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She already has.

There is no trinity anymore. It's a duo. Outside comicbook world. No one acknowledges her. In fact when you bring her up people go, "oh yeah"

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@dbvse7 said:

Jay-Z and Queen B.

More talent, more successful.. most important, they're more of a business minded power couple.

Kim and West are just flashy and popular.. with Kanye holding the talent area down for the both of them to share.

enough said (though i do like Kanye)

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How is Marvel going to explain or talk about Magic in their cinematic Universe. They've spent many times throughout the movies and tv shows that magic doesn't really exist. It can all be explained with science. Even with Thor and Asgard. It's not magic. It's advance Alien Technology. How are they going to introduce magic to magicless world?


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Only a white person can get away of with this shit. Even though statistically, they'd be the most likely to initiate a mass shooting.

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I couldn't object.

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No. Of course not. There should be focus on other countries. I mean, these global threats effect the entire planet. Not all stores have to be so American-centric.

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@heatblaze123: You're comparing being a human being to a watermelon. Nice.

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@jayc1324:That previous name isn't Caitlyn's Identity anymore. It's still disrespectful. She is not Bruce Jenner anymore. She is Caitlyn Jenner. To refer to her now as Bruce Jenner is disrespectful and transphobic because it disregards her current identity.

: It actually does. It says that he's going to deny Caitlyn's identity and call her whatever he wants. I would call that hateful or dislike. And I see as an act of social violence. An attack on a person's social being, their identity.

@heatblaze123 said:
@agent9149 said:

@king_saturn: It is hateful. Laverne Cox a prominent Trans woman, actress, and trans activist has said that misgendering a transperson is an act of violence. It is something that is serious. Drake Bell might not intended his remarks to be hateful but it comes across as transphobic.

No, not even a little.

I'll take the word of Laverne Cox, an actual Trans Woman before yours anyday.

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@jayc1324: Telling a person that you're going to disregard their identity and call them whatever you want sounds like dislike to me