Now that I've gotten your attention with that sensational title, here's a rant"

So it has been found out that Sam Wilson will be taking the up the mantle of Captain America.

And the new Thor ( or the person with that is worthy of the power of Thor) is going to be a woman.

This is cool. I like it when they change things up. Can't wait to see what they do with the new story lines will go.

What's not cool is the people moaning about the change. Especially, so called "True Fans".

I am so tired of this nonsense. So sick and tired of these true fans complaining whenever a character's race, gender, or sexuality is changed.

Marvel/DC don't retire their main characters. They reuse them over and over again. Scott Summers was a teenager in the 1950s and he's now currently in his early thirties or late twenties. And to keep them fresh and new, they change them over and over again. A character right now will be WAAAAY different that they were in their original comic.

This is ridiculous. Characters constantly change yet no one cares unless you change the race/gender/sexuality.

You can change the origins, you can change the name, the time, their affiliation (good/evil), team, country, age, even their powers, but the minute you change the race, gender, or sexuality, all helheim is loose.

These so called true fans just come out in droves and talk about:

"Too PC"

"Change for the sake of change"

"Forced Diversity is Bad"

There was no outrage when Bucky became the Captain.

There was no outrage when a frog or those other men was given the power of Thor.

But make the new Captain America a black man? Or make Thor a woman?

"Oh noes!! Someone protect the spruce material."

I'm sick of it.

It's just plain ole bigotry.

They could make Cap into a neo Nazi zombie with a laser beams and rainbow but powers and these "True Fans" won't bat an eye unless you change his skin tone or make him think Doctor Strange is cute in a tux. Nonsense.

Rant over!


Subverting Sexual Objectification One Song at a Time

So I came across this video and I am completely here for it. Too many times a women's presence in a media (such as a song, game, movie, and sadly in some comic books) are just for sexual gratification. This rarely happens towards men. Rarely. These video subverts these trend by parodying the video of Blurred Lines. Through controversy it teaches others what it looks like when foot is on another foot.

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X-Men Movies should not be treated as Super Hero Movies.

Now that I have gotten your attention with that outrageous title I will explain my reasoning for it. I truly believe that the treatment of X-men movies as super hero movies is what holds the movies back from being above and beyond. The X-men movies are all about a group of super powered mentors and their mentees who suit up to stop a villain's nefarious plot that involves mutants in some way. That should be the skeleton of the movies' plots. It is too generic and doesn't fit. It doesn't make for a good X-men movie. What an X-men movie needs to focus on is the social issues of being a mutant. The social issues are addressed but take a backseat to the super hero plot. This should not happen. The Social issues should be front and center and the driving force behind the movies. This is what sets X-men apart from the Avengers, Iron Man, Justice League. This is what makes X-men unique.

Here is what I would have in an X-men movie. There will be three main protagonists. Professor X, Magneto, and Senator Kelly. Three equal protagonists who are dealing with the insurgence of mutants and the effect of their presence on society in different ways. Professor X wants to create a safe zone for them where they can grow and learn to control and master their abilities in peace. He wants acceptance of human kind but he is willing to take his time by promoting peaceful measures. Magneto wants social change and acceptance of mutant kind but he wants it now. He forms a band of mutants who too want to achieve his goal. He becomes a political activist and adopts extreme measures. Senator Kelly is human who sees the mutant population as an approaching threat to the civility of the public. He takes measures to ensure safety and peace when dangerous mutants appear. He uses position to enforce restrictions on mutants. Extreme cases causes each protagonists to take an even more drastic stance. Magneto's aggressive political activism becomes terrorism. Senator Kelly begins actively hunting mutants, exerting extreme force to the point of murder (aka sentinel program). Professor X when faced with rash of violence in and towards the mutant community creates a response team (the X-men) to help protect both mutants and humans from each other as well as within their own respective groups. He becomes the mediator, the middle ground between both extremes.

Who is the antagonist? All of them. They are all each other's antagonists. They are the obstacles to each other's goal. In the X-men situation. They will have fight both Magneto and Senator Kelly. Team up with Magneto to stop Kelly. Team up with Kelly to stop Magneto. In the case of Magneto. He will use Kelly to get the x-men out of his way. Kelly will use Magneto to get rid of the X-men.

X-men movies should not be good guys vs bad guys. The lines of morality should be blatantly blurred. The movie should be entirely in greyscale (metaphorically).


I Will Never Watch Another Comicbook Show Again.

I remember Wolverine and the X-men. Beautiful show, with rich characters, deep character building, and an immersive plot. It was amazing and I enjoyed it to the best. (Not to mention the best portrayal of Emma Frost hands downs). It got cancelled.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Words can't describe how good that show was. This show had so many good plotlines that fit perfectly together. The character were three dimensional. Everyone mad a story to tell and contributed. It got cancelled.

Now, I thought it was going to be different with green lantern. I said to myself, "This is a new company. Dc will surely work well with cartoon network to give a good experience. A show that will end healthily." Green lantern was the best comic book show by far. Great visuals. Great cast. The plots weren't too small or too grand that it felt cheap. It was rich. The best representation of Hal Jordan by far. I loved this show. It was cancelled.

And that's that. I am not going to commit myself to comic book show to have the plug pulled when I'm fully immersed. I can't do that nonsense again. These companies need to get their acts together.

/end rant


It's not gay enough...

I am not satisfied with the current crop of GTB males in the comic book world. They are too flat. It seems like every new gay guy already has a boyfriend or finds one too quick and easy. It was cute for a while and now its just uhhh. Where are the hopeless romantics who keep looking for Mr. Right but always ending up with Mr. Wrong? Where is the characters that always find Mr. Right but always in the wrong place and at the wrong time? Where are the love triangles? Where are downlow characters that sneak around?

How about a coming out story that doesn't end in open arms and the straight best friends saying, "dude, I've always known".

How about a character that goes through obstacles caused by his sexuality.

I want to see a flamboyant character who thinks he's the most fabulous thing that was ever created. I want to see a masculine character who thinks he's a man's man's man. The "they're just like us" routine is getting old. No more cookie cutter gays that fit in the politic correct world. I would like for once in a while to be offended and not appeased. And don't get me started on the "oh I just remembered I like boys too" plot magic.

Oh and can we not use the variants of the "you're barking up the wrong tree" and "it's ironic cause I'm gay" jokes. It's only funny when midnighter says it.

Oh of you haven't noticed I would get up and applaud the statement, "midnighter is the best developed gay character in comic book history"


Woe is Emma Frost...

I am a huge Emma Frost fan, so I was very keen to read AvX. My heart dropped when Cyclops "killed" her to take her part of the phoenix. The shock, pain, anger, sadness, disappointment, and turmoil she must have felt at must have been too much for any character. And now, she and Scott are no more. I am sad and happy for different reasons. I am sad for Emma because she truly loves Scott more than anything else, and I hope the break isn't permanent. However I am happy that she isn't tied down to him anymore. She finally has a new chance to be written as the strong independent female she used to be.

Now I am angry that they took away her powers. Her telepathy was her bread and butter! How dare Marvel take away her bread and butter! How will she live? Yeah she has her diamond form, but brute strength only takes you so far in the Marvel omniverse. The only way they can appease me is if they allow her latent telekinesis to finally surface and allow her to use it in diamond form.

Marvel better not brush her aside to the supporting character of some fringe group.


Is global warming "bad" for our planet?

The answer is no. It isn't. Global Warming is actually quite neutral. Think about nature is quite adaptive, its going to take much more than higher temperatures and higher sea lines to stop. A few species might become extinct or brought to their knees but the planet is going to keep turning, and new species will take their places. So what's the problem?

The problem is human beings might be one of those species that become extinct or are brought to their knees. This is why I dislike the term global warming. It doesn't give the situation justice. That's why I propose for the name Potential Human Extinction, P.H.E. Let's call it what it is. Which is the better cause, recycling to save polar bears and rain forests or recycling to save our saves?

Find me someone who doesn't believe in global warming and find me someone who does believe in global warming. I will then sit them down and ask them, "Do you like pollution?" Most likely they will say "No". Those 'no's may be for different reasons but at least they are on the same page. Instead of trying to pull people to either side, we must come to them.

Which is the more moving?

Drive an electric car* and stop the melting ice caps.

Drive an electric car* and stop human Extinction.

*a little fun fact, driving electric cars in countries like America, actually doesn't help the environment. Majority of America's electricity comes from coal, you're just moving the pollution to somewhere else. It is an illusion.


Immortals is my most hated ever: I HATE IT WITH PASSION.

I remember when I first saw the preview for the film Immortals. My face was like :D. I thought it was going to be an epic movie done in the style of 300 which will depict an epic battle between the Gods and Titans in Heaven. When I saw the movie my face was like -____________-

Here are three things that made me hate the movie.

  1. King Hyperion: His motives for raging war and releasing the titans was so weak and pathetic I thought I heard wrong. He was really angry at the gods because they didn't heal his family. He was killing millions and torturing countless because the gods did nothing. A villain is only as good as his conviction. All this time I thought the gods wronged him and did "something". But in reality he's mad because they did nothing. That's a good reason for not believing in the gods, but to rage war in the sake of throwing them down. I don't think so
  2. The gods. Whoever told the writers and director that the Greek Gods don't like to interfere with mortals lied terribly. The gods interfered for the sake of interfering, hell sometimes they interfered simply because they could. Also if your going to have the greek gods, atleast have the whole pantheon. Not just 5 of them. However my biggest gripe about the gods were that they didn't look like gods, they looked like teenagers sitting at the cool table during lunch time like what? They didn't convince me of their godliness at all. (Also why was zeus so big on not interfere in the affairs of mortals when he himself was prepping the protagonist to be a warrior from day one, that's plain interfering regardless of how you're putting it)
  3. Remember this scene guys
    This scene was in the first minute of the preview. This scene was shown in the last minute of the the movie. This is false advertisement at its best. I came to this movie thinking I was going to see epic-ness like this throughout the whole movie. The whole movie was about "extremely buff* underdog and his cliche girlfriend fortune teller trying to stop a mad man and his terrible army while the gods argued about whether they should help or not. It wasn't about a human aiding the gods battle terrible forces in heaven. The only godly scene they had in the movie was when they were fighting the titans (who looked like African tribesmen chained on a slave trip in the middle passage) but even that scene wasn't awe inspiring

Long rant short: If your movie is about greek legend of man vs man with references to the gods don't market it to be a greek legend of Gods vs Gods with the references with man.

Anyone feel this way.


I Really Don't Need To See Sick Children on my Facebook Wall.

Now that I got you with that controversial title, its time to rant. I am sick and tired of the owners of fan pages, and popular facebookers posting pictures of sick, poor, and disadvantaged people and then say "like and share if you care". These people don't care about the people in the pictures they post, what they do care about is how many likes they get, and how many more subscribers they can get. Its sick and disgusting how someone would willfully choose to benefit from the pain of others for their own popularity. Sell these children's pain to become Facebook famous. If they really cared, they would post links to charity donations, fundraisers, events, walk-a-thons that help support the causes and try to get their subscribers to get off their but and do something for that poor dying child other than commenting on their picture saying ":( omg its disgusting how people aren't doing anything for them" Well my dear child, people aren't doing anything because they're too busy liking pictures.


New Gay Sidekick?

Why not? Writing a gay male character in the (batman/superman/wonderwoman/flash) family would be a serious win. Writers and editors won't have to worry about popularity of the new character because the he will be tagged with the name of (batman/superman/wonderwoman/flash) and instantly get coverage. Fans who hate "change for the sake of change" will be satisfied to see that an original character would be made and an existing character's history will be spared from the writer's eraser. Proponents of gay-characters (like myself) will be beyond happy to get an original character whose sexuality is major part of his back-story and character development (as it is in real life) rather than the "as a matter fact I'm gay and its no biggie" approach.

Just think about the story ideas:

A new gay robin (an unstable youth kick out by his parents for being gay fell into a life of crime and is now being rehabilitated and turned into a crime stopping force, perhaps undoing the wrong cause by his descent as he ascends to higher plane of morality)

a new gay kid flash (while on a typical day of running from his daily tormentors, a freak accident occurs and sends him into the speedforce and turning him into the new kid flash, he then uses his powers to get revenge till he see's something deeper in life and tryings to become a hero)

wonder boy (idolizing wonder woman, his queen B and diva and would do anything to be apart of his life, finds himself being blessed with the powers of the gods, what do you think he does, dons the red blight and blue and parades around fighting whatever bad guys he finds in the name of wonder woman)

a new gay superboy (whether by clone or a super villain who goes back in time and steals a kryptonion boy from krypton to raise him to be super killing device, the boy escapes and finds himself in a new strange world and tries to find out who he is, what he wants, and what does life have in store for him)

What do you guys think?

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