Afterimage's World

Just wanted to give you all a bit of an idea of the circles I roll in. My friends and family and the life. I'll leave their secret identities out of this for now.

Speed Freak I: This is the one who started it all. The original Speed Freak gained his powers through a lab accident and was the inspiration to my dad when he took up the Speed Freak mantle. This old timer is still around, and is a mentor to me. He also is a core member of the Anti-Crime League (which is a bunch of oldies)

Speed Freak I 

Speed Freak II: This is my dad. He was hit by lightning, granting him his speed powers. He's on the Society for Justice, and he's great.

 Speed Freak II

Lillian Granite: This is my mom, intrepid reporter Lillian Granite. The amount of time dad's had to rescue her…and the few times she's rescued dad…would take WAY too long to detail here.

 Lillian Granite

Society of Justice

Night Weasel: No one knows much about Night Weasel, but he could be ANYONE given enough prep. I'm convinced he has powers, but no one else seems to think so. He fights crime in New Jersey with his sidekick Ferret.

 Night Weasel

Day-Glo: Day Glo is a member of some intergalactic police corps. He has this awesome tattoo that lets him create anything he can think of. 

 Day Glo

Jupitarian: The Jupitarian is the last of the red Jupitarians, sent to Earth by a weird experiment. He's got a ton of powers, and a bit of a donut addiction.


Pinnacle: Pinnacle was sent from a distant planet, found by a nice couple somewhere in Idaho. He's basically unbeatable. 



Miracle Woman: Sent by a lost group deemed 'Amazon's by most everyone, she's about as unbeatable as Pinnacle.

 Miracle Woman

Mumbo Jumbo: The main magician of the team, Mumbo Jumbo speaks jibberish and that somehow grants him great powers. I don't know how it works…but that's magic for ya.

 Mumbo Jumbo

Darwin: Mutated as part of an alien experiment to create the 'all-in-one'. Basically this guy takes powers from any living life form on earth.


Trick Shot: Archer. She shoots stuff.

 Trick Shot

Davy Jones: From the long-lost continent Mu, he has super-human strength and can control fish!

 Davy Jones

Promo: This guy was sent from the future to advertise stuff. He's got a force field and laser guns, and add patches he throws at things.


Bug-Brain: He's Promo's best friend, and I'm not really sure what he does really. But he's a nice guy.

 Bug Brain

Fusion: He can turn things….into other things!


Predator and Predatrice: They're re-encarnated gladiators or something like that.




Micro-Man: He can go sub-atomic! 


Teen Justice

Ferret: Night Weasel's sidekick. I think there have been something like…four of them, but it's hard to keep track.


Mr. Roboto: Heavy-metal fan who was in an accident and saved by his scientist father.

 Mr. Roboto

Comet: Alien princess exiled from her planet.


Fletching: Trick Shot's sidekick, he shoots things.



Menagerie: Virus made her able to turn into any animal. No relation to Darwin.


Nevermore: Child of a demon, bit of an emo really.


Pinnacleboy: Half-clone or whatever of Pinnacle 


Miracle Girl: Somehow related to Miracle Woman.

Miracle Girl

Ogle: Able to possess people by making eye contact.


Slice 'n Dice: Ogle's sister, master swordswoman.

 Slice 'n Dice