Shadowland: Could it be better as a video game?

Okay, I was dissappointed with this story arc as it seems a lot of you were and it got me to thinking: this could have made an awesome fighting video game. 
First, the characters are all street level heroes.  The only characters that would need to be powered down somewhat would be Ghost Rider and Luke Cage, even then they don't need to be depowered that much.   Since they all have relatively down to earth powers, you could have meters to determine battles.  Health (once it's depleted the character loses) Power/Chi (built up through giving and receiving damage, has a four tiers [a la Star Wars MAsters of Teras Kasi for those who remember] , used to unleash special attacks depending on how many tiers you have eg. Spider-Man can use crazy web attacks, Iron Fist can use his... Iron Fist, Ghost Rider can unleash hellfire and chains.  The last meter would be Stamina; it drains as you block  or 'button mash.'  The lower it is the less you can block and get knocked back.   
Each character could specialize in differant styles.  Heavier characters (Cage, Ghost Rider) have better stamina and can withstand more damage, lighter characters (Iron Fist, Colleen Wing) can dodge better and their Chi meter charges quicker, etc.
Second, The entire arc plays like a video game: start with a few characters (Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Shang-Chi) trying to figure out a mystery, slowly introduce more characters as new fights (Bullseye, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Elektra) a meeting with Daredevil and after defeating him once he transforms into his demon form.   
Even the stages are easy, think of all the iconic New york stages you could have.  Roof top, Inside the Kingpins office, in the Shadowland depths and the upper levels, on the streets of hell's kitchen
Third, background characters as "assists," Hand Ninjas (come in and add to a string of combos), Shroud (the character who calls on him and the rest of the stage become all black except for the enemy fighter), Punisher (a hail of machine gun fire and grenades) 
LAstly, this would work because it WOULDN'T BE CANON! 
anyway, what do you guys think.
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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

id sure as hell buy it
Posted by InnerVenom123

That is just awesome.

Posted by AfternoonWalker

I also had 2 others thoughts for game play

First, you could have characters commit "fatalities"  of sorts as a finishing move.  If you killed your enemy you couldnt unlock them to fight as, but you would (after enough executions) unlock costumes; spider-man would jump onto the opponents chest and fill their lungs with webbing, unlocking the black costume, luke cage would pick his enemy up by the head with one hand and crush their skull with the other unlocking a leather jacket costume, etc.


second, you could have hidden characters like the new power-man or even venom unlocked by beating enemies under a certain amount of time or with a certain character or finishing move. 

thanks for the feed back.  we all like our ego stroked every once in a while (criticism is also appreciated since so many of you guys and girls have a mind as keen as mine ;-)

Posted by Benuben

Why cant guys like you work in Marvel?

Posted by Jake Fury

Hero Roster
Moon Knight 
Iron Fist 
Luke Cage 
Ghost Rider 
Shang Chi 
Silver Sable 
Misty Knight  
Colleen Wing 
Power Man (new kid) 
Master Izo 
Hand Ninjas (These become more skilled the further you advance)
Black Tarantula 
White Tiger 
Lady Bullseye 
Typhoid Mary 
Final Boss: 
Daredevil (possessed version)
Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy!

As long as it's not like MUA2 then yes, also expect the story to be altered a lot for the video game adaptation.

Posted by bgibs13390

I would totally buy that. They should make it.