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First part of my alt marathon.


Height: 6'10

Mass: 228 lbs

Species: Homo Rex Ultima (Frankenstein, Ex-homo sapiens sapien)

Hair colour: Red

Eye colour: Cyan

Ethnicity: Irish-American

Skin tone: Caucasian

Identity: Publicly known

Cup size: 25 C.

Alignment: True Neutral

Age: 28, Looks 18.

Nationality: United States of America (California)

Religion: Agnostic, she knows the gods exist, but doesn't think they're all powerful, or are even responsible for anywhere near as much as they claim to be.

Operative name: Agent California

Call sign: Castle 413.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Frankenstein Leaderboard Status: Number one.

Quirks: Mild Nymphomania


"Morte Ai Nostri Nemici" -Peacekeeper Motto

Allied Nations Peacekeeper corps; a term that can bring fear into the hearts of any who hear it, and yet a term that most earthlings won't ever hear. a Clandestine force equipped with the latest in NATO's superscience, magic, and psionics that allows it to take on any foe anywhere in the universe to defend western civilization from any possible threat to it, formed during world war two as a special military force to help the western allies defeat Nazi Germany's Storm Korps, Imperial Japan's "Divine Wind", and Fascist Italy's "Roman Legion" and later to oppose the Warsaw Pact's Grand Red Guard. Kept secret as their actions would often draw the ire of the public, the Peacekeeper corps believes in the "strike before struck" policy, believing that if you break the legs of a potential rival, they'll never be a threat in the future; negating the need for a costly defensive war on the soil of the nations of NATO.

The backers of the Allied Peacekeeper Corps

Covert raids into space to attack alien races deemed to be hostile to NATO's interests, plunging into the other planes to bring down Demon Princes and Elemental Lords or sometimes even Archangels seen as a threat to the countries of NATO, bringing down Metahuman menaces before they can even become a word on anyone's mouth.

Major Jannet on the Yu'kyt homeworld

Even the U.N is not totally exempt from the long gaze of the eagle, as they can and have assassinated U.N officials that stumbled upon the actions of the Peacekeeper Corps. The newest commander of the Peacekeeper Corps, one General Herbert Alexander; a man of Texan birth, has tried to move the Peacekeeper corps away from it's highly morally questionable actions when it was effectively the unchallenged military elite of humanity in the face of the Hierarchy War and now the Peacekeeper corps works primarily as the military arm of the Allied Nations Space Command, which has long become the primary governing body of the organization that runs the colony worlds of "humanity".

The symbol of the peacekeepers.

The Astartes has been watching the Peacekeeper Corps and has subtly manipulated them towards their line of thinking, while covertly directing them to alien or supernatural menaces to act as a screening force for the Starbourne Imperium to follow up on. As of yet, the Astartes has remained hidden from the Peacekeeper Corps even after it has established it's own space colonies on worlds formerly occupied by alien species that would have destroyed humanity had the Peacekeepers not wiped them out to the last individual. So far, over sixty million alien species and thirty million demon and elemental realms have been wiped out completely by the U.N peacekeepers.

The symbol of Project Frankenstein.

The Peacekeepers manages an empire of over eight hundred and fifty seven million worlds spread across the local supercluster, divided between the member states of the organization, due to a clause of secrecy, very little of the gains from this empire ever reach anyone on Earth. This means that the vastly superior resources, technology, and manpower of the organization that could end all the issues on earth in the snap of a finger never, ever reach the Earth, but neither does word of the constant atrocities they commit to maintain their war against other spaceborne human nations and out of simple xenophobia.

Carol and Operative Ericson, a Norwegian Frankenstein specializing in kinetic energy control.

Following a disastrous setback on the planet Reach in an engagement with Novus forces, the organization is on edge and extremely paranoid, worried that the Masari AI 413 Bright Ember will carry out it's threat to reveal the organization to the general public back home. Fearing the resulting Back lash, the organization is willing to go to desperate extremes to maintain it's existence. Those who support it also fear the deaths of their careers should their backing of an organization that has killed quadrillions of sapient life forms ever become public knowledge.

Agent California

Carol Allison was born in a bad part of the Los Angeles neighborhood, bad not because of crime, but because of the presence of the Black Hand. Black hand recruiters were everywhere in that particular part of the city. And at the tender age of ten, she was inducted into the hand. Like all new recruits of the Black hand, she was immediately brain washed with a special process that combined psionics, fiendish technology, and dark magic. She was brought into the Shadow Cult as it was determined that the girl would be best suited for the subterfuge and shadow play of the Black hand's cloak and dagger.

She took the enhancements given to shadow troopers quite well, and preformed extremely admirably, even being brought into the Black hand's elite commando corps after a while. She killed more people than most humans would ever meet across their entire life times, politicians, metahumans, aliens, extradimensional creatures, and maybe even a few godlings here and there. But in the back of her mind was something that told her that this just...wasn't her...but still, the induction process was far too strong for her to overcome, and she continued her lethal service to the finest murderers of the Black Hand.

She was even being considered for membership in the inner circle of the Black hand as one of Ishmael's lieutenants, an incredible honour amongst the organization, as most of the Black hand never even saw the members of the Circle of Nine or the Dark Triad, much less get the chance to serve directly beneath the highest echelons of the Black hand. But during one mission, a raid on an Astartes base, everything went horribly wrong. The intelligence stated that the Talon base was lightly defended, and for the most part, this was true, but a crucial detail was missed out.

Carol Allison, part of Project Frankenstein

Lord Saint Thule, encased in his impenetrable dragoon sarcophagus of divine steel, was present at the base for inspections in a very rare visit. Carol's team didn't even stand a ghost of a chance. The whole operation slaughtered and Thule himself brushed aside Allison like she was an insect before striking her team from existence itself. The Talon then took her into custody as they tried to cover up their presence, and they set about interrogating her, as most members of the Black hand typically committed suicide before any useful information could be gained.

But that tiny amount of Carol's personality that remained gave her a fear of death not shared by the majority of the Black Hand, a seed of doubt that the Talon discovered, and used it to help wrench her from the vice like grip of the Black Hand's brain washing procedures. They managed to purge the traces of Black Hand indoctrination from her mind, but determined that she was not suitable for working in the Astartes, and instead secretly planted her inside N.A.T.O's greatest pet Project Frankenstein, an operation made to create hypersoldiers to defeat extremely high powered threats to the united states.

Pulling some strings, the Order managed to get her accepted in with minimum fuss, and she volunteered for the enhancement process that made the results of Project Frankenstein into the manmade gods they were. While every member of Project Frankenstein had a hugely increased physiciality, she was set to have the specialization of speed, and they worked to make her more or less the fastest woman on Earth with a limitless potential to become faster as a fight continued onwards, she would also become incredibly strong, durable, possessed of an intensely powerful healing factor, and given the best equipment America could afford.

In the end, like most every result of project frankenstein, she cost the American people something to the tune of five billion dollars, which was considered to be an investment well spent by the military brass. She was put to work in the middle east, helping American forces defeat Terrorist aligned supernatural beings and high powered metahumans, and herself managed to kill three Kryptonians who had been converted to Islam in a single battle after fighting her way through at least a hundred metahumans, her speed having well surpassed that of light at the moment, meaning each and everyone one of her punches was enough to devastate even the toughest of foes.

With later alien invasions, she was called into space to fight in the Yu'kyt wars where she would spend several more years of her life, battling aliens far away from home with the pretext of keeping the earth safe, enacting the calculated genocide of three trillion beings, but she herself began to grow disgusted with the policies of the Allied peacekeepers. In this same battle, she managed to actually outpace a speed force user as the fight went on, though it is worth noting she had prior time for her own pace to build up to the right levels, and then did the impossible, she speed blitzed the speed force user.

Recently, she is back in the united states as the heads of the Allied Nations Space Command plan their next moves against the metahuman menace to the land of the stars and stripes, effectively giving her a vacation. She is called Agent California as she was introduced to Project Frankenstein as a CIA operative, not a military person, and obviously, is native to the state of California. She's considered one of the best in Project Frankenstein, and has something of a rivalry with Arch Dornan, claiming that her speed and agility beats his durability and strength any day.

She is the four hundred and thirteenth Frankenstein to come from the city of Los Angeles, and has call sign and designation of "Castle-413." Often thought to be the most human of the Frankensteins, she's often selected for more delicate negotiations and operations back on earth. But this humanity has come at the price of her starting to seriously doubt whether or not the Peacekeepers are in the right, following the death of Dornan, she has also come face to face with her mortality. Despite all the enhancements they put into him, the face, the symbol of the organization, he was still killed in the end and the mission was lost.

Though she was rescued by 413 bright ember and returned to the nearest NATO base in space, there are plenty of mental shake ups she has to recover from. First and foremost is acknowledging just how the accomplishments of NATO are in the grand scheme of things. Secondly, that she may be caught up in the upcoming storm of fate as events spiral towards the reckoning with the forces of the Lord of Doom. Thirdly, is that the nightmares of her past are returning, and that deep down, she's afraid.

She can still see that face, not the green skull with the chaotic eyes, though that terrified her plenty, but a bone colored mask, sleek and graceful in it's curves, yet arranged so differently from a human face. Dead eyes, even when they were seen, they were dead, devoid of any empathy, any decency. And a voice that still chills her to her very bones, cold as the deepest winter, powerful as the mightiest bomb, as smooth as the softest silk.

Recently, she saved the entire observable universe and beyond from the Hierarchy during the events of the battle of MARATHON Alpha, destroying the ancient Doomsday weapon and dealing heavy damage to both the Hierarchy fleet there and to the Thoughtsin outbreak by confounding both of their efforts and preventing 612 High Horse or the Hierarchy from firing the ring, the former to contain the Parasite's outbreak, the latter to try and eradicate everything with a human phenotype in range.

This act has given her the honor of perhaps saving more lives than any other human has in history, or at least being high among them. And following Dornan's death, has also cemented her position as the very best that Project Frankenstein had to offer. Given the minimally intrusive nature of her personality flaw, she has also been regarded as a cool, calm head in an elite division that displays so many of the greatest oddities and deviancies of the human psyche.

She also fought in the unsuccessful allied nations space command efforts to keep Cerberus away from it's Martian base, and is currently embroiled in the new Hierarchy assault on humanity, heavily engaging herself in the desperate battle for Earth.


Super strength and durability: Carol starts out at exactly class Twenty five, but the longer a fight goes, the stronger and tougher she gets as her body begins to go into overdrive. So far, there does not seem to be an upper limit to this. What classifies as a fight seems to be quite nebulous. However, if she's directly threatened, this seems to cause her power to ramp up much faster than it usually does. Thus, typically the only way to overpower her is to defeat her quickly before she can get powerful enough. Compared to Dornan, her strength amps up at a rather slower level.

Magic resistance: Allison is highly resistant to magic, but this resistance increases at the same pace as her strength.

Psionic resistance: Carol is highly resistant to psionics, and like his magic resistance, it is tied to how strong and durable she is at the moment.

Speed: Due to her seemingly limitless endurance and hugely strong leg muscles and what is often called "an artificial speed force", Carol is capable of moving at incredible speeds, having clocked in at three thousand miles per hour, and this speed increases ridiculously fast, as quickly as Dornan's strength does in fact. Depending on the situation, she can reach faster than light speeds in a heartbeat if the situation is dire enough.

Reactions: Carol has a reaction time ten thousand times as fast as a normal, unenhanced human. These increase proportionally to her Speed. She additionally has a seemingly infallible danger sense that further enhances her ability to avoid incoming blows.

Healing factor: Allison has an impressive healing factor that has allowed her to stay in battle with three Kryptonians attacking him at once and withstand the fury of an Rikti attack battalion. This increases at the same pace as her durability and strength, so it makes it imperative that anyone seeking to defeat Carol should do so quickly before she proves to overmatch her foe completely. This healing factor also makes her immune to all poison and disease, including vampirism, lycanthropy, and the zombification. She also hasn't aged since hitting eighteen, her body's healing ability far in excess of the worst old age has to offer.

Lethal blood: One vampire who tried to suck her blood died within moments of drinking her blood due to the fact that the antibodies in the blood immediately began to attack the vampire's systems and left only a pile of goop. An omnivorous villain similarly perished after taking a bite out of Carol as the antibodies in the flesh attacked the body and literally dissolved the creature's body.


Skilled fighter: A former Black Hand commando, Carol is a very skilled marksman and hand to hand fighter, something that has only increased as she has been trained further in project frankenstein, through both physical training and flash memory, followed by the experiences of a decade of constant war.

Intelligent: While certainly no genius, Carol was still an A- average equivalent student in the Black hands Scholas, she's more than smart enough to figure out a puzzle or resort to different methods if hitting, stabbing, and blasting things doesn't work. With S.E.C.O.N.D she effectively has access to the sum total of human knowledge and an A.I with more processing power than the entire human race put together.


Power armour: This piece of equipment doubles all of her physical traits and is composed out of a titanium-iron-necrodermis-vibranium alloy, making it tremendously strong. Additionally, it doubles the rate of increase of her physical characteristics and their initial starting points and it grows more durable with her thanks to 41st century technology. Additionally, it has a self repair system and living metal characteristics that works as quickly as her healing factor and grows in pace along with it.

Power armour continued: It acts as fully functional life support, and a series of repulsor jets on her back, chest, feet, and palms lets her fly with surprising amounts of maneuverability, the speed being about ten times faster than her running speed, and growing with her own running pace. Like all of her equipment, the repulsors increase in power as she does, and are perfectly viable as weapons. Shoulder deployable micro-missile launchers with variable warheads and wrist mounted plasma stream projectors effectively make her bristling with weaponry. As part of the later generation of Frankensteins, her armor is more standardized than the ones who came before her, being part of the all in one GUGNIR class battlesuit for the newest generation of Frankensteins, and due to refinements in the process, radical alterations to the humane phenotype such as in Dornan are no longer needed for large scale improvements.

Shield generator: Implanted into her suit, nanomesh weave, and body are shield generators, each of the three shield generators being rapidly regenerating, moldable, and usable for defense against all sorts of attacks, allowing her to block matter disrupting weapons, though it does take quite a bit out of her shield supply. She has three shield layers, each of which can swap to allow the others to recharge, and it takes quite an impressive amount of force to blow through all three layers of shielding simultaneously.

Suit modes: Like the newer generation suits, her armor suit can devote power into special modes, Speed, Strength, Armor, Stealth, and Nanovision.

In Armor mode, the suit's nanomachines harden as much as they are able, greatly enhancing durability and working with the suit's reverse engineered shielding. This means that his durability is cranked up a thousand fold to the point that most attacks on her fall completely flat.

Of course, each hit against the armor drains energy, and when depleted the suit reverts back to default mode until it can recharge. Fortunately, energy recharges fastest in armor mode.

In speed mode, energy is diverted to the synthetic muscles relating to movement and to various thrusters spread across the suit into the reflex centers of the brain, greatly increasing the velocity and reflexes of Allison to a thousand times her normal.

All movement is sped up, including swimming, flight, reloading, and thinking, allowing for the Agent to use the speed mode to think out plans and strategize while the rest of the world moves on like slugs. Of course, heavy usage of this mode's abilities such as sprinting drain from the suit's energy stores and will require Carol to stop and allow her suit to recharge.

In strength mode, the suit diverts energy to the synthetic muscles and motors, setting everything to provide as much physical strength as possible the user is made a thousand times stronger and gains physical might at a similar rate.

Finally, you have cloaking mode. Here the suit engages both lensing mechanisms and chromatophore systems, bending light across all spectrums, telepathic signals, magic detection, odor, and sound around it and replicating the image of whatever is behind it. This mode constantly drains energy while in use, but it turns Carol into a undetectable Ninja ready to kill enemies undetected and similarly disguises anything in the Carol's possession.

Nanovision mode allows the suit to see into all spectrums, detect all frequencies of sound, and sense something's presence in reality, foiling any and all forms of stealth.

Cybernetics and Nanomesh weave: A series of cybernetic enhancements within her body to improve virtually everything about her in tandem with the underlying nanomesh beneath her suit. They further double the rate of increase of her physical characteristics and their initial starting points and they grow more durable with her thanks to the very finest technology the peacekeepers can offer. And given the cybernetic nature of her eyes, she's capable of firing off high powered lasers that can be further amplified by her visor.

Implants: Body produces Diamond instead of Keratin, bones are coated in the same alloys as her suit, her appendix has been replaced by a hyperdense anti-matter reactor, each neuron aside from those in her brain have been converted into nodes for the S.E.C.O.N.D A.I, her muscles, organ, and skin tissue have been reinforced with carbon nanotubes, her hemoglobin equivalent is entirely chemically different from normal humans, her eyes have been removed and replaced with high end optics, her heart is mechanical, her left lung, spleen, both kidneys, and her intestines have all been cannibalized by her implants and replaced with a mass of CNT following suffering grievous injuries with an artificially stunted healing factor, meaning attacks to those organs are not effective as she doesn't have them.

Electronic warfare: By working in tandem with the GUGNIR's SANTA A.I system, S.E.C.O.N.D gives Carol a massive leg up in cyberwarfare, allowing her to effortlessly crack most any electronic data system and access virtually any data store there is to be accessed. This also allows her to hack into homing projectiles on the fly and force them away from her by confusing their circuitry, and is invaluable against robotic, cybernetic, and power suit wielding opponents.

Needlers: Taken and improved from the weapons utilized by the Hierarchy. Firing railgun spikes, these pistols fire projectiles that move a thousand times faster than her current running speed for a truly colossal impact, then the projectiles promptly explode within their target for maximum damage after piercing through whatever armour they may be wearing. Additionally, the projectiles home in on anything identified as an enemy by Carol's suit. The butts of the pistols have kinetic energy and gravitational field manipulators for absolutely devastating force multiplied pistol whips, and extendable blades, as well as foldable barrels allow the guns to function as blades and knives in close combat.

Assault rifle: Relatively plain by many people's standards, this assault rifle is capable of single shot, multishot burst, and fully automatic mode, firing off 8.8mm APDS railgun rounds fired off at about three thousand times her running speed, not having the sheer mass or explosive power of her needlers, but being better suited at range. Additionally, the weapon contains a special grenade launcher that can fire anything from EMP warheads to black holes to guided anti-matter missiles, and a top mounted rail shotgun that can fire forth birdshot, buckshot, or slugs for powerful close attacks. An extendable bayonet can also be deployed for close in work and the magazine, grip, and butt of the gun has a kinetic energy and gravitational field manipulator for massive impacts, and a linked scope, laser sight, and ammo generators make this virtually indestructible gun extremely versatile.

Adamantium-Necrodermis-vibranium blades: On each wrist are four blades made out of an adamantium-necrodermis-vibranium alloy, which is then energized for maximum cutting ability, on each blade are teeth made out of a somewhat stronger adamantium-vibranium alloy arranged on a chainsaw. The cutting power and strength of these blades increases with her own physical might.

Beneficus: The most advanced man portable A.I the ANSC has to offer, Beneficus is the A.I partnered to Allison, and the two have an immensely strong partnership forged in their years of time together. Sometimes the A.I takes the holographic shape of a dog, sometimes of a nude male human, other times as a fully armored peacekeeper, but the A.I is both extremely intelligent, an immensely powerful calculator and number cruncher, and capable of incredibly invasive hacking at incredible speeds, hacking entire Capital ships from a distance or shutting down enemy power armor or just about anything with wireless communications and computational ability, effectively allowing her to access the power of technopathy. There are some rumors that not only is Beneficus her greatest friend and ally, but also the only stable relationship she's ever had. A rumor which she typically meets with a cold glare.