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Sector 13 Base - Colorado

The mountain fortress of Sector 13 lay in shambles as workers quickly began to salvage what was left.  Demons had ravaged the installation nonstop and their attack had finally stopped.  Anderson sat in his desk picking up the pieces and formulating a new strategy.  During the onslaught, a horde of demons had managed to breach the security of the compound and make their way inside.  Nearly one hundred were dead.  Nonetheless, Anderson's valiant super soldiers had come through and had fought the creatures back - breaking out in hand-to-hand combat from time to time.
Indeed, the super soldiers of Sector 13 had proven their worth time and time again.  Reaching areas of perfection beyond human possibilities, they were all perfect killing machines - all three hundred of them.  Each one possessed adrenaline-enhanced speed, strength, and durability.  They were all trained in the best hand-to-hand combat known to man, trained to be tactical thinkers of military strategy.  Being specialists before their "rebirth," many of them had simply accelerated the skills which they already possessed.  Truly, they were the elite force of the entire world itself.
During the attack, the generators had malfunctioned and lots of damage had been done to the compound's power grid.  While weapons and other defenses were kept online, various other sections lost power entirely.  Anderson could still not comprehend how nearly all the damage was instantly undone.  Whatever force was at work, it was one that he appreciated for the time being.  The next objective would be the reestablishment of world power.
Sitting at his desk, Anderson placed both hands on the sides of his temples and rubbed them tiredly.  Just then, a smile crept upon his face and the pieces of the puzzle began to come together.  At times like this, people would flock to individuals that displayed power.  Sector 13 was probably the most advanced military establishment on the planet and with Anderson's army of super soldiers, he could probably take the world by force.  The thought of creating thousands of his super soldiers grew very enticing.  Though it could be viewed by some as treason, Anderson began to see it as a means toward a better way of life.
Hearing something at his door, Anderson looked up only to be met by one of his greatest fears.  As his eyes met the large figure standing naked in his doorway, for the first time ever Agent Anderson froze in fear.  Before him stood something more terrorizing than any demon.  For what felt like ten minutes, Anderson sat at his desk literally trembling.  Eventually, his shaking hands reached for the intercom to call for support.
However, before Anderson's hand even reached the button, a long bladed weapon in the assailant's left hand was suddenly thrust deep into Anderson's shoulder so that it protruded from the other side.  The attack was done in a way so that it neatly severed the nerve endings in his right arm - rendering it paralyzed.  Crying out in pain, Anderson was then lifted up off the ground by the blade and literally nailed to the wall.
Tears filled Anderson's eyes and urine soaked his pants as he looked into the eyes of his attacker.  With a trembling voice, Anderson said, "I..... I......  I'm sorry...."
The assailant simply replied by saying, "It's too late for that."  With that, the attacker held up another blade with his right hand and swung it through the air - grossly decapitating Agent Anderson right then and there.  It was not a clean decapitation like those performed by samurai.  Instead, this was done in a somewhat sloppy manner.  The metal of the blade literally took the man's head off his body - not separated at the neck, but done at the base of the jaw.  If anything, it would look like the claw work of a demon or some other creature.  Blood gushed liberally out of the wound as the agent's corpse was crucified upon the wall.

One Hour Later

Sector 13 had been cleared out.  Nearly all of the weapons were taken.  No witnesses were left.  Some personnel simply disappeared while the others were slain.  The super soldiers that were so legendary were now nowhere to be found.  All files regarding their previous existence had been lost and they had nowhere else to go.  With the members of the area either dead or disappeared, one last figure could be seen flying away from the mountain fortress in some sort of power suit.  As the figure flew off into the distance, the entire mountain fortress of Sector 13 blew up.  Nothing was left.  It was as if Sector 13 had never existed at all....
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Sector 13 Base

After the so-called "assassination" of the United Nations councilwoman, Anderson had been keeping an eye on things from the shadows.  While the entire world was on the hunt for Wolf Pack, Special Agent Will Anderson had been conducting an investigation of his own.  With a gathering of his most-trusted associates, he viewed the security footage taken from the council floor of the UN headquarters.
"Whoa!" Anderson yelled to the video technician.  "Rewind that frame and play at ten percent speed."  The technician did accordingly and the entire room had their eyes on the footage of the Hunter letting loose the arrow.  "Rewind it again and reduce the speed to five percent." Anderson ordered.   "Right there!  Freeze the frame at 2:34.53!"  The entire group of individuals widened their gaze and looked closer at the footage in shock.  With the special modifications on the Hunter's bow, the arrow would be traveling at an extremely fast pace.  However, the entire group noticed that while the arrow was passing through the air, the councilwoman was still seated in her chair.  Therefore, the arrow would have clearly missed her.
Furthermore, the councilwoman herself seemed most peculiar.  At the time, she was sitting in a completely relaxed position as if she had not inclination of standing up.  Different papers were in front of her and she was in the process of taking notes.  "Now....." Anderson said.  "Play the footage continuing with eight percent speed."  With that, the entire group observed as the woman suddenly stood up from her chair in time to be impaled by the Hunter's arrow.
"Look at that!" an agent exclaimed.  "Look at her focus.... her posture.... everything!"
"I see it too." another agent confirmed.
A perplexed look came upon Anderson's face.  "Freeze frame." he said to the technician.  "Play that part over again."  As the footage played over again in slow-motion, everyone's eyes were focused on the woman.  When she stood up, it was completely unnatural.  It was almost as if puppet strings were attached and made her do so.  Her muscle movement was so sudden and rough as she practically jumped out of her seat.  She did not even bother to move her chair back - causing her to roughly knock into the table in front of her.
"Quickly, establish a trajectory for the arrow." Anderson ordered.  With that, a line was drawn from the Hunter's position that followed the path of the arrow.  "I'll be damned....." Anderson said under his breath.  "He was aiming for something in the main area.....  He saw something that no one else saw..... not even the cameras..."  Though he was somewhat perplexed by it all, Anderson suddenly diverted his attention to the Hunter on screen.  "Alright old boy, tell us what you saw...." he said to himself as the technician rewound the footage again.
Anderson watched as the Hunter yelled out random things.  At first, he had no idea what they could mean.  Then, he had the audio technician single out the frequency of William Greystoke's voice and to clarify the dialogue.  "Jinx!.......  NO!!!.......  What the f#ck?!...... He's the one you want...... It was him!....  Jesus, it was him!  What the....." was all that came out audibly.  What could it all mean?
"He's trying to convey something." one of the agents said.
"That's right," Anderson agreed.  "But WHAT is he trying to get through?  What's the 'jinx' all about?  Is there some kind of riddle or encoded message?"
"Sir," another agent said.  "What if he's not saying a riddle or message at all?  What if he's trying to say an actual name?"
"That's it!" Anderson exclaimed.  He then turned to one of the agents and said, "Search the database for any known criminals that go by the name of Jinx."  Sure enough, the database came up with the profile of the infamous J1NX.  Though he had been off the radar for some time, Anderson was almost certain that this J1NX was the man they were looking for.  It would take a highly-skilled technopath to accomplish what was done.  "It would certainly explain why cameras didn't detect anything." Anderson said.  "As for the members of the United Nations...  If some neural devices had been somehow implanted into their brains - most likely the work of nanotechnology - then they would have been under his control the whole time.  HE was the puppet master!"
Anderson's eyes suddenly widened as he fell back into his chair.  "Je$u$ Chri$t....." he said.  "......the United Nations is under the control of that man.....  There's got to be something greater at work here.... some master plan.  He was just getting Wolf Pack out of the way...."  With that, Agent Anderson looked around at his collegues and said in a serious tone.  "Gentlemen, we have work to do."
Sure enough, it all made sense.  As soon as possible, Anderson would contact a few individuals.  Due to the possible compromise of the world's leadership, he could not allow any government-contracted groups of heroes to take part.  Instead, he would have to contact heroes that were off the grid; and he knew exactly where to start....
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Maybe it's time to make an appearance....

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BTW Good job on the posts, everyone.

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Posted.  Things are about to get even MORE interesting, lol.

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Sector 13

After returning from a certain "duty" which he was carrying out, Anderson returned to the mountain fortress of Sector 13.  As he was sitting at his desk going through certain files, his communicator buzzed.  "Anderson here." he said.

"Sir," a voice came from the other end.  "Wolf Pack has arrived.  They have the data."

"Excellent." Anderson replied.  "Send Greystoke to my office at once.  Tell him to bring the data."

"Yes sir."

A few minutes later, Anderson's door opened and the dark hooded figure known as "The Hunter" entered.  In his hands was a recording device and a stick of data ready to download.  "Ah, excellent." Anderson said, getting up from his desk and looking at the Hunter.  "Did you get everything?" he asked.  However, he then was able to see the look on the face of William Greystoke.  The look upon the man's face told a different story.

"We have trouble..." the Hunter said in a sullen tone, handing over the recorder and the data.  "Doomsday is alive.... and he is now on the loose."

The very words struck Anderson deeply.  "And you are absolutely certain of this?" he said.  The Hunter simply responded by holding up the recorder and the data, then letting them fall onto Anderson's desk.  Immediately, Anderson took the data stick along witih the recording device and plugged them into a console on the wall.  A holographic image came up in the center of the room with fully three-dimensional images.

Reenactments of the Hunter, Risky, and Sylver going through the pyramid came up.  At last, Anderson skipped ahead in the time sequence.  The tour of Sinister's lab then came up on-screen, followed by the battle between William Greystoke and Darkchild.  Anderson then watched as Darkchild grabbed the Hunter by his cape and tossed his body like a rag doll into the containment tank that held Doomsday.  He watched the container get knocked over and was compromised, then as the paralyzing liquid was drained, and then as the beast broke out of its scientific prison and slaughtered the Infinites in the room.

Racing over to his communicator, Anderson contacted the logistics division of the base.  "Yes sir?" the senior technician replied.

"I need you to do a custom scan for a particular subject." Anderson said.  "...the vital signs of Codename: D66."

"But sir, that object was destr-"

"DAMMIT SOLDIER!  I said SCAN!" Anderson yelled into the communicator.

"Yes sir." the technician replied.  ".......Holy sh*t..... We've got a hit!  It's in the Middle East now!  It's moving fast!"

"Get a satellite video image on screen right away and send it to my office!" Anderson ordered.  Suddenly, a video image began streaming in.  It was Doomsday..... The creature was in the deserts of Pakistan.  Apparently, Doomsday had stumbled upon an engagement between United States' and terrorist forces.  The beast was tearing through both sides, slaughtering mercilessly.  "My God..." Anderson said to himself.

"Maybe if we're lucky, that thing will take out Bin Laden." the Hunter said with a smirk of dark humor.

"Sir," a voice said over the com-link.  "It's on the move again..... it's moving towards Israel...."

Other than the Hunter, there was only one other man who Anderson trusted.  Looking down, Anderson let out a sigh and said, "I need to get a hold of Kurrent....."
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Kurrent said:
"Kurrent might not be too happy to see you Anderson......LOL"
lol, Since when has he EVER been happy to see me?