of Peacekeeper ground forces, with it's thick, durable armor proving to be invaluable time and time again.
Horizon artillery: Artillery is the king of the battlefield, and even in the birthstar war this remains true. The Horizon hammers it's foes with rapid fire 155mm railgun rounds from a fairly speedy platform, impacting it's opponents with chunks of metal screaming at hypersonic speeds. Occasionally, they can fire off chronorift shells that shunt enemies a minute or so into the future, briefly taking them out of the fight.
Icarus mobile anti-air system: Equipped with a 37mm gatling railgun to rip through enemy aircraft, this nifty vehicle's recoil is so tremendous that it needs to stand still and deploy first before firing it's awe inspiring hail of millions of rounds per minute into the sky, creating a virtual laser of rounds as it tries to clear away the skies of enemies. Against infantry, the Icarus is similarly lethal, tending to create "burning salsa" as it's often called.
Mirage tank: "Can't hit what you can't see!" A particularly annoying colleague once told an engineer during a fight. Later, the engineer designed an invisible tank and obliterated the asshole's house with an incendiary cannon. The moral of the story is; don't fuck with people who can build tanks. The Mirage tank mark III is a descendant of that tank, having combined the old Prism and Mirage Tanks into one vehicle. The Mark III has several methods of disguise, first is taking the appearance of an innocuous inanimate object such as a tree or rock or sign post through clever holograms and light distortion, another is simply turning invisible or disguising itself as another vehicle or even a person. The tank can even extend it's "mirage field" to encompass multiple units. It's primary armament is a powerful refractive laser that upon impact, creates smaller beams that fry more targets, which are backed up by a set of gauss machine guns and medium tank armor.
Stewart light tank: Designed to be fast and maneuverable and light enough to be air dropped out of a small plane while *gliding* without the assistance of anti-gravity technology, the Stewart tank foregoes the traditional railgun for a rocket propelled 280mm mortar cannon that can either fire a massive shell that can obliterate entire city blocks or a wire guided missile that can core tanks. It's heavy gauss machine gun gives it anti-infantry and aircraft protection, but it's armor leaves much to be desired.
Valkyrie self propelled artillery gun: "Fuck your bunkers, fuck your army group, fuck your tanks, fuck your trenches, and most of all FUCK YOU!" Is the profanity ladened motto of the Valkyrie crews, who mount an extroardinarily excessive 525mm railgun on their vehilce that is capable of blasting spaceships out of orbit, eradicating armies, or coring entire cities at full charge. Frequent jokes about Valkyrie crew members having much to be desired below the belt are cracked, but are typically silenced as once they are fired nobody in a mile radius is able to hear anything for the rest of their lives.
Riptide ACV: Equipped with a .50 caliber gauss machine gun and heavy missile/torpedoe launchers, this rapid moving, amphibious APC has proven to be an invaluable asset in getting peacekeeper troops to the front lines as soon as possible, which has made them a priority target for Hierarchy ground forces and thus resulted in absolutely immense casualties amongst their crew members, who have grown jaded and bitter about their survival prospects.
Particle expeller: Due to the downspiral the course of the war against the Hierarchy has taken, the Peacekeepers have started to bring forth in the words of a noted general "a lot of the weirdest fucking shit to ever hit the battlefield". One of these is the particle expeller, which is nothing more than a weaponized atom smasher, taking packets of atoms and launching them at the smallest fraction under light speed possible, where single atomic masses can impact with the power of tank shells, effectively meaning they have unlimited ammo, a high rate of fire, and can cause high amounts of "splash damage" by simply firing bigger packets. The vehicle itself though, is quite fragile.
Fusion torch tank: This bizarre vehicle does exactly what it says on the tin, create a continuous nuclear fusion explosion that is vomitted out a torch to incinerate everything in front of it and leave nothing but superheated gas, plasma, and wailing souls damned to the underworld in it's wake. Upgrades to the torch tank allow it to induce nuclear fusion in it's targets, causing them to go off in nuclear explosions as well, and the tank can direct it's torch into the ground to fly at immense velocities, resulting in the bizarre sight of an entire torch tank division vaulting clear over head and then landing behind enemy lines to thoroughly wreck their shit.
Rosen bridger Tank: Derided for having a terrible quantum physics pun as it's name, this vehicle literally folds space and time like a pretzel to transport mass numbers of soldiers and vehicles through anywhere in time and space to engage in high level warfare with the foes of the allies. Against enemies, it simply directs an uncontrolled space-time fold which tends to literally break reality around them for massive damage. And despite expectations, it's actually extremely durable because of what happens if something fucks up with technology this powerful. Don't let the inhibitors get damaged, bad things happened the last time they did.
Isospin tank: A much more extreme form of the microwave tank that first saw use in the Venezuela conflict, this tank was initially developed as a riot control vehicle until someone found that turning up the power generation created massive amounts of gore, clearing out buildings, killing vehicle crews, and igniting aircraft combustibles. The Peacekeepers of course, saw an accident that killed twenty million people as the test for a new weapon systems. Redesignating it as a Tank, this vehicle was pushed onto the battlefield for aircraft, infantry, and garrison clearing duties, literally cooking enemies alive in one of the most painful ways imaginable. It's often used as a torture device due to it's ability to stimulate every pain sensor in a body at low settings, letting them feel their organs slowly cook.
Higgs MASS Tank: "Here's a riddle, you're tiny, and I have a steam roller." While at first seemingly underarmed with only a pair of rail autocannons and a brace of gauss machine guns and a steam roller, this tank's true power lies in it's M.A.S.S and S.H.R.I.N.K rays. The S.H.R.I.N.K ray does exactly as it would suggest, reducing a targets size and mass under concentrated exposure to the beam, reducing their strength and durability until the tank can simply just roll over and crush them into a goopy pulp. The M.A.S.S ray does the opposite and is typically used to bolster allies with it's effects.
Apollo Fighter: A VTOL craft that sees service in both atmospheres and space, the versatile Apollo has remained a workhorse for quite some time, and now sees action against the swarms of fliers used by the Hierarchy. Stealthy and insanely maneuverable, the Apollo would crap all over any fighter made on earth, and it's lethal dual 30mm revolver auto rail cannon packs a massive amount of punch, as does it's brace of powerful missiles and optional Laser cannon. It's also reasonably durable and very fast, often regarded as the single best fighter created by humans if not the best air superiority craft ever created period given that it maintains favorable kill ratios against hierarchy fighters, although that's not entirely true.
Vindicator ground attack craft: A principle tactical bomber and ground attack plane, the Vindicator is death incarnate to ground forces, carrying a lethal payload of missiles, bombs, and it's fearsome gatling railcannon which can be dragged across enemy lines, likely obliterating them all as this space borne cousin of the A-10 warthog fights for justice and freedom across countless battle fronts. Thanks to it's V/TOL construction, it's actually very maneuverable, and it is incredibly tough and durable with countless redundant systems. They are a welcome sight to ground forces and an eternal annoyance to hierarchy command assets.
Cryocopter: Equipped with scaled up versions of Cryolegionnare equipment and the same MASS and SHRINK rays used by Higgs tanks, these highly advanced helicopters are a prominent support gunship used by peacekeeper forces, often freezing up entire enemy columns, shrinking them down to size, and then shattering them with a brace of hypersonic ice shards from their MOAC guns. Their great speed, maneuverability, and durability makes them favorites of ground troopers and pilots.
Longbow liberator: Armed with a long barelled 30mm revolver railcannon, a brace of powerful missiles, and rocket pods, these gunships carry sheer, raw firepower that can utterly devastate ground forces, while their great maneuverability and durability lets them hang tight in the hairiest of situations, continually delivering their vital support. Hierarchy walker and super heavy kills are especially prized amongst Longbow pilots, who take great pride in their work to slow down the Zolkri.
Century bomber: Who else could design this hulking behemoth but an American? A huge heavy bomber and paratrooper carrier, the Century is one of the biggest VTOL airplanes ever designed, and it's immensely thick armor and powerful engines makes sure it will always get to the target to drop forth a huge cluster of bombs, cruise missiles, and paratroopers, while it's gatling railguns and anti-air missiles ward off interceptors who would try to stop the turn of the Century.
Cardinal transport copter: Yes it looks like a huey. No it is not a huey. Armed with dual automatic grenade launchers, twin gauss light machine guns, rocket pods, a gauss minigun, and target designator laser, this transport copter can go into space with rotors...somehow, and deliver infantry right down onto the battlefield, while it's great agility, speed, and impressive durability let it get through intense enemy anti-aircraft fire to get the job done.
Meso-fortress: A powerful bomber with several parasitic fighters equipped with proton pulse cannons and laser beamers to ward off pesky interceptors, this vehicle lets fly with deadly proton missiles that blast a target with a shower of near light speed particles that tear everything in the area apart, while it's great speed, heavy armor, set of automatic railguns, particle accelerator bombs round up it's loadout. Truly an invaluable asset to the peacekeeper war effort to keep humanity safe.
Achilles air superiority fighter: What many would have you believe is the single best air superiority craft in the universe, this impressive strike craft is propelled by a constantly ongoing nuclear explosion behind it, tending to incinerate anyone who hoped to catch it from behind while making it just about the fastest sublight speed object ever, not to mention it's hyperdrives and potent shielding, cloaking device, and potent armor. Equipped with powerful faster than light lases, missiles, and railguns, this vehicle can simply rip through entire enemy strike craft squadrons or gut capital ships singlehandedly, as well as easily kill most metahumans before they ever knew what the hell just happened. That being said, they are very expensive.
Heisenberg helicopter: A testament to the peacekeeper's increasing willingness to play god with the fabric of reality to do anything they can to reverse the fortunes of their war against the Zolkri, the Heisenberg's fearsome quark ray literally accelerates the entropy of it's target, causing it to age apart until even it's very protons decay into nothingness, and they are capable of simply punching through dimensional barriers to enter spaces beyond human imaginings to evade enemy fire while their highly maneuverable gravitic drives keep them going, that being said they are quite fragile, and activating the Heisenberg device while heavily damaged causes...bad juju..
Mk1 Giant Death Robot (Officially the Future tank): "Subtlety is for pussies"- Unofficial motto of Futuretech Inc, the largest weapons designer for the Peacekeepers. A fully automated rolling engine of utter death and despair, this highly intelligent robot is equipped with two massive neutron radiation guns that fire concentrated nuclear explosions that cause their targets to detonate in nuclear explosions, creating areas of effect so large they can even swat aircraft out of the sky. Powerful riot beams can be fired which literally punch a hole through the universe into a dimension of utter oblivion, sucking all those caught by the ray within to utter destruction. Gauss gatling guns, missile launchers, cryo-beams, and a powerful Chrono-gun which drastically scales up the Chrono-legionnaire's weapons sum up the rest of this juggernaut's arsenal. And not only that, it is also absurdly, ridiculously durable.
Harbinger gunship: "No we aren't compensating for anything, honest." A frequent response pilots of these massive vehicles have to give. Equipped with two massive particle collider cannons, a series of gauss gatling guns, autorailguns, and potent missile launchers, this vehicle can wipe out massive sections of an enemy army with just one circle around, while it's absolutely absurd amounts of armor and powerful engines keep it in the air come hell or high water.
Pacifier FAV: Equipped with twin rapid fire 305mm Railguns, a series of gatling railcannons, and an MRLS battery, this floating self propelled and unusually durable artillery platform brings forth a massive weight of firepower to bring the sky crashing down on some unfortunate sucker who's about to have a very, very bad day.
Robot tank: A zippy, floating light tank equipped with three light gauss machine guns and twin automatic railcannons, the Robot tank has been driven onto the battlefield to fill the gap created by increasingly severe amounts of casualties in the war against the zolkri, getting obliterated in droves, but managing to absorb losses that might have otherwise ripped through tank crews.

Chrono-Prison: As the Allied Nations Space Command becomes increasingly desperate, weapons that would be considered insane by more reasonable powers have been designed as the Allies adopt a policy of "throw science at the wall and see what sticks" and rush designs into battle with increasingly less regard for the consequences. The Chrono-Prison is perhaps one of the most terrifying of these ideas. Upscaling the Chrono-eraser of the Legionnaire to immense levels, the Prison can immediately remove anything that is not critical to the stability of reality from spacetime, locking them in null time, trapping them in an endless loop, teleporting them out of the universe, or even removing them from existence as a whole. Furthermore, Prisons can also work to benefit the rest of the army by manipulating the spacetime continuum around it, allowing soldiers to move with impossible speed while everyone else is ambling about in a molasses of slow time or aging to dust in moments or being reverse aged into mere children.

Chrono-tank: The A.N.S.C utilizes a highly fluid and mobile military force to strike at enemies where they are at their most vulnerable, thus making a tank that could teleport was simply a logical continuation of this philosophy, utilizing the same teleporters seen in Chrono-legionnaires on a larger scale, the Chrono-tank can simply slip past most any defensive barrier you care to put in front of it upon where it fires it's experimental Plasma cannon to give the enemy a taste of the same medicine the Hierarchy has been feeding it for years.

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Holy hell you are hardcore, woah. This is superb. Woah, some awesome effort into this.

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Holy hell you are hardcore, woah. This is superb. Woah, some awesome effort into this.

Picture it bro...

picture it

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The Court opposes these barely disused warmongers.

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@agent_california: [ I've had a few offers of funding and I've had to turn them all down. Not because I'm ungrateful, I'm not! But because I want to keep the low tech outlaws feeling. Basically the concept is they're almost totally broke with only the technology they can scrounge and scavenge. It creates a great contrast with Stark's wealth.

In the future after this storyline is over I might revisit those offers of funding; depending on the direction I go with the team. Of course the team could also be destroyed. Nothing is off the table. ]

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@agent_california: My god you can write a load of stuff! :O

The GLA blog is massively out of date and contains a crap ton of prime references, it'll need to be gutted and pictures put in. But it does exist in the nU, and yes, it too is in space, exporting a very violent interpretation of Islam.

They're dicks.

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@agent_california: [ I've had a few offers of funding and I've had to turn them all down. Not because I'm ungrateful, I'm not! But because I want to keep the low tech outlaws feeling. Basically the concept is they're almost totally broke with only the technology they can scrounge and scavenge. It creates a great contrast with Stark's wealth.

In the future after this storyline is over I might revisit those offers of funding; depending on the direction I go with the team. Of course the team could also be destroyed. Nothing is off the table. ]

(The GLA is very low tech if you look at them. Their spaceships literally only work through ork style "clap your hands if you believe" because it's generally early cold war era or worse. Heck their MBTs are T-34s and M4 Shermans.)

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@agent_california: Well, the concept is nice.

Who says that totally not Al Qaeda villains stopped being irrelevant after Iraqi Freedom? :P

I may have them try and take over an unclaimed American city as part of an event, maybe you and I could work on it?

I'm thinking of them attacking pittsburgh after landing a half million men.

Hilarity (and plot twists!) ensues.

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@agent_california: [ After the Stark event is over I'll take a good look and we'll see what we can stir up. Their tech does seem to have a lot of the right vibe! But for the Stark thing I'm wanting to not have anymore than I've got; to keep the storyline as dynamic as possible. ]

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@agent_california: Let's do it once we can, PM me and we can detail it.

[ After the Stark event is over I'll take a good look and we'll see what we can stir up. Their tech does seem to have a lot of the right vibe! But for the Stark thing I'm wanting to not have anymore than I've got; to keep the storyline as dynamic as possible. ]

Agreed on that.

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@agent_california: [ After the Stark event is over I'll take a good look and we'll see what we can stir up. Their tech does seem to have a lot of the right vibe! But for the Stark thing I'm wanting to not have anymore than I've got; to keep the storyline as dynamic as possible. ]

And of course, the man behind the man is the hierarchy, and behind them is the protectorate, and behind that the Icon, and behind that is Vrakmul's black hand.

It's all quite simple really.

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My schedule: Revamped GLA, Part 2 of John and Jade's Origin, the Hierarchy, the Novus, the Ordo Astartes, the Space Soviets.

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@nerx said:

@agent_california: can I help with the terrorist thing?


Also I need a project Frankenstein dossier.

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@agent_california: sweet, now time to throw around abduls, achmeds and mahmouds

as in Franky operatives?

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@nerx said:

@agent_california: sweet, now time to throw around abduls, achmeds and mahmouds

as in Franky operatives?

As in a post showing all about the Frankensteins and what you need to do if you want your own.

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Might also separate the Churchill into it's own thread.

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@agent_california: Do that, and Agent Cali and Stark need to speak about relocation for the Enforcers using her tech.

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Also, after much deliberation, here's the theme for the Peacekeepers!

It just oozes "America/WEurope, fuck yeah!"

Which is ironic because the peacekeepers are fascist douchebags and non-comedic satires of Bush era NATO nations.

They're pretty much everything I don't like about the western world policy wise. And they're well intentioned villains.

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We're baaaack.

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@the_timely_assassin: Is it only for humans?

While mildly xenophobic and rife with "Humanity fuck yeah!" the peacekeepers have no statutes against beings not of the Homo genus joining them.

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Update: Post MARATHON 1

The Marathon conflict that had the Peacekeepers encounter a leftover example of technology from the Masari had given the Peacekeepers a shock. They were aware of the technology left behind by the ancient forerunners, but they had no idea that they could create something on that scale. Furthermore, came the surprise of Masari technology being so easily used by humanity. But there was a darker surprise, the Thoughtsin, released from their scientific containment by the meddlesome Hierarchy troops. These parasitic monstrosities infected much of the expeditionary force and the Zolkri attackers, turning them into horrific monstrosities slaved to terrible gestalt minds.

The danger of the Thoughtsin escaping the MARATHON ring was immense, but most worrying was the station's primary monitor; 612 Helium Light's plan for getting rid of it, detonating the ring, which would have wiped out all sentient life in a colossal radius to try and starve the Thoughtsin. The surviving members of the expeditionary force made a difficult decision and activated the self destruct sequence of the ring by overloading it's core and that of their own infested ship, with Admiral Guido being infected and used as biomass to create a massive brain to try and pilot the capital ship.

Fighting through desperate Zolkri and Zolkri servant races and the Thoughtsin infected and pure forms, the team of Metahumans and Frankensteins managed to fight their way through their ship to destroy it before it could be used to find it's way back to earth and bring the plague back to the homeworld of mankind. Sergeant Jacques Martin, seemingly immune to the infection, personally killed the body of the gestalt mind forming in the Forward unto Victory and helped his team escape into a long range heavy gunship that returned back to Earth, where they were warmly greeted and decorated by the Peacekeepers for their victory; which of course was heavily spun before being fed to the Earth and colony worlds.

The report given to the Earth was that the Peacekeepers had found a colossal weapon of mass destruction that was about to be utilized by foul aliens, with reports of the Thoughtsin and the true scale of the Hierarchy being edited out for fear of creating panic on Earth, and after a brave sacrifice and many (aggrandized if not outright fictionalized via doctoring videos and pictures or outright fabricating them) battles the Peacekeepers were able to defeat the aliens and stop them from detonating the device and eradicating the galaxy.

Of course Tombstone, who had managed to sneak aboard the ship, and others who were less than trusting of the Peacekeeper's actual motives, are currently working on trying to spread the truth before the Peacekeepers can more fully enwrap their tentacles into the earth. The peacekeepers though, are masters of spin doctoring and lies, and the battle for the Earth's soul will be a difficult one given how the the Corps is enthralling the Earth with offers of better living conditions and a post labor and post scarcity society.

Currently, the Peacekeepers are attempting to force some headway into their operations on Earth, strongly lobbying with politicians in their favor and circling "problem nations" with their fleet of ships, although they insist that their guns aren't pointed at them and always try to point out how much better they make living as more nations enthusiastically sign up with the peacekeeper program to start receiving their trickles of technology from the stars. All the while, machinations far beyond the boundaries of Earth are taking place.

Update: Chasseur Division (Not quite ready yet, but I'll let you see some of it)

Following encounters with the Zolkri, Chaos, Tyranids, Orks, and limited engagements with the Black Hand and most recently the Thoughtsin, the nations and colonies that make up the Peacekeepers realized that colossal combatants capable of engaging in melee wasn't actually a bad idea following repeated defeats by massive Daemons, Walkers, Necrons, Gargants, Bio-titans, genetically engineered monstrosities, and Mecha.. Taking design notes from the creation of the Death Harbinger, the original Frankenstein, and the Liberty Prime project from the 1950s, the Peacekeepers have encouraged friendly nations of Earth and their colonies to engage in a new project; the Chasseur division.

Whereas the Frankensteins were experts at defeating high end metahuman threats, they so far proved to be less than satisfactory for handling the threats of "VLCs" or "Very large combatants." Before hand, large numbers of Frankensteins would needed to be used to bring down a single Zolkri walker after suffering massive casualties, with conventional weapons proving to be inadequate and WMD bombardment in populated areas being out of the question. Following the loss of a hundred worlds in rapid succession to WAAAGH Gitbasha and his armada of Gargants, action had to be taken.

Once the golden boys of the peacekeepers, the Frankenstein division was somewhat sidelined in favor of the Chasseuers, French for hunter; as it was the Anglo-French leadership of the Peacekeepers that decided to create this project. To this end, they decided to fight giant monsters, robots, and mecha, they'd need to make their own. Using the best in robotics, neural uplink, power generation, weapons technology, and material sciences, they created the Chasseurs, first for deployment off world to defend what the Peacekeepers call "Earth's Empire of FREEDOM" with the possibility of creating a Homebound detatchment of Chasseurs and Frankensteins to help police the Earth itself being put on the table.

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I think I'll make a full locale tomorrow.