My first DC Pull List (New 52)


    Justice League #1: This is where i was inducted into the halls of comicdom. Their are two main things i enjoyed about this comic. The first think was Jim Lee's art. It was easy to see actual emotion on the faces of the characters instead of just stock looks even when looking at background characters. While the background was never ignored  in panels as i'v seen in a few other comics i'v now read(which will be discussed later). And second the pacing was fast without coming of as rushed or forced, with the action  appropriately dispersed throughout the issue without dismissing dialogue creating a balance that i found perfect.

However i found the characterisation of Hal a bit off shall we say. While Batman and the other character we meet in this issue seem like individuals and believable within the confines of the comic book world. Hal came of as unbelievably arrogant and inept at the same time. Refering to himself in the third person and charging in to fights without any thought. It felt as if Geoff Johns was trying too hard to prove that Hal was a real person and it came of as annoying and slightly childish. But despite this i found Justice League to be an enjoyable read and enough to convince me to start a pull list.

Rating 3.5/5 Great art surronded by capable dialogue and a strong pace 


Gifter #1: My second comic and i found Grifter intriguing. The dialogue was solid and managed to avoid coming off as cheesy especially when considering the ending and character that it introduced. The art was solid and while nothing really popped out of the page, there weren't any glaring mistakes, like magically disappearing backgrounds (Im looking at you All Star Western). The action was short and sporadic but still interesting. One thing that surprised me was how little information was actually introduced. By the end of the issue we're left with quite a lot of question's and no answer's in sight, but i actually enjoyed it. Just enough mystery was given to hook the reader without off putting those who are looking for more action then thriller in their comics. 
Over all i found it a good starting point for a character who i understand isn't to widely known to those who don't read know the Wildstorm universe. 
Rating 3.5/5 I think this could grow into a really good comic 



Green Lantern #1: If im honest i'v never really found the Green Lantern Corps interesting as a concept, and this issue hasn't really helped to change my mind. While the character of Sinestro seemed interesting and unorthodux, especially for a supposed intergalactic police officer. The Earth scenes didn't catch my imagination. For people who are fan's of Hal Jordan i'm sure his current dillema will appeal to you since it could lead to some interesting revelations about what sacrifices Hal's made in becoming a Lantern and how hard it is to reintegrate into a scoiety you've been isolated from for years. But honestly it just felt a bit much for a starting issue, and from what i have read Green Lantern is pretty much just picking up where it was left off in the old universe. The art was ok, but didnt use the opportunity it had to create some cool visuals and the colour's seemed a bit muted for a comic that involves bright green rings. I doubt i'll pick up issue 2. 
Rating 3/5 This seems like a comic for people who were already reading Green Lantern 


Batwing #1: The Batman of AFRICA!! An interesting concept, one that's pretty much impossible considering the size of the continent, but i gave it a try and i am very glad i did. We enter the comic right in the middle of a fight between Batwing and a character named Massacre. The status quo is explained very quickly and we're left in no doubt that this isn't just some poser using the bat name. Batwing is sponsored and has been trained (we can infer) to an extent by Batman. As is explained, Batwing is still growing into the role. Batwing is a very accesible title requiring absolutely no other knowledge than the existence of a hero named Batman. The last thing i'd like to say is that the art is phenomenal. Seriously you need to read this comic if only to look at Ben Oliver's art. 
Rating 5/5 Great issue with a fantastic and frustrating (in a good way) ending 


Demon Knights #1: Magic...Demons...Excaliber...Evil Babies...What more could you want. Demon Knights starts with the fall of Camelot and the creation of Etrigan. First thing's first. Demon Knights will be a team book, so if you don't like teams turn away now. Each team member is given a very brief introduction and we don't really learn much about any of the characters by the end of the first issue, and the pacing seems very fast. But the art is great and suits the time period while the dialogue is simple and uncomplicated. The ending alone was enough to convince me to pick up the next issue and Demon Knights promises to be a fun ride. 
Rating 4/5 Fast paced fun 



Batman #1: Im going to get this out of the way now. The art is perfect. Honestly i don't think i'v seen Batman or Gotham looking better, but then again im clearly not a Batman expert. I loved the portrayal of Batman and how despite all the problems that exist in Gotham. Batman still has a love for his home. Because at times i'v felt that Batman doesn't really care about Gotham and is more focused on taking down crime then protecting Gotham, which i think is the wrong way to do it. Another thing i enjoyed was the part Bruce had to play in this comic. Often Bruce is sidelined in comics, and treated as merely a mask for the Batman persona. So it's refreshing to know that Bruce is considered to be an actual person, with more on his mind then hiding the fact he's batman. Apart from that the dialogue was solid, the story was intriguing. Honestly i couldn't recommend this comic enough. 
Rating 5/5 Its Batman at his best 



All Star Western #1: Jonah Hex in the big city. I was hesitant to pick this title up because Hex has never seemed that interesting to me, but i'm glad i did. The highlight of this issue for me was the analysis of Hex that was ongoing throughout. I like the idea of Amadeus Arkham studying Hex while they work together and it feels totally in character for a man who's essentially a psycoanalyst without the title. However if the characterisation was the high point, the art was a serious low point for me. It was incredibly inconsistent ranging from brilliant to sloppy, with characters becoming mere outlines at times and backgrounds dissapearing completely for whole panels. I really hope this was a one off because the art started off stongly before descending in quality as the issue wore one.  
Rating 3/5 The inner monologue was brilliantly written but the inconsistent art dragged this rating down 



Teen Titans #1: I liked the start to this comic jumping straight in with Kid Flash attempting to save the day. The key word being attempt. I really liked the characterisations in this first issue. AS everyone felt like an individual, something that is incredibly important to maintain in a team book where characters can be partially forgotten. It was a solid start, with slow build that doesn't try and force too much into a small issue.  
Rating 3.5/5 Robin with a jetpack. Nuff Said 


Green Lantern New Guardians #1: We're given the briefest of origin stories to kick start this series, with only two pages really outlining how Kyle became a Green Lantern, before jumping to the 'present' day. Which while refreshing, in that it does not dwell on Kyle's past and origin, may be frustrating for those who want to know more about Kyle and his early journey's. Either way, the issue jumps straight in, with Kyle saving a man's life, while subtly acknowledging the fact that other human lantern's exist. The story was interesting enough and set's up the rest of the series nicely. But it was the art that was the highlight of this issue for me. The colours where bright and rich while Kyle's constructs where well detailed and inventive, and definately something i will be looking forward to in the future. To put it simply this issue stands out for me in a comic world full of dark and muted tones it's nice to see a green lantern comic making full use of its colour pallete, rather than playing it safe to try and create a more serious tone. One seen that exemplifies this can be found near the tail end of the comic where Kyle is surronded by....well i'll leave you to find out what. In conclusion this is a bright and creative comic that could be very fun, and will almost definately be filled with eye catching splashes. 
Rating 4/5 The art is so bright and vivid that there's no way i can pass up issue #2 and neither should you

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